Poppy Ackroyd: Feathers LP (on clear vinyl)


Yep.. at this moment I really believe that my earphones have integrated with my ear canals. Second album from Poppy (known also as a member of Hidden Orchestra) and second one I own. I already know that I’m going to spend numerous hours with this modern “classical” album like I did with the debut one. Yep..this sounds awesome, I suggest that you listen this with your headphones on and you might have this same problem with ear canals as I do. This clear one is still available from Denovali and surely there’s also this “regular” black edition available. Oh, this cost €17.00 + shipping from the record label mentioned above but some people are already selling these clear copies on Discogs for double the price.. How lame is that?

Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones + Witxes: Split 12″ (on clear gold vinyl)


Hmm.. Now I have to say that here we have a very interesting split album, interesting indeed. Cooper’s Quartet & The Dictaphones have been one of my favorite groups since their first album, Parole De Navarre, and I have enjoyed their dark atmospheric soundscapes since then. With Witxes this split release is near perfection. These tunes would fit perfectly on some of those upcoming Twin Peaks episodes.. Dark, droned, experimental & almost brooding atmosphere on this release (with some hazy jazz tunes included). Nice. This is limited to 150 copies on colored vinyl ( I assume..) and rest available copies are on black vinyl. Recommended one and available still from Denovali’s webstore!

Carlos Cipa: All Your Life You Walk 2xLP (on royal blue vinyl)


Beware, this album is about classical, modern classical. Carlos and piano, what else you need? It’s pointless for me to say anything about this album, anything else than it’s so beautiful.. I could listen this artist playing his instrument for hours and hours and hours.. Few years ago I was amazed about his debut album “The Monarch And The Viceroy” and now this latest.. I like this, I love this. Still available from Denovali (limited to 250 copies on this colorway). Just listen..

Terminal Sound System: Dust Songs 2xLP (on clear vinyl)


Look what I got here, latest album from Terminal Sound System. And yes, I really like this strange record with acoustic guitars, haunting vocals and most of all this totally weird mixture of drone/synth/doom/everything.. It took a while to understand the beauty of all this and now I just want to hear more of these twisted tunes. Nice, really nice one. These clear copies are limited to 150 pieces and available from Denovali. If you prefer your vinyl on black, they have also copies on that colorway available. Recommended one.

Thomas Köner: Tiento De Las Nieves 2xLP (clear)


Haa.. Latest from Thomas Köner, released by Denovali. Beautiful nearly minimalistic modern classical exploration of piano. Headphone-music at it’s best. This is just a third Köner album I own and it means that I have to get familiar with his previous releases too. Beautiful & fragile music to balance this hectic state of surrounding realm. This clear version is limited to 150 copies (there is also 350 copies on white vinyl available) and You can get your copy from the source, Denovali.

Tape Measure Kid: Ours Is A Stubborn Monster 12″ + CD

Tape Measure Kid ‎– Ours Is A Stubborn Monster

Tape Measure Kid (Hellmut Neidhardt & Jim Campbell) and “Ours Is A Stubborn Monster “, the other part of their double debut. As I mentioned on my previous post, I’m glad that Denovali released these twelve-inches. Experimental ambient is the name of the game on these two separated releases. Limited to 100 copies with bonus CD and available from Denovali (surprise). Recommended releases, both.

Tape Measure Kid: Zero Is An Even Number 12″ + CD

Tape Measure Kid ‎– Zero Is An Even Number

One of those records I got from Denovali yesterday. Tape Measure Kid (Hellmut Neidhardt & Jim Campbell) and their double debut on two separated twelve-inch + CDs filled with bonus material. This one is called “Zero Is An Even Number” the other one “Ours Is A Stubborn Monster” (more about that other release later). Thank god this was released by Denovali, otherwise I would have missed this awesome duo totally. Limitation of 100 copies makes this one even more interesting.. but why so limited? This release is too beautiful for limitation of this kind. Experimental ambient with drone, loops and guitars. Yes, I like. Still available from Denovali and I’m still wondering why this has not sold out already..

Pan & Me: Ocean Noise 2xLP (coke bottle green)


This came yesterday from Denovali and surprisingly, it is awesome! This is the second album from this artist and after one spin I’m sold, again. If You did not already know, Mevel is also known as a member of The Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones (dark-jazz collective). This album is more droned ambient, its beautiful and has this certain atmosphere on it. Dark and waiting. This colorway is limited to 150 copies and still available from Denovali (I’m little surprised that it has not been sold out already..). And of course there is this regular black version available too. Recommended release indeed!

Federico Albanese: The Houseboat And The Moon Reworked 12″ (clear red)


Oh, this came today. In this 12″ Albanese’s tunes have been reworked by Saffronkeira, Franz Kirmann (from Piano Interrupted), John Lemke and Cassegrain (never heard this artist before). It was nice to hear how these tunes have been modified by other artists. Job well done. I like this twelve-inch, it’s different but distantly familiar.. hard to explain what I mean. Lovely one, released by Denovali and this clear red version is limited to 150 copies. I like this.

Matthew Collings: Silence Is A Rhythm Too LP (silver)

matthew collings - silence is a rythm too 02

Another one from Matthew Collings. Like his debut this record does not follow any “familiar” song structures and that makes this one a very interesting journey. Using strings and brass elements on this record makes it sound comforting when the wall of sounds, cracks took over. This record requires very intensive listening moments. This is not music for elevators, this is music for you and your headphones. Limited to 150 copies on silver and 200 pieces on clear vinyl, available from Denovali. I like this so I can also recommend it.

Franz Kirmann: Meridians 2xLP (clear gold)


More treasures from Denovali. Kirmann, known as the other half of Piano Interrupted and his solo album “Meridians”. As always, I’m astonished about the fact that Denovali keeps releasing quality albums like this, one after another. I really enjoy the cinematic atmosphere on this album, same time sad but filled with some strange light. There’s still hope. Surely this album is going to get serious spinning in our household, I can promise that. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear blue vinyl. Nice!

The Eye Of Time: Acoustic LP (coke bottle green)

the eye of time - acoustic 02

Hey, this is music played with Piano, music played with Cello. And the point is that this is honey to my ears, beautiful modern classical music.. I’m not an expert of any kind when talking about music, genres, styles but I know when I’m hearing something amazing, something that touches me. This record is one of those, surely. I just wonder how can this album still be available, why it’s not sold out already (least that limited colored version)? This is limited to 150 pieces on coke bottle green and 350 copies on black vinyl. Both versions still available from Denovali and there’s some nice bundles also available. Recommended release indeed.

Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

Ensemble Economique: Melt Into Nothing LP (clear gold)

ensemble economique - melt into nothing 02

One more beautiful ambient/drone album added to my collection. This one came today along few other treasures from Denovali. I just realized that this is 5th album from this artist I own.. hmmm. Atmospheric, melodic and very tense record this is. Record for late autumn/early winter days. There’s something hopeless and dark buried beneath and oh, that’s what I like. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 350 copies on black vinyl, both available from Denovali and yes, recommended one. And the price ain’t that bad either, €16.00 plus shipping.

Talvihorros: Eaten Alive LP (swamp green/royal blue)

talvihorros eaten

Oh, the other one from Talvihorros, “Eaten Alive” which also came yesterday from Denovali. Sounding.. beautiful, simple as that. Little do I know about ambient, drone, experimental music but one thing I know, my ears do not lie. Haunting piece of modern classical, drone embed experimental music. Dark & fragile this certainly is. Limited to 150 copies on swamp green/royal blue vinyl and 200 copies on black vinyl. Highly recommended and both color variations are still (I just wonder why) available from Denovali. Go!

Never Sol: under quiet LP (ultraclear)

never sol

This is one of those picks I didn’t listen before purchase. Debut album from Never Sol (Sára Vondrášková), and now I have to admit that I was totally blown out first time I placed this record under the needle.. I was expecting something totally different (some kind of experimental-field recording-darkened-ambient or something) but all I can hear are these beautifully performed songs and that voice.. damn. Denovali has done it again and that is why I love every release this company is putting out, you never know what’s coming next. Awesome release, maybe this is not “cup of tea” for all but for me it is and I want more. Ultraclear vinyl is limited to 150 pieces and there are also 350 black copies available from Denovali. Just listen..

John Lemke: Walizka 12″ (clear gold)


Even though this is just a twelve-inch EP with 3 tracks + 3 different remixes of those songs, I can’t get enough of this! I like the structure on these tunes and I totally love the way he handles the piano. This release earned to be engraved on vinyl and big thanks goes to his record company, (surprisingly) Denovali. Just give this release a moment of your time, it’s totally worth it. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both color variations are available from Denovali and while you are there, I suggest you to grab that full length by Lemke too.

Talvihorros: And It Was So LP (white)

talvihorros and it was so

This album has been around for a while now and finally I decided to purchase it. I can not find any logical reason why I haven’t ordered this album before.. strange. But now it’s here and certainly has it own place on my collection (there’s still few albums on my “wantlist” from this artist). Experimental, droned ambient seasoned with cello, violin, guitars etc. Beautiful journey through cosmic soundscapes. This is limited to 150 copies on white and 200 copies on black vinyl. I’m really amazed that this has not sold out yet.. should have been a long time ago. Both vinyl versions are available from the source, Denovali.

Moon Zero: Loss 12″ (ultraclear)


Second 12″ from Moon Zero, released by Denovali. Yesterday I posted about Moon Zero’s first twelve-inch and today it’s time for this one. In my opinion this one is darker than the first one.. hard to say. I really love these tunes so I can’t say anything critical about these releases. For me these two twelve-inches are droned dark ambient at its best. This is limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions still available from Denovali. Recommended releases, I suggest you to pick them both!

Moon Zero: Tombs 12″ (ultraclear)

moon zero

Speechless with this one, absolutely breathtaking release. Is this dark ambient or drone, I don’t care. Sounds awesome and the truth is that I purchased this one without listening a single note from this release. Beautiful.. just listen to it and you might realize what I mean. Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 on black vinyl, available from Denovali. No words..