Yes, I bought this one even though “ten-inch” vinyl ain’t my favorite physical format, but now we are talking about Devil’s Witches and I haven’t had that much luck with releases of this artist, ever. All releases have sold out in the blink of an eye except this one because the edition was large enough, about 1,500 copies (thanks for that, I finally had a chance to grab a copy without high blood pressure and extra heartbeats).  And the record itself, two awesome tunes and that second one.. I’m speechless. Don’t know much about this artist but I just let the music speak for itself, ain’t that the main reason why songs are made for? Share a few minutes of your time and you know what I’m trying to say. Thanks to artist & label (Majestic Mountain Records) for giving us an opportunity to grab a copy without worrying of those Discogs/Ebay prizes. Beautiful release from the start to the very end!

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