Sleepwulf: s/t LP (silver)


And then some 70’s influenced love, this time from Cursed Tongue Records. Once again outstanding package but what else can be expected from this label? The Band is Sleepwulf and this seems to be their debut release on vinyl format. Hard-hitting 70’s rock with a hint of doom aside, with this concept you just can’t go wrong. It seems that this sold out quite fast but don’t worry, there’s repress copies available via Cursed Tongue Records and Kozmik Artifactz. Go for it!

Hippie Death Cult: 111 LP (golden colored)


And this beauty I bought via Cursed Tongue Records. This is Hippie Death Cult and this band sounds amazing overall! Now that I’ve listened to this album for a few weeks, I really do understand why this record collects praising reviews from every direction. 111 is fueled with soundscapes from the 70s, doom & stoner and with some grunge influences. This awesome package is released by Cursed Tongue Records (one of my favorite DIY labels out there) and you can still purchase regular black wax via them (very limited stock). Golden variation sold out within minutes. Highly recommend, both band & label.


Electric Ladyland [Redux] 2xLP & Best of James Marshall Hendrix LP


These two albums came last week from Magnetic Eye Records. Usually I do not buy compilations, tribute albums etc. but with these two I just had to make an exception. I like both of these albums and records like these are quite easy way to check out new bands (yes, there are bands I have never hear about before). I know that there have been discussions on some forums about delay of this [Redux] version.. Hey, we all knew the release date (roughly) when we backed this release via Kickstarter. Another topic around this release have been about colorways of the vinyl.. Seems that some of the backers are disappointed that their copies are on black wax when there are more fancy colored version available via MER. And what do I think? I’m fine with my copy the way it is, I know in my heart that I have been helping to put out these awesome pieces of vinyl. By the way, music sounds better on pure black wax. Oh, I also love the artwork on both albums (especially on “Best of…”). Thanks to Magnetic Eye Records, this dude here is very gratified. Both albums (“Best of..” on black wax, [Redux] on three different colorways) are still available from MER. Recommended, surprisingly :)







DoctoR DooM: This Seed We Have Sown LP (blue)

doctor doom

Missed this one when it was released (STB stuff seems to sell out quite fast, maybe too fast) and reason for that was our little cat and health problems he faced earlier this autumn. Anyways, I had to skip this one and many other records that time. Few days ago I got this package from France and I was surprised that on address label of the package “Vinyl Diaries” was mentioned.. Opened the package and found this damn good “retro” rock album inside. Doctor Doom and their debut album “This Seed We Have Sown”. I do not know what have I done to deserve this, I have never asked any free stuff etc. it’s not the point I keep up this blog of mine. But like everyone else, I love getting some free stuff especially when it’s something I am missing. Thanks to Mr. Blomfield for sending this hard-hitting album and most humble thanks to SteveSTB because I know that he has something to do with this. Recommended album and you can still get your hands on this album via & All That Is Heavy (for example). Go and get a copy when you still can, yeah it’s that good!


Lucid Sins: Occultation LP (clear with black haze)

lucid sins

Ha! This one came from Totem Cat Records today. Lucid Sins and their damn good retro-sounding psychedelic/stoner album “Occultation”. Never heard of this band before but spotted announcement of this album from TCR’s facebook page, listened few tunes and result can be seen on picture above. Obviously this album sounds so timeless that I would have thought this is a band (and their record) from 70’s or something.. little do I know. This album goes easily to my top 10 albums of this year. This color variation is limited to 100 copies (there are also 400 copies on black wax) and I’m quite surprised that there are still copies left of this most limited edition on Totem Cat Records webstore!!


Grusom: s/t LP (marbled)


This arrived today. Couldn’t resist purchasing this one after listening only one track, “Journey”. Damn good debut album from this Danish band. Bluesy rock’n’roll, awesome sounding vocals and those tunes played with cursed organ.. Yes, I want more! Released by Kozmik Artifactz and limited to three different colorways; black, orange and marbled (like this one I got). All variations still available from Kozmik