Hey there, I’m still here but been way too Lazy with this blog of mine lately. I’ve been buying awesome records all spring and summer (about 60 records), so maybe it’s time to tell you what I’ve managed to get. So let’s start with this second full length of Savanah. It took a while to get this in my hands because I missed this while it was still available from European distributions, so I was forced to order a copy from the US. It cost a long penny but is really worth it. With this record, the band has managed to mix all the best aspects of stoner, doom, alternative rock and some psychedelic space rock. With a formula like this one you just can’t get wrong. One of those records I have been listening through the summer, in the car, at home and at work. Olympus Mons has brought light to this pandemic shadowed reality so a big thanks goes to the band for these tunes. Recommended one, of course.

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