Sweat Lodge: Talismana LP (spirit warrior)

sweat lodge

Woah! This is Heavy one, literally. Oh my, hard rock at it’s best and damn I like these vocals on this album! Even though I do not know that much about music/genres (I just follow my heart/ears when purchasing albums hera and there), I love these vibes. Obviously one can hear influences of Black Sabbath, Hawkwind etc. here but so what, these dudes have their own thing going on. This is like a trip back to 70s and damn I’m impressed how it’s even possible? This vinyl version (Spirit Warrior) is limited to 100 copies and there are also 100 copies on grey vinyl (Grey Eagle), rest copies are on black vinyl (Blackest Night). Recommended one, for everyone who loves hard rock/heavy metal or music at all!

Heavy Glow: Pearls & Swine And Everything Fine LP (black)

heavy glow

And finally this one arrived. I did not even remember this one until I was checking orders I had done during last year. Actually this record is the last one that came to my old address (at the same day when we were moving out). Nice. I remember listening this record more than once, at last summer.. Well, this is a good one and that’s why it’s here, on my hands now. This is.. 70s influenced hard rock with some stoner and even a hint of psych on it. Listening this after that Ordinance’s album is like standing on the sunlight while gentle summer winds are blowing your worries away.. Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl and available from their BandCamp & BigCartel sites.