Mamaleek: Kurdaitcha LP


Five years ago I put this album on the top of my “wantlist”, five years it took to get it and yes, it was worth to fait. Mamaleek is a twisted shoegazing bastard child of blackened-doom-experimental-abstract-noise-drone scene.. This is kind of music you either like or you do not, there’s no shades of grey on this color palette. I love this. Thing that made this album little hard to find was obviously the limitation, only 100 copies floating around the globe. I got one and I’m smiling. I remember promising myself that if I ever find a copy of this record I’m done with collecting.. bullshit, I’ll never stop.


Mika Vainio / Kouhei Matsunaga: split 12″ (handscreened cover)


Some might wonder where this alias (mugwumb) I’m using comes from.. Mika Vainio released album called “Olento” back in 1996 using one of his best know aliases, Ø. Seventh track on that album is called “Mugwumb”. For those who does not know, Vainio was one half of Pan Sonic (formerly know as Panasonic) with Ilpo Väisänen. This duo shaped my opinion of electronic music totally with their first full-length “Vakio”. Listened that album about thousand times during my time in army back then. Anyways, still love to listen experimental electronic music, thanks to Vainio & Väisänen. I found this record some time ago from Discogs and I had to purchase it because it was nearly half free. I’m unqualified to say anything about these recordings, I just have to get them all. This one is released by Important Records and this special handscreened version is limited to 25 copies. There are also more regular versions (on black vinyl & green vinyl) floating around and maybe the best way to get your hands on these is Discogs / Ebay.


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: Mutations 12″ (clear, repress)

Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

Amazing news is that Denovali is repressing these almost impossible to find releases from awesome The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. I remember purchasing an original copy of this twelve-inch via Discogs few years ago, just to return it back to the seller (was in quite bad shape). Since that I have been waiting secretly that maybe one day some one is releasing this on vinyl again and now that day is here. These are still available (on clear vinyl & limited to 150 copies) from Denovali and by purchasing this repress you can save your hard-earned money from those greedy Discogs sellers :D


Kentolevi: Keimola E.P. 12″


Lately I’ve been purchasing releases where Mika Vainio has been involved and here’s one again. Back in the days I had this “Keimola E.P.” by one of Vainio’s aliases, Kentolevi, but I sold it years ago (probably because I needed money for beer or something..). After ordering that Pan Sonic’s latest release I decided to go after other Vainio releases and then I found this “promotional” copy of Keimola E.P. from Discogs. As shown in the picture above, cover has some wear but that’s not important when the vinyl is in perfect condition. Awesome release, awesome purchase. I’m a happy man, again.



Ättestupa: Vattnet Drog Sig Tillbaka, Stenarna Blev Synliga LP


Went down to local record store last Friday just to check out if there’s something new & interesting releases available. After half an hour of digging & chitchatting with the owner I ask him to recommend something and he pointed out this album. Swedish artist performing some kind of experimental, avant-gardish drone or something, hmmm sounds good I thought in my mind. Album was stored vinyl (in inner sleeve) and cover separated inside plastic sleeve and I decided to take a risk and bought the album without checking it any closer. I got home, took the vinyl out.. Ättestupa! The name of the artist was hidden behind that inner sleeve.. So, I bought Ättestupa’s latest album accidentally (I already have two previous Ättestupa albums on my record rack). Can’t complain, store owner did well. Limited to 300 copies and available for example from Musiclovers Records (EU) where you can also purchase previous record (Musik För Tomma Rum), La Plaque Noire (EU) and Unseen Force (US). Recommended if you are on this kind of experimental stuff. Sample clip is from the previous album just because I couldn’t find never tunes for you to hear.


Mika Vainio: Life (…It Eats You Up) 2xLP

mika vainio

Haa.. my obsession to Panasonic / Pan Sonic / Ø / Philus / Tekonivel / Kentolevi etc. everything that has something to do with Mika Vainio forces me to purchase releases like this one. After all hearing Panasonic (Mika Vainio / Ilpo Väisänen) first time twenty years ago changed my perception of music in general. That twenty-years old indie-hipster (former metalhead) experienced a heavenly intervention while hearing Panasonic’s Vakio for the first time. I was totally sold, it was an album that changed everything. This album is as brilliant as everything Vanio has done and will do, period. This album is all about abstract, minimal, experimental electronic music. I love it (you don’t have to). Available for example from Bleep.



Steven R. Smith: Floor Of The Sky 12″ (single-sided mini album)


This came earlier this week, Discogs purchase and didn’t cost that much. I came across with this artist few years ago and still I have way too many of his album on my wantlist (Steven has also released several records as Ulaan Markhor, Ulaan Khol & Ulaan Passerine). As all in his records the soundscapes on this mini-album is cinematic, abstract, experimental.. psychedelic, folk music from some parallel reality.. beautiful release. More. Please. Available for example from Greatest Hits Mailorder.

Lumisokea: Transmissions From Revarsavr LP


Here’s that 1/3  that came undamaged and will be added to my collection. Latest album from Lumisokea (finnish word and means snowblind). I really love these abstract, experimental tunes and listening this kind of music calms me down. At this very moment I’m sitting on the bus my headphones plugged tight to my ear canals, staring at that snow-covered landscape. Awesome travelling music. Grandma, here I’m come. This one is released by Opal Tapes and available for example from Boomkat, Norman Records, etc..


Egisto Macchi: Il Deserto 2xLP (beige)


What can I say.. this record is near perfection when talking about experimental & abstract music and hey, this was originally released over 40 years ago!. Thanks to Cinedelic Records for repressing this on vinyl. If some one out there does not know who this gentleman is, I suggest you to Google this group he was involved, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. Anyways, this is a quality package with velvet hardcover gatefold, limited to 500 numbered copies (100 copies on beige colored vinyl, rest on black). Available from Cinedelic Records. Highly recommended!


Alessandro Cortini: Risveglio 2xLP (white)


Then it’s time to return back to the darkness. Latest record from Alessandro Cortini and fifth one I own from this mastermind. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing his records, these are absolutely stunning!. Dark, abstract, electro-ambient or something like that.. I have praised this gentleman so many times before and will continue doing that in the future. Stunning masterpiece of darkened synth-ambient. Initial copies came on white vinyl and It’s quite obvious that these are already sold out but don’t worry, at least there are black copies available from Boomkat / Anost. Oh, thanks to Ralp, without his tweet I would have missed this treasure.



Mamaleek: Via Dolorosa LP (black in clear)


Maybe I’m not one to say anything about this band. Listen for yourself and feel free to purchase this long-play from The Flenser (like I did). This band does whatever they like and still it sounds brilliant in some twisted way.. on this album we go from experimental black metal to abstract noise filled void. Oh, I’m still looking for their “Kurdaitcha” album, so if some one out there has a copy to sell I would be very interest! Why do I suddenly feel this cold.. what’s is that noise..  aaarrggmpmmpppphhh…..

P.s. I won’t be listening THIS album while cycling to work..

Leyland Kirby: Eager To Tear Apart The Stars LP (white)


Few years ago I ordered an album by The Caretaker, “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World” and I was totally blown out by the beauty of that record. It was something I had never heard before and I was forced to find out more about this artist. Yep, artist was Leyland Kirby and here’s one of his records. I missed this one when it was released and since then I have been hunting this down and few weeks ago I finally scored. This is.. ambient, abstract kind and I like this quite much. Recommended album, artist etc. And if you have never ever before heard anything from this artist, I suggest you to listen “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World” for the start, there’s some shining in it..

Vidna Obmana: 1984-1986 [Testament Of Tape] 3xLP


After Ashes And Blues, album by The Void Of Expansion, I wanted to know more about Dirk Serries & what he has been doing before. Then yesterday I decided to visit the record store nearby and pick a copy of Vidna Obmana’s “The Ultimate Sign Of Burning Death” on vinyl (Obmana, one of Dirk’s aliases). Somehow the owner of the store managed to change my mind and recommended to purchase this box set. So here I am, standing on the ledge & staring this abyss below, abyss filled with abstract noise exploration.. This compilation might be too hard to chew at once so it would be better just listen it trough little by little. I’m glad that I purchased this set because this is what I mean when talking about continuing exploration in the world of noise. Limited to 600 copies and can be easily find from good record stores. Easily recommended for open-minded explorers!

Black Thread: Drifting Snow 7″ lathe


Yes, third vinyl release from this artist I have managed to get my hands on. And I know now that I will hunt down those previous releases in a way or another.. I really love these experimental, abstract tape loops, sounds, everything my ears managed to process while listening this lovely seven-inch. This one is limited only to 24 lathe cut copies so maybe it’s time for You to do something? Available from Cascading Fragments.. And highly recommended one!

Sculpture: Rotary Signal Emitter LP (picture disc)


Rotary Signal Emitter by Sculpture. This zoetropic picture disc was released in 2010 and is still available from Dekorder.. I do not know if this is a re-press or what but I decided to purchase this anyway and considering the prices on Discogs, this was quite cheap. Abstract & experimental music collaborated with awesome visual effects. Not bad purchase at all and I have to admit that I like this better than their latest seven-inch, Plastic Invinite (one I purchased earlier this year). Recommended one, limited to 300 copies (if this is that original version) and available from Dekorder


Colorlist: Sky Song LP & Nest: Body Pilot 10″


And of course these two. These also brought smile to my face (been waiting for these to arrive). Both are released by Serein (this company is becoming one of my favorite when talking about ambient, drone, classical records). Colorlist is limited to 100 copies and Nest is limited to 500 copies (cost only £4.00!) and both are available still from Serein. Recommended releases (like all this company is putting out!). Oh, and check from the picture below how this company ships their records (mailer with bumpers etc. and packaging & shipping cost me only €8.60). Huge difference (with packaging and shipping price) when compared to that other package I received today.


Matthew Collings: Silence Is A Rhythm Too LP (silver)

matthew collings - silence is a rythm too 02

Another one from Matthew Collings. Like his debut this record does not follow any “familiar” song structures and that makes this one a very interesting journey. Using strings and brass elements on this record makes it sound comforting when the wall of sounds, cracks took over. This record requires very intensive listening moments. This is not music for elevators, this is music for you and your headphones. Limited to 150 copies on silver and 200 pieces on clear vinyl, available from Denovali. I like this so I can also recommend it.

Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

Pyramids / Horseback: A Throne Without A King LP + 7″ (yellow)


I know that I have been praising Horseback lately quite a lot (some may think too much) but I can’t help myself. I got this album few days ago (hmm.. actually it was yesterday) with few other albums (Gates, Locrian, Horseback..) and my Horseback collection on vinyl is nearly complete, only missing that split 7″ with Locrian (another favorite band of mine as some may already know now). But few words about this release, I love this collaboration. Very experimental release and differs from both bands early material but there certainly is place for this release, at least on my turntable and record rack. Recommended highly, if you dare to step out from your genre limited realm. Yes! No idea about limitation but you can easily find a copy of this collaboration from Hydra Head. Go!

Gordon Ashworth: S.T.L.A. LP (clear)

gordon ashworth

Woah! Just look what I got today! Awesome experimental/folk record with some banjo tunes (oh, I love that instrument). This might be the record of the year to me. There is something dark lurking beyond these tunes, embraced by hopelessness and something unknown. Post-apocalyptic folk? Soundtrack for those lonely days when you are standing on the beach, staring at the sea and hoping something to happen.. I love this record! This is limited to 250 copies on clear vinyl. There seems to be also black copies available direct from Gordon himself on his spring European tour. You can get your hands on this clear one straight from the source, Orindal Records. Highly recommended album!