Fulanno: Velas Negras LP (black candle)


More stoner/doom from South America, this time we have Fulanno from Argentina with their awesome debut on vinyl format, Velas Negras. Yes, this record is stuffed with slow, acid filled doom/stoner and I really like this kind of soundscapes. No idea about lyrics on this album but I think they are not singing anything about birds & flowers. Sold out from the source, Interstellar Smoke Records so the only places where to hunt this slow, evil release are Ebay & Discogs.. and prizes on those platforms are what they are..

Arteaga: Vol II Dios Sol LP (pink) + 7″


Some psychedelic stoner/doom from South America, Chile. Alltough I have no idea what is being sung on this record, I don’t actually care. This is a groovy, catchy fuzzed stoner vibes filled record and that’s enough for me. It’s nice to see bands like Arteaga taking their places within this scene. I’m more than happy finding these new (for me new..) stoner outfits stepping out of the shadows. Available from Interstellar Smoke Records. Expand your mind listening to Vol II Dios Sol!

Holy Serpent: Holy Serpent LP (clear)


Managed to miss this one in 2015.. and I blame our beloved dog for that because I had to take it out for a piss and while I was standing there in the rain.. this die-hard edition was sold out. So I waited 4 years patiently until I found a copy with decent prize tag from Discogs. Psychedelic, stoner filled acid rock could be how to describe this album. This clear copy is limited to 100 copies and was available via Riding Easy Records back then. Since I now got the first two records from this Australian group, I should go after their latest one, also available from Riding Easy. Lovely record indeed.


Hey Colossus: Project Death LP

Hey Colossus

Another result from crate digging I did last weekend, Hey Colossus & Project: Death 12″. Few years back I didn’t knew anything about this band but suddenly in some strange circumstance I heard a song “Hot Grave” from their album “Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo” and I was sold. Because I’m not that good placing bands on some specific genres I stay still.. or maybe I could say that they play some strange mixture of krautrock, psychedelic & acid rock flavored with some metal (doomed, sludged on this album at least). Nice found, in my opinion and did not cost me much. Recommended band! And if you’re not familiar with their releases, I suggest you to check at least their BandCamp site where you can grab their latest releases.


Goat: Commune LP (regular black but..)


Goat has arrived (at least one version of this new album). Yes, this is regular black copy but..


with unique cover. This Stranded Rekords version, exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store is limited to 200 (hand-numbered) copies and each of these copies has unique, different cover made by followers of the band. Not bad at all. Hey Zyma Banshee, your design has entered my record collection :)


Great album, but what else could You expect from this awesome collective. Now I’m going to place this blackened golden disc on my turntable and lean back. Oh, I also ordered that 5×7″ version and really hope to get my hands on that package soon

. Funny thing with that seven-inch SingleBox (limited to 1000 copies), it’s still available from Bengans for  $41.00 but there is already some copies for sale on Discogs from €66.00 to €200.00

Anyways, Goat is what Goat is, amazing.


Marc Manning: Ambience1 7″ (+CD)

marc manning

What a wonderful piece of vinyl (plus 70 minutes music on CD). I had no idea about this artist and I purchased this blindfolded just based on a recommendation. Well, not bad recommendation at all. This release is part one from series of four and I’ll certainly go for rest upcoming releases. This is abstract, ethereal psychedelic music with lot of heart on it. Just listening the CD, seventy minute cosmic journey there and back. This is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels. Take a journey with Marc, you won’t regret it.