Piano Interrupted: The Unified Field LP (electric blue)

Piano Interrupted

Surprise, surprise. Once again winner from Denovali catalogue. This Piano Interrupted’s latest album came few days ago and having heavy rotation right now as I’m writing this. Love their debut and I know right now that this love is going to last. Once again have to thank Denovali for releasing this kind of music. If some one is interested about limitation of this record, there are 150 copies on electric blue (here) and  350 copies on black vinyl (here). Choice is yours.

Celeste: Nihiliste(s) LP (black and gold)


This is also one of those records from my “wantlist”, have been on that list for years.. Finally I “managed” to purchase this one. This is 3rd pressing of this record and damn what a beauty this record is.. when you hold this one against the light, it looks like this:


Awesome record indeed. Limited to 200 copies on this form and 300 on classic black vinyl. Both versions available from.. Denovali (surprise, surprise).


Floex: Gone 10″ (bone)


Floex.. new friend to me. This is released by Denovali (surprise). Actually I got two shipments from Denovali today and I begin with this one. As I said before, this is totally new artist to me.. and what a little record this is, experimental electronic tunes and so beautiful.. Limited to 150 copies on this color and 350 copies on basic black vinyl. Both versions available from the source, Denovali. Love.

Mouse On The Keys: Sezession 10″ + CD (clear with black haze)


This came yesterday. Once again one of those records I’ve been hunting down for some time. Denovali release and some might already know my obsession with Denovali stuff. Limited to 100 copies on this color variation and 200 copies on black vinyl. If I remember right, first press is sold out from the label but there’s second press (limited to 200 copies on ultra clear vinyl with black and white splatter) available from Denovali. Recommended.

Audrey: The Fierce And The Longing LP (clear yellow)


Got this one from Discogs, long lost friend. This was released by Denovali way back and I did not managed to purchased this those days (do not even know why). Finally I got this, even though it took some time. This was limited to 500 copies (250 on clear yellow and 250 on black vinyl). Denovali has sold this out long time ago. If you are after this you should try Discogs or you should just google this out. Lovely Indie rock album.

Sankt Otten ‎– Messias Maschine

Sankt Otten: Messias Maschine 2xLP (white)

Sankt Otten ‎– Messias Maschine

Latest arrival (came along those three I have posted before) from Denovali, With this band I have been confused all the time. Usually I do not like this kind of electronic music but Sank Otten makes a difference. There is something with their records that forces me to love them. And yet again, quality release. Available from Denovali. And this is limited to 500 copies (150 on white and 350 on black vinyl). Kraut!

Aun ‎– Alpha Heaven

Aun: Alpha Heaven LP (clear)

Aun ‎– Alpha Heaven

And this one I have been waiting for and now it has been released, by Denovali. I have few of AUN’s records and all of them are far more than good. It’s up to you whether you like this kind of music or not, I love this kind of music. This is music for headphones, totally, amazing. Limited to 350 copies (150 on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl). Available from.. Denovali.

Tiny Denovali collection..


Little record inventory because of moving to another apartment within a month. Here is my tiny Denovali collection, 98 releases, and the question is: am I somehow obsessed to this amazing record label? Yes I am. Still don’t know how they manage to release these quality records one after other.. Pure love. Along their own releases I have purchased a great pile of records from their awesome distro. Highly recommended, Denovali.

Daturah: s/t 2xLP (white)

daturahUuh.. this beauty arrived today. One of those Denovali releases that I have been looking for long time. This was one of those bands I used to listen when I had that post-rock-period. Finally I have this one. Limited to 150 copies on white and 350 copies on black vinyl. Sold out long long time ago.