Lightsabres: Spitting Blood LP (opaque red)


Damn, this came nearly too fast,,, Hell Yes and thanks for this one goes to STB Records (for recommending this, I had no idea of this new release). This is my second vinyl from this artist and once again I’m smiling, this is awesome garage/sludge/punk/Lo-Fi/stoner album, like previous album was/still is. Recommended one, limited to 100 copies on opaque red vinyl and if you really want a copy, act fast. Available from his BandCamp site.


This came packaged like this and I was horrified.. but he must have some magic touch because cover etc. were in pristine condition. I’m in love!



Goat: Commune LP (regular black but..)


Goat has arrived (at least one version of this new album). Yes, this is regular black copy but..


with unique cover. This Stranded Rekords version, exclusively sold by Bengans Record Store is limited to 200 (hand-numbered) copies and each of these copies has unique, different cover made by followers of the band. Not bad at all. Hey Zyma Banshee, your design has entered my record collection :)


Great album, but what else could You expect from this awesome collective. Now I’m going to place this blackened golden disc on my turntable and lean back. Oh, I also ordered that 5×7″ version and really hope to get my hands on that package soon

. Funny thing with that seven-inch SingleBox (limited to 1000 copies), it’s still available from Bengans for  $41.00 but there is already some copies for sale on Discogs from €66.00 to €200.00

Anyways, Goat is what Goat is, amazing.


Origami Horses: Trashola! LP (douplemint/purple)

origami horses

Smiling even more! I found this absolutely lovely record from that same package with Akûma’s album. The point is that I did not order this one and now I have to assume that this came as a gift. And I love gifts, especially if those are as good as this one is. This is garage/alternative rock and now I have to bow before Magnetic Eye Records for introducing this band to me. Damn, I like this album. Recommended, with hand on my heart (and this is not some promotional jargon!!). Just check this out, available from Magnetic Eye Records.

Jeffertitti’s Nile: The Electric Hour LP (white w/ grimace purple splatter)


This turned out to be a very nice purchase (if you ask for my opinion). I listened this few times and then I made my mind and bought it. And I like this puzzle with psych, rock, garage, whatever mixture. Album starts with the cover version of “Blue Spirit Blues” and what a version it is! (just listen the original version by Bettie Smith and you see what I mean). I know that next few days this record is going to rock my headphones straight to the space. And that last song on this album “The Day The Sky Fell”, beautiful. About limitation, no idea but seems that there are both splattered and black ones available straight from Beyond, Beyond is Beyond Records and splattered ones also available record company’s BandCamp site. I like this record so I recommend it, choice is yours.

King Dude: Burning Daylight LP (red)

king dude

Not so often I purchase used items but I made an exception with this one when I saw this on Iron Force Records webstore. Well, I picked this from Post office an hour ago and I’m very pleased, record in excellent condition! Very raw dark folk and country influenced album indeed. Surprisingly he is recording with Chelsea Wolfe nowadays, perfect duo. Evil record. This reminds me little of tales told by Those Poor Bastards, similar atmosphere on this album. Yes! About limitation, no idea with this blood-red/black swirl one but there are 500 copies on black vinyl and this has also been repressed.. But anyways, I like and now there are dark and vicious thoughts filling my mind :)

Nightmare Air: High In The Lasers LP

nightmare air

Sun is shining and I’m listening this very promising album by Nightmare Air. Song number two is playing now while I’m writing this and I have to say that money well spent. This band operates somewhere beyond alternative-shoegaze-indie-pop-rock and they have managed to marry all this nicely together, great sounding album and I like, quite much! Oh, got a frisbee and koozie along the record, “California Adventure Pack”, as they called this limited set (50 copies on regular black vinyl, signed by the band and hand-numbered). Well, in this part of the world it might be still little too cold for these extra items, hah. Recommended album and still available from Goodnight Records BandCamp site without pen marks (this version I have is sold out)!

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes To Love LP (box with 2 cassettes and “blood”/clear album etc.)

perfect pussy

I got this one from Captured Track today (nicely packaged, secured). Perfect Pussy and their first full-length on vinyl, Say Yes To Love. This is punk/alternative rock to me and I have to admit that I haven’t listened this kind of music for a long, long time. But anyways, I purchased this for a reason and was lucky enough to get my hairy hands on this limited box set including two cassettes and LP (of course I choose the most limited version if there is one available). Hmm.. I like this, great package and surely has a place on my record rack. This bloody version is limited to 180 copies and there was this white vinyl box set also, both box sets are sold out if I’m not totally wrong. But hey, Captured Tracks has still some black vinyl copies and cassettes available if you are interested.

Shellac: Excellent Italian Greyhound LP


Oldies but goldies (actually not that old). There’s no doubt about that Steve Albini is one of the major trailblazers when talking about noise-rock. Big Black, Rapeman and Shellac, Oh I love that noise. This is the latest (last?) full length from Shellac and as usual, I love this release like I love nearly everything this man has released (we must not forget that Albini is nowadays better known as producer). So, the album is great and so is the packaging of it. Once again I have to Thank late John Peel, he was the man who pointed Shellac to me years ago.

The Afghan Whigs: What Jail Is Like 7″ (Just to remind you of upcoming album..)

afghan whigs

This post is just to remind us all how amazing band The Afghan Whigs is, and to remind us all that this band is releasing a new album “Do to the Beast” within few months via SubPop. I suggest you to pre-order copy of this new album as soon as you can from SubPop, you may have a chance to get The Afghan Whigs tour poster signed by Greg Dulli himself!

Here is a new video from this upcoming album!

Robert Scott: The Creeping Unknown 2xLP

robert scott

Yes I actually purchased this, without listening. Hey, I clearly remember those times when visiting a record store and buying a record based on the cover image of the album. For example back in the days I bought “Swallowed In Black” by Sadus without hearing a single note from the record, it was common those days. So I did the same thing with this one. I do not know who Robert Scott is, with whom he has played etc. But now when I’m listening this (mostly instrumental) album, I’m glad that I did took a risk. Is this indie rock, alternative rock seasoned with some strange harmonies? I do not know. This is just the reason why I keep exploring, looking for new records I have never heard of.

I ordered this from Unwucht Musik (after reading a post about this record on SlyVinyl, Thanks to Ralph). This double album is limited to 250 copies and available from Unwucht Musik (if it’s not already sold out by now). And special thanks goes to Peter, for shipping this fast and secured!


p.s. and I also did purchase one of those “Mystery Records” from Blood Music :D 


The Traps: Boom Bow Awesome Wow LP (red/yellow/blue splatter)

the traps

Boom Bow Wow!! Now I have a quite astonishing garage rock album in my hands! Raw, loud, dirty and powerful record with very stuffy sounds! This is how garage rock album should sound, always. Nice job from Castle Face Records putting together record like this one. Unfortunately this is already sold out from Castle Face, but if you ever come across with this album I suggest you to take it back to home with you. Limited to 200 copies on splattered vinyl. Recommended release, indeed!!

Oh, and Thanks to Gabriele for reminding me of this one :)

Mark Lanegan: Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011 3XLP (yellow)

mark lanegan

This, arrived today and I’m very pleased of that. Yes, I know that Mark’s music is not everyone’s cup of tea but mine it certainly is. Loved his work since I saw Screaming Trees video “Nearly Lost You” over twenty years ago. I can’t remember how I ended up to purchase this anthology, but I think that I got mail from Light In The Attic about this release. This was must have to me. Managed to purchase this yellow vinyl version of this box (limited to 150 copies, it sold out pretty quickly) even though it does not show in the picture any yellow at all, actually it’s more like yellow/white marbled. So, the yellow version is sold out but do not worry, Light In The Attic has plenty of black copies left (there is also red vinyl version but that one was only for subscribers). Beautiful package!

Iroha & Fragment. : Bittersweet 12″ (brown with black haze)


Seems that this week begins with few records from Denovali Records. This Iroha & Fragment. collaboration has been on my “wanted” list for so long that finally I decided to purchase this one. And once again, pure quality album released from Denovali. And about record itself, shoegazing-metal-post-something and certainly this one will have several spins under the needle. Limited to 150 copies on this color and 350 copies on regular black vinyl. Pick your copy from Denovali.

Fountainside: Figurehead LP (transparent green)


And this one. Damn this is good, I really like/love this record. Thank God (even though I’m not a religious one), it’s quite easy nowadays to find awesome music around the globe. I came across this album while surfing through BandCamp and it took only one song to make decision of purchasing this album. There’s some distant, familiar feeling floating throughout this album.. I can’t describe it, you have to listen it yourself. Is this alternative-folk-country-singer/songwriter stuff I do not know. Available from his BandCamp page and limited to 250 copies on two colorways (transparent green and transparent beer). Recommended, highly!

p.s. came packaged in ultra-secured carton box, I really appreciate this!

Crunt: Crunt LP (transparent blue)


Just another record from the past. Been hunting this down years (well, not that active though). Awesome record from this trio, Stuart Gray (Lubricated Goat etc.), Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) and Russel Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). What else can one ask. Recommended and it’s finally mine… mine… uuh.

Whores: Clean 12″ (grey marble)


Uuh.. How I like this band, reminds me of early records of Jesus Lizard (a little, maybe I could call this band updated version of Lizards). Anyways, really good noise rock twelve-inch. Their second release and now I just sit tight and wait when they are going to release full length. Limited to 100 copies on grey marbled (sold out), 200 on purple and 500 copies on black vinyl. If you fancy a copy, head to Brutal Panda’s BandCamp page and release the noise-rock demon lurking inside you.

Iceage: You’re Nothing LP


Pre-ordered this one months ago and today it came, with nice little flag?! :D hmmm.. what can I say about this album.. Nice record but at this time I feel that this is not my cup of tea (been listening too much experimental stuff lately), with time and few more rounds on my turntable should turn my head back to the straight path. Love this flag, it brought back memories from my childhood and my room covered with W.A.S.P. and Kiss flags! And this record you can find nearly every reasonable record store.

p.s. Placebo once announced “Without You, I’m Nothing” but this album title works better for me!