mother iron horse

Finally, pristine copy. I really like this record (well, that’s obvious because I bought it..twice). Doom/stoner hitting heavy & hard. I came across this record while checking out some stoner charts and it was love at first sight and now it has been on my playlist daily. Really don’t know the pressing amount of this purple version but who cares because there’s also regular black copies available. As said before, I bought this record twice. First version via the band itself (from their BandCamp site) but the vinyl had some terrible scratches on both sides (pictures can be seen below, no idea what has caused those because mailer had no marks of any kind). Bought another copy via Kozmik Artifactz when it came available via their store. Anyways, damn good album this surely is. Available via Electric Valley Records, band & Kozmik Artifactz.


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