Numidia‎: Numidia LP (orange)


Numidia and their self-titled debut album. This Australian band combines elements of progressive & psychedelic rock with middle eastern blues or something and the result is outstanding. A really enjoyable record we got here. I know that these tunes are far from stoner & doom records I have been purchasing lately but oh boys & girls, time to time it’s refreshing to step outside the box. Limited to 300 copies on orange vinyl and still available via Nasoni Records & straight from the band. Great release and at this moment most played one in this household.


Cut Hands: Damballah 58 12″

cut hands

One of those purchases that I did today (I actually went to physical record store and bought few records there). I’m little ashamed that I have skipped this artist earlier.. Well, today I just picked this up randomly (had some money to waste), and yes, not that bad purchase at all. Very interesting twelve-inch record indeed. I like.