Ø: Konstellaatio 2xLP


Last full-length from Mika Vainio’s alias, Ø.  beautiful record from my most favourite electronic artist. As we all know (and if you did not, you will), Mika Vainio died accidentally few months ago in France and sad but true that reflects straight to prizes of the records he was involved with. I bought this album with 12″ Syväys straight from Sähkö Recordings little before his passing to the other side. Huge lost. Now that I have listened this album several times there’s some kind of sadness, stillness embracing all these tunes. Thanks for your music, rest in peace.


Nickolas Mohanna: Parallax View LP

nickolas mohanna

Yep, this week begins with this beautiful record from Nickolas Mohanna. This is one of those artist I had never ever heard of before, but thanks to BandCamp now I have. I like these electronic waves and the atmosphere on this album.. The point in this kind of music is to take you far away.. ease your common and ordinary days. This is limited to 200 copies and available from Low Point. Recommended and the prize ain’t that bad, only £2 +shipping..


Pan Sonic: Oksastus 2xLP (white)

pan sonic

Uuuh.. it was year 1995 and this band (those days known as Panasonic) blew my mind with their debut album, Vakio. With that record I took my first steps towards electronic music, ice breaker. I even saw them live once and it was mind-blowing experience (very confusing and pressing, in best possible way). And now here comes their live album, Oksastus. This came from Boomkat today and I’m excited, once again. For me this is electronic music at its best. Experimental, abstract and some might say weird and obscure. So what, I’m still in love with their music. This is limited to 300 copies on white vinyl and available from Kvitnu. Highly recommended!!