No Man’s Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)


Recently I went through some “monthly list” I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). No Man’s Valley was one of those. Holy hell, I love this record. Mysterious, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy desert rock or something. After listening to the first track it was obvious that I have to purchase this one. Here it is now as you can see from the picture above. Brilliant album if I may say even though it has nothing to do with stoner/sludge/doom I nowadays mostly like to listen. Just check out this one, it might surprise you like it did in my case. Available from Tonzonen Records.



Killing Joke: Absolute Dissent 2xLP

killing joke

Please don’t throw rocks at me… This is my first album from Killing Joke. I blame Metallica that I have skipped this band till this very day. Metallica’s version of “The Wait” is.. well, not that good one. I bought this album few months ago from local record store, just because I thought that it’s time to check this band what they are all about. Damn you James & Comp. This band is awesome, how in hell I have managed to avoid this band for so long? Better later than ever. I have this list burned on the back of my cranium of bands I will never gonna listen, Killing Joke was on that list but not anymore. This regular black copy seems to be limited to 400 pieces and Discogs prizes are quite high, luckily I didn’t pay that much for this pristine copy. Love this record and gonna check all their previous albums fo sure! Shame on me..




The Janitors: Horn Ur Marken LP (green marbled)


Latest from The Janitors arrived via mail nearly a month ago and has been in heavy rotation since that day. I really love these psychedelic/space rock soundscapes on this album. Their previous album was a winner and with this new one we have a double winner here. This colored version disappeared from Cardinal Fuzz webstore within seconds, and I was one of those who missed it. I bought my copy from the band (found out that there were few copies left on their BandCamp site). If you haven’t heard of this swedish band, I suggest you to check this out. I have no idea of limitation of this color variation but there’s still black colored copies from the band & Greatest Hits Mailorder for example.


Big Black: Atomizer LP


Here’s one album that altered my state of mind years & years ago, A-T-O-M-I-Z-E-R. My journey with Steve Albini started around 1994 when John Peel played “At Action Park” on his radio show (still have some of those shows recorded on cassette). Soon I discovered Rapeman & Big Black. This album, Atomizer, has been one of my all-time-favorite. If you haven’t heard Big Black before I suggest to check this one out, you either love it or then you hate it. Same thing with the character after all these three bands, Steve Albini. I love this album, I certainly love each of these bands. Classic.


King Woman: Created in the Image of Suffering LP (colored..)


After spending few hours with Grief I decided to check this one out (picked up my copy from the post office yesterday). Shoegazing, doomed post-rocking metal, or something, with outstanding, beautiful. ethereal vocals by Kristina Esfandiari. Released by Relapse and limited to 300 copies (this color variant). Crushing melancholy and freaking good album by far. There’s still black variant available from Relapse and I really suggest you to check out this band if you already haven’t. Aaaarghh.


Circle: Meronia 2xLP (orange)


Finally, repress of this awesome debut album by Circle. I had that original version back in the days.. and can’t remember what happened to it. This repress of Meronia is limited to 1000 copies, 700 copies on black wax and 300 copies on solid orange vinyl (colored version is available only via Ektro Records). I do not even have words to praise this one enough but one thing is for sure, this prog/kraut/beauty has always been one of the best records I have ever heard. Yeah, it’s that good. Recommended release (and at last available for everyone!).


John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey: Dance Hall At Louse Point LP

john parish

It took only twenty years to get this vinyl on my hands. Finally some Discogs seller decided to let this go with a decent price tag on. Cover has some minor marks but the vinyl is pristine (just the way seller described). Funny thing is that I never bought this record on CD, so this is the very first time I get to hear the whole album through the way it was meant to be. Now or never is time to grab this record, like any other PJ Harvey’s album. Her new album is coming (on coming Friday) and there’s more and more copies of her older albums for sale on Discogs (more copies, lower prices.. ).

Mamiffer: The World Unseen 2xLP (clear/black mix)


Ain’t this a beauty or what? Screen printed jacket, clear vinyl with black haze.. Mamiffer and their latest album “The World Unseen”. Still missing their first two full-length maybe just because I found this band via their split release with Locrian about four years ago. This is not background music, these soundscapes are meant to be heard. This colored version is limited to 200 copies (could possible be sold out already) and 800 copies on black wax, available from Sige’s MechTable Store.


Those Poor Bastards: Sing It Ugly LP (Red with Black & Bone Splatter)

those poor bastards

New full-length from this miserable duo..  playing their miserable darkened country tunes. This band has always been there for me when I’m feeling low, sad, miserable etc. They have been there since their amazing “Satan is Watching” album.. masterpiece. Anyways, they are here again and damn, I really love this twisted album as I love every album they have released. Music for miserable & darkened souls. There are three colored variations each limited to 200 copies) and regular black version of this album available  from Tribulation Recording Co. Yeah, sorry for everything..

Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss 2xLP (light blue)


Abysssss… is calling.. Chelsea with her latest release and like before, I’m sold. Crushing & haunting is this double album. Stellar one. Mysterious is this artist & her music. Can’t help myself but somehow this artist reminds me of another awesome musician, Polly Jean.  Excellent album, once again. Available from Sargent House (EU) and those who live in states can easily order their copies from Sargent’s HelloMerch store. If I have understand this right, there are three different color variation available via Sargent House; black, baby blue (this one) and black with light blue splatter (sold out). All these three color variations are limited to 1000 copies but if you’re after something more limited, I suggest you to visit Newbury Comics (they have this exclusive version, black with grey splatter and it’s limited to 400 copies..)

Lightsabres: Beheaded LP (Die hard edition)

Got this beauty yesterday (poster came 3 days earlier). Latest full-length from this Swedish  garage-stoner-punk-rock dude, John Strömshed. Few years ago I heard his debut album “Demons” and I had to get the record immediately. I just love these hazy-fuzzy-garage tunes. Now, three albums later I’m still a great fan of his music and will always be. This album is surprisingly sold out from both sources, STB records and from the artist himself. I had a chance to order the TP from this album but I choose this die-hard edition instead. This is limited to 50 copies (if I remember right) and came with the poster exclusive to this edition.

Lovely record and I can recommend this artist for all fans of lo-fi garage-stoner-punk-lovers. Thanks, STB records for giving this artist a proper home!

King Dude: Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light LP (blood/cream)

King Dude

This one came last week, latest from King Dude. It’s little hard to put this one on some certain category.. this, like his previous releases, is the mixture of some darkened, gothic, alternative folk or something (surprisingly he is also know of his duets with Chelsea Wolfe). Oh, I like what he’s doing. This album is limited to 1200 copies, on four different color variations (black, cream, blood-red and cream/blood), each limited to 300. Available from Not Just Religious Music. I like this one but that does not mean that You have to.