Foot: The Balance of Nature Shifted 2xLP (fire & flood edition)


I got this record a few months back and still find this Australian band’s record spinning either in my turntable or digitally in my earphones almost daily. Even though this album is more like a mixture of alternative / prog & little grunge on it, still some stoner vibes can be heard time to time. I really like the atmosphere on this album. One of the best albums I’ve listened to this year. Highly recommended double album and still available for example via Copper Feast Records.

River Cult: Chilling Effect LP (clear)

river cult

This is one of those BandCamp discoveries that occasionally pops into my eyes. River Cult and their second full-length album called Chilling Effect. I ordered this from Kozmik Artifactz along with some other titles a month or two ago. I really like this album, how it mixes alternative / psychedelic with some stoner rock. A timeless album that will spin on my turntable for a long time to come. Check out this one. Available via Nasoni & Kozmik.

Entombed: Same Difference LP


Entombed is Entombed, what else can I say. Maybe not the one of the greatest record this band has done but surely it’s still rough diamond compared to punch of other bands & their records. Entombed has always been so close to my heart that I just can’t say anything bad about their records. Few years ago this album was repressed with crowd funding like few other their records. I had a copy of that repress but some evil force made me sell that one and go after original. Now I got this and my soul can rest for few seconds before going after few ones I still miss.

“yeah, you better know my name
I’ve come this far
to play the game
first things first
and then I ride
turn my head
side to side
…same difference”


Richard Houghten: Along The Coast LP (orange)


Time to break the silence. Have to admit that I haven’t been very active with this blog of mine lately but I’m still here. This was the very first album that arrived to my household at 2018, Richard Houghten’s beautiful folktronica/acoustic album called “Along The Coast”. Some of you already know that I’m a big fan of his music and I have been quite lucky with purchasing his albums (very limited pressings). I knew from the very first tune I heard from Richard that his music will always have that special place in my heart. This beauty is limited to 86 copies and it’s sold out, surprise! Even though you missed this physical one, you can still get these tunes in digital format. Recommend piece of art.


Goat: Requiem 2xLP (red/yellow)


This was the very last record that I got last year (arrived  on Friday 30.12.2016). Goat’s latest album that I skipped earlier just because there was too many records on my wishlist at that time. Well, now I got this one just because Rocket Recordings got some copies available again and I had to snag a copy. I’m happy with this one, like I’m with those previous two albums. I know that this album needs some time, it’s like an old friend you haven’t seen for a while.. This color variation is limited to 1000 copies (can we even use word “limited” in this case) and it’s quite obvious that this variation is little hard to find.. or not. Nice one, indeed!

Se Delan: The Fall 2xLP

se delan

Oh. What a beauty this one is. Can’t stop listening.. I even love the picture on the cover of the album. Is this alternative folk-rock or something but who cares when every song sounds this damn good. This duo, Belinda Kordic on vocals and Justin Greaves (from Crippled Black Phoenix) has done beautiful record. Recommended with a hand on my heart. No info about limitation but still available from Kscope. And about shipping & packaging.. this came shipped very fast and what I love the most, packaged ultra-mega-super-hyper secured. Thank You, Kscope!

The Afghan Whigs: Do To The Beast 2xlp (white, loser edition..)

the afghan whigs

Hello old friend, nice to see you around again! I have been waiting this record to arrive few days now and today was The Day. I have loved this band since I first came across their album “Gentlemen” (what a brilliant record!) and I never thought that they are going to release anther album but as usually, I was wrong. Of course I had to purchase this and even without listening this yet I know I’m in love again. Maybe this ain’t their best but certainly this is far better than that new one from Pixies.. There are white and black versions available and if you are a fan of this band, you know where to get this. The Afghan Whigs, thank you for coming back.

Grant Lee Buffalo: Fuzzy LP


Here is one of those records from my past. I still remember how this album touched my heart at the time I was taking my first steps towards the adulthood, moving away from my childhood home etc. Excellent record and now I had a chance to get this on vinyl format, at last. This is repress from Music On Vinyl and I choose to purchase this because I just wanted a pristine copy, not used one from Ebay or Discogs. Still as touching as it was twenty years ago.. Using Store Locator on MOV website you can easily find a place where to pick this treasure.

dEUS: Following Sea LP


I was visiting my mom today and picked this one from local record store. This band has always been one of my favorites, and all their records has been on my “wanted” list. Well, no I just had to buy this. Lovely. I love this band. This is not so-called “collector’s item” but so what, I buy music for listening. Recommended.

Sebadoh: Defend Yourself LP (tricolor) + 7″ (red)


Oh, and this is one of these new arrivals, Sebadoh and their latest album “Defend Yourself” (previous album came out 14 years ago). I have to admit that Sebadoh is new band to me, I used to listen bands like Pavement, Sonic Youth etc. and somehow never really came across with these gentlemen. Hey Sebadoh, it’s nice to meet you finally! This one (tricolor) is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and suddenly it’s already sold out (limited edition, in my opinion 500 copies is not that limited though..). Anyways, awesome indie rock album! Get your copy for example from Sebadoh’s BandCamp page.



Mansion: We Shall Live 12″


Holy Moses, this was total surprise for me. I found this from Bandcamp and I’m glad I did. This band is floating somewhere between psychedelic rock and maybe.. doom? There’s a story behind this recording and if you are interested about it, you know how to find it. Self-released and limited to 200 copies. Sold out from their BandCamp site and could be little hard to find anywhere but you can try to get this from HHV.

Audrey: The Fierce And The Longing LP (clear yellow)


Got this one from Discogs, long lost friend. This was released by Denovali way back and I did not managed to purchased this those days (do not even know why). Finally I got this, even though it took some time. This was limited to 500 copies (250 on clear yellow and 250 on black vinyl). Denovali has sold this out long time ago. If you are after this you should try Discogs or you should just google this out. Lovely Indie rock album.

Mercury Rev: Deserted Songs LP (white) and The Vampyre Hearse by Lego


Somehow I personally do not like Record Store Day. Well, I managed to get this album though (this was on my wantlist anyways). Lovely record, demo/rough version of their awesome album “Deserter’s Songs”.

I was so pissed about whole RSD-thing that I bought myself The Vampyre Hearse by Lego (my Lego virginity is now gone, and actually I bought it for some one else but I had to test my lego-building skills).



PJ Harvey & John Parish: A Woman A Man Walked By LP

pj harvey

And some may have noticed that Polly is also one of my favorite artists. Love this album too, and “Black Hearted Love”.. oh I love that song so much. Lately I haven’t listen very much of her records but she certainly will always have that little corner on my heart, always. This record should be still available from any good record store, go and get one copy.

Tom Waits: Bone Machine LP

bone machine

And here it is, the winner! Even though this ain’t the original copy (but 2010 unofficial release) I still damn love this album! Record full of awesome songs and so dark and hopeless. Original vinyl version is so damn expensive that I have to settle with this one. This is The Album. And there is, nor never will be song like “Black Wings”

September Malevolence: After This Darkness, There’s A Next LP (clear)


Suddenly I realized that this is one of my favorite albums. This might be (if I remember right) the first album from Denovali releases that I purchased.. Seems that this is limited to 500 copies, 250 on clear and 250 copies on half clear/half brown vinyl. I have no idea where to find this vinyl anymore, this seems to be sold out from Denovali. Highly recommended one.