Las Historias: Las Historias LP (clear)


Some psychedelic, 70s influenced bluesy stoner/space rock from where else than South America and Argentina. There is coming so much new stuff from the same continent that makes me wonder what the hell is happening there? When this Las Historias album was announced by Electric Valley Records I skipped it because of that cover picture (rather frivolous reason, must admit) but I’m old-fashioned relic who once bought records based only on the cover art .. forgive my simplicity. Too late I realized that I had condemned the band for wrong reasons, all variants were sold out. Fortunately Kozmik Artifatcz suddenly announced that they had this record on their distro and I managed to grab this clear variant. Lucky me because all color variants are long gone by now. Recommended, highly.

Hazemaze: Hymns Of The Damned LP (mint green)


Here’s some 70’s influenced hard rockin’ stoner in your face! The band is from where else than Sweden, I wasn’t even surprised about that fact. This is Hazemaze’s second full-length and after listening to this several times in the row I’m forced to go after their debut one. This is released by mighty Cursed Tongue Records on mint green (sold out) and on orange vinyl. Orange version is still available from the source, CTR and via BandCamp. If you prefer cassette format better, head to the BandCamp site or Stoner Witch Records.

I got my copy with some corner damage on the cover (after treatment by beloved postal delivery), so I encourage myself to ask the label if they had some extra copies of the cover. And they did. Now I got me a pristine copy with a shiny cover. CTR was ready to send the cover without shipping charge but I was more than happy to handle those. An awesome record label, I appreciate!


Black Prism: Black Prism LP (clear)

black prism

Niceeeee.. This arrived today and holy hell I like this 70’s influenced stoner/doom act. Never heard of this band before but few weeks ago I came across this upcoming album via Cursed Tongue Record (label I have started love more and more these days..). Bought this CTR exclusive version on clear vinyl including poster & patch limited to 100 copies. Some may say that they have heard these riffs million times before. Well I haven’t and actually I do not even care. This kinda stoner, doom. 70′ psychedelic heavy is way better than music overall nowadays. This version is sold out from the source but they still have some regular copies available. Freaking good album and yet again I suggest you to check this out before that last variation runs out..

The Red Widows: Rising 12″ (DHU exclusive)

the red widows

This freaking damn good 12″ came with that latest Grajo album. Here we have a twelve-inch EP from The Red Widows. Unknown band to me but seems that DHU Records manages to surprise me release after release. Groovy 70s influenced stoner/doom rock with vocalist who has been kidnapped straight from the stars. This is good, more than good leaving me wonder when they are going to put out their full-length? This HU exclusive version is still available from the source, DHU Records Highly recommended one and if you don’t believe me, just check it out by yourselves. Hell yeah!! Pure DHU quality

Actually I ordered and got a copy some time ago but postal delivery managed to smash the cover (one corner of it). I uploaded a picture of that corner damage to my Facebook site, didn’t mention what record it was nor from what label it came. Didn’t took long from Robert to contact me and he wanted to send a replacement copy. I wanna point out here that I wasn’t after a new copy when I uploaded that image, I just wanted to show how postal delivery treat even most secured packages. So my humble thanks to Robert, I really appreciate this and know it!


Beastmaker: Lusus Naturae LP (on black vinyl + black 7″)


Few days back I got this debut album by Beastmaker from Rise Above Records. I like this one, and I mean that I like this album a lot. I know that there’s a lot of bands playing this kind of doomed/retro/rock/70’s/stoner/what-ever-you-call-it but somehow this band draw my attention and now I can say it was a right call to purchase this release. I suggest you to check out this album if you haven’t already! Limited to Black Die Hard version (150 copies + 7″), solid red version (500 copies) and solid purple (500 copies). All versions still available from Rise Above Records.



Mondo Drag: The Occultation Of Light LP (TP)

mondo drag

And another test press.. Well, I couldn’t wait till release date (2016, February?) and as I found out that this TP was available from Riding Easy Records.. well, here it is now. Not bad purchase at all because this is freaking good prog/psych/space/kraut/stoner rock album. I liked their previous release (even though I haven’t managed to get my hands on vinyl version, yet) and oh boyz & girlz.. this is freaking album. These test pressing are limited to 30 hand-numbered copies and if you are interested, there still seems to be copies available through Riding Easy. Recommended album! If you do not fancy these TP’s, then you have wait little longer to get official variants..

And one thing about Riding Easy, I truly appreciate what they are doing, every damn package/record has arrived in perfect condition and that’s what matters. Thanks!

Libido Fuzz: Kaleido Luma Age LP (clear /red splatter)


This came few months ago but somehow I have forgotten to mention this fine stoner/psychedelic/70’s album here on my blog. Bought this from Pink Tank Records (and have to mention also their awesome customer service, Thanks!). Actually this record was more like random pick while I was purchasing album by Stonebirds from Pink Tank. And now, few months later I can honestly say that picking this up was/is worth every penny. This splattered version is limited to 100 copies and sold out from the source. There are still black copies (limited to 300 copies) available though.