Ball: Like You Are….. I Once Was…Like I Am – You Will Never Be LP (neon pink)


Some filthy, satanic hardrock sounds from Sweden. After listening to first track from this album via BandCamp I knew I have to get this abomination immediately. Got this colored version from Subliminal Sounds (sold out by now) a few weeks ago and listened it daily since that day (mostly via headphones on my way to work & back). Great record and still available (on black wax) for example from Subliminal Sounds, Kozmik Artifactz and BandCamp. Highly Recommended!

Sink: Ark of Contempt and Anger LP


Hmm.. actually I did not expected to hear these kind of soundwaves when I purchased this album. Lat time I listened this band they were playing some kind of mixture of droned blackened ambient or something. This time almost all those elements have been replaced with something more like experimental, coldwave, psychedelic, neofolk flavored ambient (hard to say). The most important thing is that I like these sounds. This is limited to 350 copies and available for example from the source, Svart Records.


Salem’s Pot: Pronounce This 2xLP (clear)


My first full-length from this swedish psychedelic/stoner/acid/doom/rock group. And yes, I like this album even though I had some doubts.. As you can see this is that so-called “Die Hard Edition” on clear vinyl limited to 300 copies (copies come with 5 different cover layout you to choose from, each limited to 60 copies). I think that this copy of mine has the meanest looking cover.. Anyways, there’s still some of these DH versions available from Riding Easy Records so maybe it’s time for you to open your wallet and let those dollars go!


Trappist Afterland: God’s Good Earth LP


Few days ago I got an email from Sunstone Records and there was a link to download Trappist Afterland’s newest album, God’s Good Earth for promotional purpose. Silently I was cursing myself why on earth I missed this one. Yesterday I got a note from the post office and picked up a package sent from UK. I was really amazed (and confused) to find out this beauty lurking inside..!? I still can’t remember ordering this & can’t find any receipt nor confirmation from my mail boxes. Hmm.. maybe they sent this by mistake :O

Amazing psyched folk recording this surely is and I’m way more than happy to include this to my collection. This is one of those records that you just have to experience by yourself. Even though I’m no one to say anything about this genre (folk or psyched folk or something..), one thing I can say, this is a brilliant record from this australian multi-instrumental artist. Sunstone Records sold this (limited to 150 copies on black wax) out within few days but you still can get your hands on this via artists BandCamp site (there’s 25 copies for sale). Beauty.


Trappist Afterland: Afterlander LP (red)

Trappist Afterland - Afterlander

I remember reading about this artist/album via SlyVinyl few weeks ago. Maybe I have grown old lately because now and then I find myself enjoying folk influenced music..Don’t worry, this record ain’t that traditional though. This is more like psychedelic-folk-acid influenced acoustic music. Damn good record and thanks to SlyVinyl for introducing this, retter for tipping place where I managed to purchase this beauty. Limited to only 99 copies (according to  Disgocs)  and I managed to grab one of those. Yes!