Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

Ensemble Economique: Melt Into Nothing LP (clear gold)

ensemble economique - melt into nothing 02

One more beautiful ambient/drone album added to my collection. This one came today along few other treasures from Denovali. I just realized that this is 5th album from this artist I own.. hmmm. Atmospheric, melodic and very tense record this is. Record for late autumn/early winter days. There’s something hopeless and dark buried beneath and oh, that’s what I like. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 350 copies on black vinyl, both available from Denovali and yes, recommended one. And the price ain’t that bad either, €16.00 plus shipping.

Talvihorros: Eaten Alive LP (swamp green/royal blue)

talvihorros eaten

Oh, the other one from Talvihorros, “Eaten Alive” which also came yesterday from Denovali. Sounding.. beautiful, simple as that. Little do I know about ambient, drone, experimental music but one thing I know, my ears do not lie. Haunting piece of modern classical, drone embed experimental music. Dark & fragile this certainly is. Limited to 150 copies on swamp green/royal blue vinyl and 200 copies on black vinyl. Highly recommended and both color variations are still (I just wonder why) available from Denovali. Go!

Never Sol: under quiet LP (ultraclear)

never sol

This is one of those picks I didn’t listen before purchase. Debut album from Never Sol (Sára Vondrášková), and now I have to admit that I was totally blown out first time I placed this record under the needle.. I was expecting something totally different (some kind of experimental-field recording-darkened-ambient or something) but all I can hear are these beautifully performed songs and that voice.. damn. Denovali has done it again and that is why I love every release this company is putting out, you never know what’s coming next. Awesome release, maybe this is not “cup of tea” for all but for me it is and I want more. Ultraclear vinyl is limited to 150 pieces and there are also 350 black copies available from Denovali. Just listen..

John Lemke: Walizka 12″ (clear gold)


Even though this is just a twelve-inch EP with 3 tracks + 3 different remixes of those songs, I can’t get enough of this! I like the structure on these tunes and I totally love the way he handles the piano. This release earned to be engraved on vinyl and big thanks goes to his record company, (surprisingly) Denovali. Just give this release a moment of your time, it’s totally worth it. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both color variations are available from Denovali and while you are there, I suggest you to grab that full length by Lemke too.

Talvihorros: And It Was So LP (white)

talvihorros and it was so

This album has been around for a while now and finally I decided to purchase it. I can not find any logical reason why I haven’t ordered this album before.. strange. But now it’s here and certainly has it own place on my collection (there’s still few albums on my “wantlist” from this artist). Experimental, droned ambient seasoned with cello, violin, guitars etc. Beautiful journey through cosmic soundscapes. This is limited to 150 copies on white and 200 copies on black vinyl. I’m really amazed that this has not sold out yet.. should have been a long time ago. Both vinyl versions are available from the source, Denovali.

Moon Zero: Loss 12″ (ultraclear)


Second 12″ from Moon Zero, released by Denovali. Yesterday I posted about Moon Zero’s first twelve-inch and today it’s time for this one. In my opinion this one is darker than the first one.. hard to say. I really love these tunes so I can’t say anything critical about these releases. For me these two twelve-inches are droned dark ambient at its best. This is limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions still available from Denovali. Recommended releases, I suggest you to pick them both!

Moon Zero: Tombs 12″ (ultraclear)

moon zero

Speechless with this one, absolutely breathtaking release. Is this dark ambient or drone, I don’t care. Sounds awesome and the truth is that I purchased this one without listening a single note from this release. Beautiful.. just listen to it and you might realize what I mean. Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 on black vinyl, available from Denovali. No words..

Petrels: The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler LP (coke bottle green)


I like this one (as I like every other release from Petrels I own). Droned ambient and once again quality release from Denovali. Haunting beauty this record certainly is, my record for these rainy/lazy summer days. I know that I always keep praising Denovali releases but the point is that you can be sure what you get, quality. This release is limited to 150 copies on coke bottle green and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions are available from the source, Denovali. Recommended for those who actually like ambient/drone tunes (like myself).

Omega Massif: Kalt LP (clear with blue splatter)


Finally this LP has been repressed (this time by Denovali). Originally this was released by E-vinyl Records back in 2008 but the reason I never purchased this was simply that it was released on picture disc. Now this massive debut album from this doom/post/hardcore band is in my hairy hands. This repress is limited to 150 copies on clear w/ blue splatter and 350 copies on black vinyl. Clear one is sold out from the source but still you can get a regular black copy from Denovali Records (known by quality releases all the way). Aarrgghh.. & recommended release indeed!

hmm.. just noticed that I have started collecting items from certain record companies.. more or less

Everybody who have visited this blog knows my strange obsession for records released by Denovali. I can’t resist purchasing every single record they are putting out (well, of course there are some items I have missed..). It’s all about the quality, and services this record company provides (and awesome artists). Simple as that.

Now it seems that there are some other record companies walking this same path.

cardinal fuzz

Cardinal Fuzz, awesome label releasing psychedelic etc. stuff (missing few items, but I try to get them all, eventually)

Important Records

Important Records, hmmm.. one of my favorite labels, it’s a pity that I did not find this record company earlier.. (Impossible to get all stuff they have released but I try to get all upcoming ones)

Then there are these few other companies: Mondo, RidingEasy Records, STB Records, Facture, Fuzz Club, Blackest Rainbow, Sonic Pieces.. list is endless.

And then there is the one and the only, Denovali

denovali collection

I think that I’ll try to collect every single item Denovali has released (vinyl & colored, as limited as possible).

Now I’m going to take a week off and travel in the middle of the forest hoping that when I arrive there will be a great pile of records waiting for me at home :D


lazy cat


The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson, Ingi Garðar Erlendsson, Borgar Magnason: Skeylja LP (ultraclear)

kira kira

Hmm.. The Alvaret Ensemble collaborated with Icelandic artists hmm.. Different kind of modern classical album with haunting poems. Very intense and ethereal soundscapes with beautiful voices. For some this may be little hard to handle but for me this is one of those reasons why I listen to music. The joy of finding something new, something you have never heard before. Nice. Time to put my headphones on and let the music guide me to sweet oblivion! Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from Denovali.