CHOOSING DEATH, The Improbable History Death Metal & Grindcore (Revised & Expanded)

Choosing Death

Yes, it’s a book but damn good one and now it’s available from The Decibel Magazine’s webstore as a revised & extended version. This book does not cover the whole story of death metal nor grindcore but it surely is one of a kind release. For me this is like a journey to the year 1990 when I was totally blown away when I placed the debut album by Deicide on my turntable… and along came Napalm Death, Entombed, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Death, Obituary, Pestilence etc. Oh, those years..

This extended version covers roughly the main events & bands up to this date and surely it’s not intended only for us, mummified middle-aged corpses. Recommended, if you are still able to read text from the pages of an actual, physical book. This revised & extended version is limited to 3000 numbered copies and is still available exclusively from Decibel’s webstore. Go for it, you wont regret it.


Illuminine: #1LP (white)


And then this absolutely beautiful ambient/contemporary/classical album from Illuminine! This is one of those little treasures on my voyage through sounds and space. I came across with this album when I was going through Denovali’s distro, listened a tune, googled the artist, listened few tunes more, purchased the album. It’s that simple. Recommended one, highly. Comes on white vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. Available from the source, Zeal Records. You can also pick this up from Denovali along with some other awesome stuff..


Se Delan: The Fall 2xLP

se delan

Oh. What a beauty this one is. Can’t stop listening.. I even love the picture on the cover of the album. Is this alternative folk-rock or something but who cares when every song sounds this damn good. This duo, Belinda Kordic on vocals and Justin Greaves (from Crippled Black Phoenix) has done beautiful record. Recommended with a hand on my heart. No info about limitation but still available from Kscope. And about shipping & packaging.. this came shipped very fast and what I love the most, packaged ultra-mega-super-hyper secured. Thank You, Kscope!

Black Thread: Drifting Snow 7″ lathe


Yes, third vinyl release from this artist I have managed to get my hands on. And I know now that I will hunt down those previous releases in a way or another.. I really love these experimental, abstract tape loops, sounds, everything my ears managed to process while listening this lovely seven-inch. This one is limited only to 24 lathe cut copies so maybe it’s time for You to do something? Available from Cascading Fragments.. And highly recommended one!

36: Shadow Play 2xLP

36 - shadow play

Here it is. Shadow Play by 36. Awesome! I have been following this artist now about 3-4 years and this artist is one of those whose records are ‘must have’ for me. This album is filled with drone & ambient, darkened kind. I don’t know but somehow there’s this sad atmosphere wrapped around it.. sad but waiting. ‘Shadow Play’ is limited to 100 copies for those who ordered (and funded) it, so this record on vinyl format might be little hard to find anywhere. Recommended album and very recommended artist. Keep your eyes on him because he’s about to release new 12″ on January, 2015.

Here’s a little story about this artist, dedication and awesome attitude about his fans. Few weeks ago I got this package shipped from England and even without opening the mailer I knew that there’s no way that the record (or more like the cover) had arrived without damages. Mailer had damages on three corners out of four and when I opened the package it was obvious that these mailer damages reflected straight to the cover of the album, you can read my outpouring/whining about that issue from here.. Well, I did not mention the artist nor the album in my post but some readers of this blog knew what was the record I wrote about.

I didn’t contacted the artist just because I thought that there’s no way he got spare covers etc. and the damages on the cover weren’t that bad. The point of my post was clearly the usage of those mailers I think are one of the worst available (even though those are most used..).

Then I got this email from the artist himself. Now I have this replacement copy, it came in mailer with crash/bumper zones. It’s in perfect condition. There was some extra item included (gonna write about it in my next post). I hope that this post encourage him to offer these new mailers as an option for customers to choose. And I really want to Thank him about this, I did not ask a new copy but he sent one. Exceptional kindness & understanding!


William Ryan Fritch: Revisionist LP, Pre-order (I had to post this in advance)!!


WILLIAM RYAN FRITCH: Revisionist LP (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book)
Lost Tribe Sound $33.00 (+ shipping)
Release date is on February, 2015

I do not usually write anything in advance, now I have to make an exception.This just sounds so amazing.. breathtaking. Even though there is only one song to listen on BandCamp, it’s enough to convince me that this record is worth to own. Awesome mixture of post-something-folk-classical-indie-experimental-drone..
I found this one while surfing around BandCamp and it did not took much time to realize that William is also part of Death Blues with Jon Mueller (Death Blues released awesome album earlier this year called “Ensemble” which is still available from RHYTHMPLEX, Anost & Norman Records).

With shipping costs this album would cost about 50 euros to me, so I just have to wait if I could get my hands on this via Boomkat, Norman Records, Anost or
Denovali (for example). One thing is for sure, I have to get this one! Damn!

Death Blues: Ensemble (Deluxe 12″ Vinyl Book) available from RHYTHMPLEX and for us here in Europe from Anost or Norman Records.

VIEO ABIUNGO (William Ryan Fritch): And The World Is Still Yawning LP (deluxe edition with remix CD & poster) Some earlier stuff from William and sounds as amazing as this forthcoming one. Available from Lost Tribe Sound and us here in Europe from Norman Records


The Picturebooks: Imaginary Horse LP (clear)


Look what I got from Riding Easy Records yesterday. Yep, the debut album from The Picturebooks and it sounds awesome. This German duo knows their Rock’n’Roll, bluesy kind. I really dig this album a lot, it sounds raw, it sounds dangerous, you can smell the sweat on it.. Thanks to Riding Easy for putting this jewel out, without You I would have missed this band totally. This clear version was limited to 50 copies and surprisingly it’s sold out but there are still copies on white and black vinyl available from the source, Riding Easy Records (these should have sold out already..). Recommended album, this is Rock’n’Roll, dangerous kind!

Eline Cout: 13 Pieces LP

Eline Cout01

It has landed, actually it landed yesterday. Damn I’m happy that I ram to this album via The Limited Press. And about the music itself performed on this beauty, experimental exploration beyond soundscapes? I honestly do not know. It’s better that you check this brilliant release for yourselves. This release is limited to 100 copies and what I really like is that the cover has a woodcut grid of 100 squares and for each record one square is taken from the layout till the very last copy has only 1 square remaining on the cover (as you can see from the picture, my copy is #20/100). Oh, there was also this little plastic bag along, including wood chips from that square which was taken out.. Recommended release, indeed! Available still from Pretty Penny Records (price is $25.00 shipping included within US). Possible customers around the globe, email and ask for shipping price.

Eline Cout03

Eline Cout02

Blood Farmers: Headless Eyes LP (red)

blood farmers

Holy shit! This came today and boys (& girls), this sounds wicked! Got this tip via STB Records (some one has a freaking good taste of music), listened one tune and was ready to order this jewel. Gloom-Doom-Stoner-Blues and heavy this is. If you like your music presented this way, this is must have record (…actually I can recommend this to anyone who love to listen music as heavy as this one is). This is limited to 150 copies on red and 450 copies on black vinyl. Patac Records and band itself has sold that red one out but there are still black copies available from both addresses.

and now I have to say that there’s something wrong with these people working around postal delivery. This package came looking like untouched.. until I noticed that one corner was dinged.. surprisingly that reflects on the cover of this album I got. Don’t take this wrong, record was packaged secured. With this case my middle fingers are pointing to direction of postal delivery personnel.

If anyone out there know where to get pristine replacement cover to this vinyl of mine, just contact me (I can pay postal fees if You just promise super-secured shipping). Love & gloom

blood mailer

The Sly and Unseen & Caught In The Wake Forever: Summer Passes / Evidence Of Fractures LP (black)

Sly and Unseen

Even though I’m still pissed of (you can see why from my previous post).. This awesome split album saved my day (more like whole week). Beautiful release,  folk and very strange minimal, droned sounds or whatever but surely sounds awesome. This is limited to 100 copies so if you are after something different, beautiful, touching just purchase this one. There’s something very magical here.. Really glad that I came across with this album. In this case a sound paints a thousand words (and memories..). Still available from Rural Colours.

Leyland Kirby: Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die) 2xLP & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams) 2xLP


These two double albums, “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die)  & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams)”, arrived also today. With these I made an exception, I bought these from Discogs and as used items. But damn, these came packaged secured and are in awesome condition, covers & vinyls. I’m really happy and hey, I got these really cheap. Two new items to my Kirby-collection, and now I have to find that part two somewhere.. Anyways, if you are not familiar with this artist I suggest you to listen this awesome album from his alter ego The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (I got this on blue vinyl..) Awesome dark ambient/experimental/droned/electronic music.



Goat: Commune LP (regular black but..)


Goat has arrived (at least one version of this new album). Yes, this is regular black copy but..


with unique cover. This Stranded Rekords version, exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store is limited to 200 (hand-numbered) copies and each of these copies has unique, different cover made by followers of the band. Not bad at all. Hey Zyma Banshee, your design has entered my record collection :)


Great album, but what else could You expect from this awesome collective. Now I’m going to place this blackened golden disc on my turntable and lean back. Oh, I also ordered that 5×7″ version and really hope to get my hands on that package soon

. Funny thing with that seven-inch SingleBox (limited to 1000 copies), it’s still available from Bengans for  $41.00 but there is already some copies for sale on Discogs from €66.00 to €200.00

Anyways, Goat is what Goat is, amazing.


Arve Henriksen: The Nature Of Connections LP (white)


And this one. I mentioned about this record on my weekly list few weeks ago and now I finally can hold this on my shaking hands. Ordered this day before yesterday and I was quite surprised that it already arrived. Even though I don’t know anything about jazz (or any other genre), this sounds amazing to my dirty & narrow ears. It’s all about the atmosphere this record creates. This color variation (white, limited to 100 copies) is only available from Rune Grammofon, only thing is that it’s quite expensive with shipping (shipping from Norway). If You can settle with regular black copy, just visit Denovali. Recommended, highly! Yes!

Spiral Shades: Hypnosis Sessions 2xLP (clear)


Got this beauty from RidingEasy Records today. Even thought there are dozens and dozens bands sounding 70s era sabbath/heavy/doom/sludge/psychedelic/occult/rock, this sounds.. hmm different (read fresh). There’s something magical on this record and you can’t ignore the fact that these two guys live thousands of miles away from each other (one in Norway, other in India). Main point here is that they share the same vision when it comes to music and this record is awesome proof of that vision. And then we have to thank RidingEasy Records for releasing this on vinyl! This is limited to 50 pieces on clear, 75 pieces on orange, 100 on grey, 125 on black vinyl and so on.. (there are red copies and European exclusive purple also available). Oh, RidingEasy still has these clear one available.. if you are interested. Recommended album, pure gold!

Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

Horseback / Locrian: Horseback / Locrian 7″


And finally I can hold this little treasure pressed on vinyl in my hands. This means that I now own a copy of every vinyl release from Horseback (but with Locrian I still have work to do). Two of my favorite bands on the same little disc, can I ask for more? This is also Discogs purchases and I have to say that I got it at decent price. Limited to 300 copies and seems to be little hard to find (this was on my wantlist at Discogs for months). Pure love!

Ben Bennett: Spoilage LP


“What if you just got rid of your records and stereo equipment?”

What a refreshing record this is! Noise/experimental/free improvisation record with awesome song titles! This record is surely for those of us who are not afraid to try something new. Hey, I paid $6.00 for this golden piece of abstract music (one of those Discogs purchases that came today). Limited to 300 copies, recommended release indeed!

King Dude: Fear LP (red/white)


I’m really happy that I managed to grab this one. I missed this album totally when this came for pre-order. I was little disappointed and thought that I have to  purchase this EU version from Ván Records. Suddenly, on the release date these limited color versions were available again from Not Just Religious Music (seems that they kept few copies stored for release date). And about the album itself, it’s dark. Album filled with dark stories and miserable tunes ,I like this kind of music a lot. This is my second full length from this artist and someway or another I have to collect every single release of these darkened nightmares. Limited to 100 copies on red/white (sold out), 200 copies on red, 200 on white and 500 copies on black vinyl, available from Not Just Religious Music. And of course there are clear copies (limitation unknown) available from Ván Records. Awesome trip trough darkness and beyond!

Electric Citizen: Sateen LP (opaque red)


Package came today from RidingEasy Records. Once again I was bit too eager to get this album that I did not read release information through.. I pre-ordered this because I thought that I missed test pressing/die hard versions. Well, actually those came on sale about week later or something :D (same thing happened with my Monolord LPs). Anyways, maybe I just have start collecting every single version of every item RidingEasy is releasing. And about the band, hard -psychedelic-stoner-whatever-rock and sounds good, very good, goes to my this years top list without the doubt. Even though nowadays there are many bands playing this kind of rock, this band stole my heart with they “Light Years Beyond” seven-inch earlier this year. Recommended album!

There are still different colorways available around the globe:

Opaque Red (limited to 100 copies) EasyRider Records
Opaque Teal (limited to 200 copies) EasyRider Records
Clear Purple (limited to 100 copies) Hevisike UK, for £14.99
White (limited to 100 copies) (for example..)

Week 26 – something new… from now on I’ll post a list of interesting records, weekly (most likely on Fridays)



Well, I think it’s time to upgrade this little blog of mine a bit. I decided to start posting a tip/considerable purchase section weekly, let’s say.. on Fridays. Mostly I want to point that these are records I would like to purchase so don’t blame me on these :)

If I find something interesting & urgent I’ll tweet about it as soon as possible. You can follow me via Twitter (mugwumb).

All this because of my passion for music released on vinyl and I want to share this with all of you who are interested. At the same time I want to thank everyone who have already tipped/recommended some records & albums during these couple of years. I try to purchase as much records as I can, but I have to point out that as I’m unemployed now (have been a while), there’s no way that I could purchase all these treasures.. Well, we all know that one can’t always get what one want :)

This week has been very interesting and I have found some beautiful items, some I have purchased, some I can’t afford to buy.. that’s how it goes

THISQUIETARMY – Rebirths LP (Deluxe Version – Limited to 44)
Thisquietarmy & TQA Records / Distro ($20.00 + shipping)
Awesome sounding album filled with drone/post-rock/electronic tunes

Howl Arts Collective ($22.00 CAD + shipping)
Beautiful neo-classical/experimental album

BREAST MASSAGE – Soiled Fantasies LP (limitation of 300)
Infinity Cat Recordings ($15.00 + shipping)
As I have understood, this is record filled with sludge. Interesting named band..

SOLSTAFIR – Ótta + Tilberi – 3xLP (500 copies) pre-order
Season of Mist (€37.99 + shipping)
New one from these Icelandic Post-metal-rockers

VILKACIS – The Fever Of War LP
Dead Section Records (kr90.00 + shipping)
Some bad ass black metal, hope that they have limited color version available..

GEVURAH – Necheshirion LP
Graceless Recordings ($15.00 + shipping)
Black/Death metal, raw sounding (just the way I like my metal)
I try to find this from some EU distro, shipping rates from the states are way too high..

DANIELl BACHMAN – Orange Co. Serenade LP
Bathetic Records ($12.00 + shipping)
This guy knows how to play guitar!

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA – The Feed-back LP+CD (limitation of 500) Repress
Soundohm (€18.90 + shipping)
Repress of this rare and very abstract/jazz/experimental record

JOY MUST REMAIN – Dive In Deep LP (limited to 100 copies)
Dead Wax Records (€16.00 + shipping)
Nice sounding post-punk/new wave album

KIKAGAKU MOYO – Mammatus Clouds (Ltd 150 on mellow yellow vinyl)
Cardinal Fuzz (£14.00 + shipping) Came for sale today 06/27 and is sold out!!
Huge hype around this Japanese band, and for the reason. This is EU version of this upcoming LP, for US customers there is pre-order bundle available from Captcha Records ($32.00 + shipping) Kikagaku Moyo LP & Mammatus Clouds LP

Of course there are millions of records to mention but these came to my mind at this point (I should have a sponsor who would like to buy all these for me, hah hah haaa..).