Petrels: The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler LP (coke bottle green)


I like this one (as I like every other release from Petrels I own). Droned ambient and once again quality release from Denovali. Haunting beauty this record certainly is, my record for these rainy/lazy summer days. I know that I always keep praising Denovali releases but the point is that you can be sure what you get, quality. This release is limited to 150 copies on coke bottle green and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions are available from the source, Denovali. Recommended for those who actually like ambient/drone tunes (like myself).

Omega Massif: Kalt LP (clear with blue splatter)


Finally this LP has been repressed (this time by Denovali). Originally this was released by E-vinyl Records back in 2008 but the reason I never purchased this was simply that it was released on picture disc. Now this massive debut album from this doom/post/hardcore band is in my hairy hands. This repress is limited to 150 copies on clear w/ blue splatter and 350 copies on black vinyl. Clear one is sold out from the source but still you can get a regular black copy from Denovali Records (known by quality releases all the way). Aarrgghh.. & recommended release indeed!

hmm.. just noticed that I have started collecting items from certain record companies.. more or less

Everybody who have visited this blog knows my strange obsession for records released by Denovali. I can’t resist purchasing every single record they are putting out (well, of course there are some items I have missed..). It’s all about the quality, and services this record company provides (and awesome artists). Simple as that.

Now it seems that there are some other record companies walking this same path.

cardinal fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz, awesome label releasing psychedelic etc. stuff (missing few items, but I try to get them all, eventually)

Important Records

Important Records, hmmm.. one of my favorite labels, it’s a pity that I did not find this record company earlier.. (Impossible to get all stuff they have released but I try to get all upcoming ones)

Then there are these few other companies: Mondo, RidingEasy Records, STB Records, Facture, Fuzz Club, Blackest Rainbow, Sonic Pieces.. list is endless.

And then there is the one and the only, Denovali

denovali collection

I think that I’ll try to collect every single item Denovali has released (vinyl & colored, as limited as possible).

Now I’m going to take a week off and travel in the middle of the forest hoping that when I arrive there will be a great pile of records waiting for me at home :D


lazy cat


The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson, Ingi Garðar Erlendsson, Borgar Magnason: Skeylja LP (ultraclear)

kira kira

Hmm.. The Alvaret Ensemble collaborated with Icelandic artists hmm.. Different kind of modern classical album with haunting poems. Very intense and ethereal soundscapes with beautiful voices. For some this may be little hard to handle but for me this is one of those reasons why I listen to music. The joy of finding something new, something you have never heard before. Nice. Time to put my headphones on and let the music guide me to sweet oblivion! Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from Denovali.

Hydras Dream: The Little Match Girl LP (clear)

hydras dream

I do not know what is it with Denovali, where they find these artists and records to release? This time collaboration between Anna Von Hausswolff and Matti Bye and the result is totally beautiful, strange, ethereal and obscure.. record (may I call this dream-pop even though there’s something dark and sinister lurking behind). I want more! This is limited to 150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Denovali. Recommended and one of those “Must Buy” items. Now I have two new artists to follow.. I have to dig that movie version of “The Little Match Girl” based on the story by H.C. Andersen, watch it mute this record spinning on background. Thanks to Anna, Matti And Denovali!

Federico Albanese: The Houseboat and the Moon 2xLP (clear)

Federico Albanese - The Houseboat and the Moon

Last one from that Denovali treasure package today. Now I have to say that this one I purchased totally blindfolded. But when talking about Denovali releases, you can’t go wrong. This seems to be the debut album from Frederico Albanese and then comes the best part! Piano. There are two instruments I love most of all, piano and banjo. Beautiful record and certainly this one will have heavy rotation within next few days (I might have some kind of fetish for piano composed music..). Limited to 150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Recommended debut and available from, Denovali.

Origamibiro: Odham’s Standard LP (bone)

Origamibiro - Odham's Standard

Then we have this one. Few months ago I bought Origamibiro’s collection from Denovali, and since it arrived I have been waiting for this one. And.. what can I even say, beautiful record, this floats somewhere beyond modern classical, experimental ambient I do not even know where.. Maybe it’s too early to say but this will certainly be on my top 20 records this year. I like this a lot and it’s purely your choice whether you like it or not. This is limited to 150 copies on bone colored and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from.. well, Denovali of course. Recommended, highly.

Petrels: Mima LP (gold/blue)

Petrels - Mima

Treasure package from Denovali arrived today. I start with this third album from Petrels (Oliver Barrett). No surprise that this is some kind of strange and experimental ambient. This is music made for headphones and surely this album is going to take you far away.. I really like to listen these tunes my headphones on, eyes closed. Once again brilliant album from Petrels, and once again amazing release by Denovali (quality guaranteed). This is limited to 150 copies on gold/blue and 200 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Denovali. Recommended.

Origamibiro: Collection 4xLP


Never heard of Origamibiro before? Don’t worry, you are not alone because I had no idea about this duo nor their music before Denovali announced that they are going to release this collection few months ago. Have to say that this is awesome collection, four records full of experimental ambient sounds first time on vinyl and with reasonable prize tag (if you are going to purchase this from the source, Denovali). This is nice (really nice) way to get familiar with this duo  and by the way, their upcoming album is now ready for pre-order on Denovali. This collection is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl. Go and get yours, you know where.

Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani: Relive 12″ (silver)


Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani with their twelve-inch EP, Relive. And surprisingly there is no doubt about the quality of this release (Denovali). Oh yes, this is music played with piano. I have become very attached of listening music played with this magical instrument. I like, I mean I really like this record. This is limited to 150 copies on silver and 150 copies on black vinyl. Both versions are still available from magical Denovali. Go for it!

Birds Of Passage: This Kindly Slumber LP (clear)

birds of passage

Finally, this one. Alicia Merz and her new album “This Kindly Slumber” (released by Denovali). I have all her albums released on vinyl, surprisingly. One of my favorite artists, if not the best one. I still can remember purchasing her debut album on vinyl “Without the World”, awesome record, pure gold. And since that moment it has been obvious that I’m going to purchase every single album she is going to release. Recommended release once again from this (underrated, in my opinion) magnificent artist. This album is limited to 150 copies on clear and 200 copies on regular black vinyl. Both versions are still available from one of the best record labels ever, Denovali. Get your copy while you still can.

Saffronkeira + Mario Massa: Cause And Effect 2XLP (black with silver splatter)


Last one of today (what an awesome begin for this week), and I can say that this one is the winner of this week already! Amazing collaboration between these two Sardinian musicians. Within two last years Eugenio Caria (Saffronkeira) has released handful of incredible records on vinyl (thanks to Denovali) and yes, I have them all. If you like modern experimental classic with most beautiful jazz tunes seasoned with some electronics, this one is for you. This could be “The Record” I have been looking for whole my life. Thanks to everyone involved, this is my musical treasure island and I do not wanna ever sail away. limited to 150 copies on black with silver splatter and 200 copies on black vinyl. Pick this awesome double album from the source,  Denovali.

Ensemble Economique: Light That Comes, Light That Goes LP (sea blue)


And another one from Ensemble Economique, “Light That Comes, Light That Goes”. Like the title of the album. This one is also released by Denovali Records. Awesome music released by awesome record company. I’m really amazed how good bands/artists Denovali has under its wings. This is my third LP from Ensemble economique and surely this is not the last one. Recommended release is this one too. Limited to 150 copies on sea blue and 200 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source,  Denovali.

Thisquietarmy: Hex Mountains LP (ultraclear)

hex mountains

2 x Uuuh.. And yet again, the latest album from Thisquietarmy. This is pure experimental-post-something-shoegazing-drone- love! I’m so glad that I found this artist few years ago. For me his albums have been a way to escape this modern hectic world, just place your headphones on and start the journey across the universe. Really love these seas of sounds and can’t do anything else than recommend, highly! Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl. Available from all mighty Denovali.

Thisquietarmy: Blackhaunter 12″ (clear/white)


Uuuh.. one of my favorite artist. This was originally released 2008 on CD by Elevation Recordings but now this release has been finally pressed on vinyl for the first time by, Denovali. I really love this one, beautiful soundscapes, drony ambient, the feeling on this record. If you like this kind of stuff, I recommend to purchase everything this artist has ever released. This is limited to 150 copies on this clear/white and 200 copies on black vinyl. Available, surprise, from Denovali.

Iroha & Fragment. : Bittersweet 12″ (brown with black haze)


Seems that this week begins with few records from Denovali Records. This Iroha & Fragment. collaboration has been on my “wanted” list for so long that finally I decided to purchase this one. And once again, pure quality album released from Denovali. And about record itself, shoegazing-metal-post-something and certainly this one will have several spins under the needle. Limited to 150 copies on this color and 350 copies on regular black vinyl. Pick your copy from Denovali.

Celeste: Animale(s) 2xLP (picture disc)


I had to exception with this latest album from Celeste. Had to purchase picture disc edition even though I do not really much appreciate idea of picture discs. Well, this looked nice enough and I’ve always loved visual side (and musical, of course) of Celeste’s records. This beauty is released by Denovali and quality is awesome s usual. This picture disc version is limited to 200 copies and sold out already but, there is 2nd press available from the source, Denovali. Pick yours before those are gone. Awesome record!

Past 3½ years with Denovali Records.. (about 200 ordered items later)


I was just cleaning my mailbox and went through my order history with Denovali Records (distro items and records they have released) and decided to put this list here. I might consider myself as a decent customer.. I think so. And here we go, from the first Denovali release I have ordered to the latest:

Les Fragments De La Nuit – Musique Du Crépuscule (Yellow Vinyl w/ Brown Haze) 12”
Bersarin Quartett – S/t (180g Clear w/ Red Haze) 2×12”
Revok – Bad Books And Empty Pasts (180g Clear Red/Clear Inside/Outside) 12”
Kodiak – S/t (Clear Vinyl) 12”
Celeste – Morte(s) Nee(s) [Gold Discobags, White Vinyl + Black Haze] 2×12”
Kom – Berry White (Handmade Book, 180g Clear Vinyl) 12”
Jeniferever – Spring Tides (Solid Gold Vinyl) 2×12”
Omega Massif – Geisterstadt (180g Silver w/ Black Haze) 12”
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Succubus (Orange 180g Vinyl) 2×12”
Te’ – Collection (Clear/Blue Mix) 3×12”
Nadja & Troum – Dominium Visurgis (180g, White Vinyl) 12”
Les Fragments De La Nuit – Demain, c’était Hier (Yellow/Dark Blue Vinyl) 12”
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Doomjazz Future Corpses! (Grey Vinyl) 3×10”
Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – Parole De Navarre (White Vinyl) 2×12”
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – S/t (180g White + Blue A/B Effect) 2×12”
Blackfilm – S/t (180g White + Dark Blue A/B Effect) 2×12”
Majeure + Sankt Otten – Split (180g Aqua Blue + Black A/B Effect) 12”
Mouse On The Keys – An Anxious Object (180g, Clear w/ Black Haze) 12”
Crėvecoeur – #1 & #2 2×12”
Fall Of Efrafa – Inlé (Black) 2×12”
Hidden Orchestra – Night Walks (White/Black Vinyl A/B Effect) 2×12”
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Anthropomorphic (Ultraclear Vinyl) 2×12”
Iroha – S/t (Clear Gold Vinyl) 2×12”
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – From The Stairwell (White/Red Vinyl A/B Effect) 2×12”
Birds Of Passage – Without the World (White Vinyl) 12” + Lyric Book
Lento – Icon (Grey Vinyl) 12”
Terminal Sound System – Heavy Weather (Clear Vinyl + Yellow Haze) 2×12”
Terminal Sound System – Constructing Towers (Clear Vinyl + Grey/Black Splatter) 2×12”
Infinite Light Ltd. – S/t (Brown/Black Vinyl A/B Effect) 12”
September Malevolence – Tomorrow We’ll Wonder Where This Generation Gets Its Priorities From (Clear w/ Grey Haze) 12”
Aun – Black Pyramid (Aqua Blue / Black Vinyl A/B Effect) 12”
Aun – VII (Swamp Green + Black Haze) 2×12”
Field Rotation – Acoustic Tales (Grey/Black A/B Effect) 2×12”
Field Rotation – Regenzeit (Clear Gold Vinyl) 10”
Contemporary Noise Sextet – Ghostwriter’s Joke (Clear Red Vinyl) 12”
Iroha – End Of An Era (Clear Gold Vinyl w/ Grey Splatter) 10”
Sankt Otten – Gottes Synthesizer (Ultraclear + White & Red Splatter) 2×12”
Selaxon Lutberg + Subinterior – The Meeting (Clear/Grey Vinyl Mix) 2×12”
White Darkness – ToKAGE (White/Grey Vinyl A/B Effect) 2×12”
AUN – Phantom Ghost (Golden Vinyl) 12”
Birds of Passage and Leonardo Rosado – Dear and Unfamiliar (Clear w/ Red Splatter) 12”
Dale Cooper Quartet – Metamanoir (Electric Blue Vinyl) 2×12”
Thisquietarmy – Resurgence (Limited Yellow Vinyl + Bonus 7”) 2×12”+7”
Hidden Orchestra – Flight (Limited 2×10” Version, Ultraclear Vinyl w/ Splatter) 2×10”
Birds of Passage – Winter Lady (Clear w/ Blue Haze) 12”
Birds of Passage – Highwaymen in Midnight Masks (Clear w/ Grey Haze) 10”
Subheim – Approach (Black Vinyl w/ Blue Haze) 2×12”
Les Fragments De La Nuit – Musique De Nuit (Blue/Black A/B + Black Haze) 12”
Petrels – Haeligewielle (Clear Green + Blue Haze) 12”
Petrels – All Things In Common (Ultraclear + Grey Haze) 10”
Field Rotation – And Tomorrow I Will Sleep (Ultraclear Vinyl) 12”
The Eye of Time – S/t (White/Grey w/ Splatter) 3×12” + Poster
Pan & Me – Paal (White w/ Black Haze) 12”
Povarovo – Tchernovik (Black w/ Grey Haze) 2×12”
Field Rotation – Why Things Are Different (Ultraclear Vinyl) 10”
Blueneck – The Fallen Host (White Vinyl) 2×10”
Kodiak + N – Rn|Xe (White/Black A/B Effect) 12”
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Egor (Electric Blue Vinyl) 2×12”
Brother Sun, Sister Moon – S/t (Clear w/ Purple Splatter) 12”
Bersarin Quartett – II (Black w/ White Splatter) 2×12”
The Samuel Jackson Five – S/t (Sea Blue Vinyl) 12”
The Samuel Jackson Five – Easily Misunderstood (Clear/Orange Vinyl) 2×12”
AUN – Full Circle (Ultraclear Vinyl) 10”
The Pirate Ship Quintet – Rope for No-Hopers (Golden Vinyl) 2×12”
The Pirate Ship Quintet – S/t (Royal Blue Vinyl) 12”
Saffronkeira – S/t (Clear Vinyl) 10”
Sankt Otten – Sequencer Liebe (Ultraclear Vinyl) 12”
Saffronkeira – A New Life Pt. I (Clear Vinyl) 2×12”
Saffronkeira – A New Life Pt. II (Clear Vinyl) 2×12”
Switchblade – [2012] (Black Vinyl + Coffee) 2×12”
Contemporary Noise Sextet – Vinyl Collection Wooden Box
Thomas Köner – Novaya Zemlya (Clear Vinyl) 2×12”
Thisquietarmy – Exorcisms (Bone + Clear Vinyl) 12”
The Alvaret Ensemble – S/t (White/Black Vinyl) 2×12”
Poppy Ackroyd – Escapement (White Vinyl) 12”
Iroha – Shepherds & Angels (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl) 12”
Thisquietarmy – Unconquered (Swamp Green Vinyl) 2×12”
Thisquietarmy – Aftermath + Setting Ashes (Coloured Vinyl + Splatter) 2×12”
Saffronkeira – Tourette (White + Black Splatter) 2×12”
A Dead Forest Index – Antique (Swamp Green Vinyl) 10”
Switchblade – S/t (2003) (Grey Vinyl) 12”
Petrels – Onkalo (Green Vinyl) 2×12”
Field Rotation – Fatalist: The Repetition of History (Clear Vinyl) 12”
Piano Interrupted – Two By Four (White Vinyl) 2×12”
Terminal Sound System – A Sun Spinning Backwards (Silver Vinyl) 2×12”
Oneirogen – Hypnos (Electric Blue Vinyl) 2×12”
Oneirogen – Kiasma (Electric Blue Vinyl) 2×12”
Greg Haines – 2006-2012 5×12” Wooden Box
Greg Haines – Where We Were (Clear Gold Vinyl) 2×12”
AUN – Alpha Heaven (Ultraclear Vinyl) 12”
Sankt Otten – Messias Maschine (White Vinyl) 2×12”
Witxes – A Fabric Of Beliefs (Blue Vinyl) 2×12”
Witxes – Sorcery/Geography (Clear Gold Vinyl) 12”
Celeste – Nihiliste(s) (Gold/Black Vinyl) 12”
Floex – Gone (Bone Vinyl) 10”
John Lemke – People Do (Clear Red Vinyl) 12”
The Nest – Music for Drivers (White Vinyl) 2×12”
Sebastian Plano – Impetus (Aqua Blue Vinyl) 12”
Sebastian Plano – Arrhythmical Part of Hearts (Ultraclear Vinyl) 12”
Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – Quatorze Pieces De Menace (White Vinyl) 2×12”
Piano Interrupted – The Unified Field (Electric Blue Vinyl) 12”
Thisquietarmy – Hex Mountains (Ultraclear Vinyl) 12”
Thisquietarmy – Blackhaunter (Clear/White Vinyl) 12”
Ensemble Economique – Light That Comes, Light That Goes (Sea Blue Vinyl) 12”
Ensemble Economique – Interval Signals (Blood Red Vinyl) 12”
Saffronkeira + Mario Massa – Cause and Effect (Black w/ Silver Splatter) 2×12”
Iroha & Fragment. – Bittersweet (180g Brown Vinyl w/ Black Haze) 12”
Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani – Relive (Silver Vinyl) 12”
Origamibiro – Collection 4×12” Boxset
Birds of Passage – This Kindly Slumber (Clear Vinyl) 12”
Origamibiro – Odham’s Standard (Bone Vinyl) 12”
Federico Albanese – The Houseboat and the Moon (Clear Vinyl) 2×12”
Petrels – Mima (Gold / Blue Vinyl) 12”

Hmmm.. I seem to have some kind of obsession with Deovali’s releases (some may have noticed that already). And then those distro items.. Oh, and during these years postal services have lost only three records (one shipment).

Resurrectionists – S/t Gatefold 12” + Poster
Murder By Death – Red Of Tooth And Claw 180g 12”
Neila – Danza De Nieblas 12”
Salome – S/t 12”
Morne – Untold Wait 12”
Howl – Full Of Hell 12”
Kasan / Kokomo – Split (Blue/White Vinyl) 12”
Thou – Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For (Clear Vinyl) 12”
Knut – Wonder (Clear/Red Mix Vinyl) 12”
Mouth Of The Architect – Quietly 2×12”
Contemporary Noise Quintet – Pig Inside The Gentleman 2×12”
Romance Of Young Tigers – I I Have Supped Full on Horrors 12”
Russian Circles – Station 12”
Zu – Observing The Armies In The Battlefield (Picture Disc) 7”
Kerretta – Vilayer 12”
My Education – Sunrise 12”
Mono & World’s End Girlfriend – Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain 2×12”
Moloken – Our Astral Circle (Dark Green w/ Black Splatter) 12”
Angel Eyes – Midwestern 12”
Gifts From Enola – S/t 12”
Agrimonia – Host Of The Winged 2×12”
Zoroaster – Matador 2×12”
Altar Of Plagues – Tides 12”
Max Richter – Infra 12”
Ghost Empire – S/t (Handnumbered Ltd. Red Vinyl, 100 pieces) 2×12”
Khuda – Palengenesia 12”
Agnes Obel – Philharmonics 12”
Giants – Old Stories 12”
Giants – They, The Undeserving 12”
Common Eider, King Eider – Worn 12”
The Books – Thought For Food 12”
Beware Of Safety – Dogs 2×12”
Sleeping In Gethsemane – Burrows 12”
Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre (New Version) 12”
Krallice – Dimensional Bleedtrhough 2×12”
Zu – The Way To animal Powers 12”
Tom Waits – Bone Machine 12”
Horseback – The Invisible Mountain 12”
Hooded Menace – Never Cross The Dead 2×12”
Barn Owl – Ancestral Star 12”
Head Of Wantastiquet – Dead Seas (Silver Vinyl) 12”+Cd
Union Of Sleep – Death in the place of rebirth 12”
The Secret – Solve Et Coagula 12”
Ättestupa – Begraven mot norr 12”
Nails – Unsilent Death 12”
Mono – Hymn To The Immortal Wind 2×12”
Seasons (pre-din) – Your Eyes the Stars and Your Hands the Sea 12”
Talons – Hollo Realm 12” (lost and not found)
Black Math Horseman – Wyllt 12” (lost and not found)
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Dolores 2×12” (lost and not found)
Mamiffer / House of Low Culture – Split 12”
Mamiffer / Oakeater – Split 12”
Chibalo – S/T 12”
Balmorhea – Candor / Clamor 7”
Woven Hand – Mosaic 12”
These Monsters – Call Me Dragon 12”
Scott Tuma – Dandelion 12”
Tamaryn – The Waves 12”
Aaron Martin – Worried About The Fire 12”
Karysun – Until The End 12”
Padang Food Tigers – Born Music 12”
Balmorhea – All Is Wild, All Is Silent 12”
Kingdom – Hemeltraan 12”
Salome – Terminal 2×12”
Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise 12”
Tephra – Tempel 12”
Batillus – Furnace 12” [11.00 Euro]
Hallowed Butchery / Batillus – Split 12”
Planes Mistaken For Stars – Mercy 12″
Haust – Ride the Relapse 12”
Pygmy Lush – Old Friends 12”
Talons – Hollo Realm 12”
Amon Tobin – Isam (180g) 2×12”
AR – Wolf Notes 12”
Haust – Powers Of Horror 12”
Amen Ra – Mass II 12”
Amen Ra – Mass IIII 2×12”
FNS – S/t 12”
Abandon – The Dead End 3×12”
William Fowler Collins – Perdition Hill Radio 2×12”
Ural Umbo – Delusion of Hope 12”
Leech – If we get there one day, would you please open the gates? 2×12”
Locrian – The Crystal World 12”
Black Breath – Sentenced to Life 12”
Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti – Gramercy 2×12”
Mamiffer / Locrian – Bless Them That Curse You 2×12”
Jonas Munk – Pan 12”
Ides Of Gemini – Constantinople 12”
Vestals – Forever Falling Toward The Sky 12”
Hooded Menace – Never Cross The Dead (B/W Edition) 2×12”
DVVLLXNS (Jon Porras) – Lxtvny 12”
Gog – Ironworks 12”
Seirom – 1973 2×12”