Third week in row… Aaarrghhh %@$!!

Well, seems that bad winds are blowing to this direction.. and it is third week in row..

First I got this package from UK, and you can see with your naked eyes that there ain’t gonna be pristine stuff inside.


And surprisingly, I was right..



Two corners of the cover nicely smashed.. I just wanna say that it’s useless to blame post on these, this would have been prevented easily by using better mailer or at least by using some extra carton on corners as I have advised on my post months ago “About packing vinyl records… part xxxxxx

Then I got this awesome looking package from US, but turned out that they had mistakenly sent me something I had never ordered (actually my copy came on Monday, the one I ordered). Some one somewhere is now wondering where her/his order is lurking, well it’s here with me and I’m gonna return this package tomorrow back to the source.


Yes, mistakes happen and I do not wanna take advantage of these things. I wrote the label about this immediately and we have agreed that I’m going to return these asap.

Two packages, one had damaged item and the other had records that does not belong to me. The stars are against me..

Glad thing is that I found this long lost treasure from Discogs yesterday :D

Aaarrgghh.. (lost and nearly lost orders..)

Yes, I’m quite difficult and annoying customer, always whining about seam splits, bends and bumps etc. But that’s not all, now I’m gonna whine about (little too) long delivery times, missing parcels and email questions without answers. Yeah..

1.) Is it too long to wait your pre-ordered album over 10 months? Okay, okay.. I can understand those pressing plant problems but I can’t understand that this same record has been available now in some stores about few weeks..

2.) Or is four weeks too long to wait for your package to arrive via airmail (within Europe)? And when you finally ask about status of your order, you get email saying that it has been sent, contact your local postal services. That’s it? I contacted and it’s obvious that it has never arrived to country I live in. I think that $50 is quite too much for mp3 files downloaded from BandCamp..


3.) Hmm.. and what about a package sent from the other side of the globe? Well, in second class and it has taken soon about 2 months to arrive (I’m really waiting to see how damaged the vinyl is going to be).

4.) Oh, then I have these Discogs orders.. those have been updated to “Payment Received”, over a month ago..  I hope that those will arrive, some day.

Now I draw the line on paper, just to ease my frustration. Or maybe I should give up and go to sleep. Aaaaaaarrgghh.

Best part of this song begins exactly 2:13->