The third album I have managed to get from this freaking beautiful band (missed that previous one..). Merlin has traveled so far from their first album, there’s saxophone, flute, accordion, trumpet..  and still this is Merlin. The outstanding album floating somewhere between space/stoner/psychedelic/doom & stoner. The Company records have managed to release a marvelous package and I have to say it’s worth every penny I invested in it.  Splattered one is sold out but you still can get yellow variation from the source, The Company. Great band, great record and most of all, awesome label!

I ordered this splattered copy months ago but while it was on its way,  postal delivery managed to smash one corner of the cover… I was a little pissed for a while but then I had this brilliant idea to order another copy just to get a replacement cover. Splattered one was already sold out so I reached for the yellow one and mentioned on my order that it would be nice if corners of the mailer were extra secured.

A yellow copy arrived, and it brought some friends along (there were two extra albums included, more about those later). I’m happy and so is my friend because he got a yellow version with a damaged corner but he’s alright with cosmetic faults.



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