Red House Painters: Red House Painters 2xLP (also known as “Rollercoaster” album)

red house painters

Here it is, the album that was at one point of my life the greatest record ever made. And still it’s great, beautiful etc. I had to purchase this repress because I sold my original copy back then.. how stupid was I. Anyways, really happy that this has been repressed at last. I so know that original copies of RHP’s albums are way too expensive for me to even dream of and these represses are more than welcome. This album brings so much memories from that era (just like Mazzy Star’s albums) and that’s why I means a lot to me. Beautiful indie/alternative album and surely this is has been every record collecting hipsters wet dream (at least that original 2xLP) for years. Things Mean A Lot.

Bought my copy from Norman Records.


Never Sol: under quiet LP (ultraclear)

never sol

This is one of those picks I didn’t listen before purchase. Debut album from Never Sol (Sára Vondrášková), and now I have to admit that I was totally blown out first time I placed this record under the needle.. I was expecting something totally different (some kind of experimental-field recording-darkened-ambient or something) but all I can hear are these beautifully performed songs and that voice.. damn. Denovali has done it again and that is why I love every release this company is putting out, you never know what’s coming next. Awesome release, maybe this is not “cup of tea” for all but for me it is and I want more. Ultraclear vinyl is limited to 150 pieces and there are also 350 black copies available from Denovali. Just listen..