Ø: Olento 2xLP


 This record has nothing to do with comfortable music, rock or nearly anything you usually like to listen. It’s electronic, minimal and abstract. Olento is an album that has shaped my music taste more than any other record. Sähkö Recordings released this album by late Mika Vainio first time in 1996 only on CD format (I can still remember where I bought my copy). A few months ago I got a note that this has been pressed on vinyl (finally) and I bought this copy without hesitation. Available for example via Hard Wax, Further Records, Norman Records, and Record Shop X if you are interested. And yes, the domain name of Vinyl Diaries is taken from this album.


Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux: Ignis 12″


Have to admit that I went trough some inner battle whether or not to purchase this release because after all it’s post-death release from Vainio’s material. Well, I bought it anyways just to realize that there must be so much unreleased material from Mika and his collaborations with other awesome artists, like this time with Franck Vigroux. I think that we are going to hear his beautiful sounscapes through numerous releases during upcoming years. My favourite artist among electronical music and I don’t have words to describe how much this artist means to me. Boomkat has copies if you’re interested.

Thisquietarmy: Democracy Of Dust LP (blue) + CD


I don’t even remember how many releases from Thisquitarmy I already have but this here is the newest one. Actually, just checked out that I have eleven recordings from this post-rocking drone master. I just can’t explain what is that thing I love the most when listening to this record, is it those soundscapes and all those emotions hiding behind these droned tunesm who knows. Thanks to Eric, your music has made my days easier to walk trough. This new one was released few months ago and I purchased this colored copy with CD immediately as it was available. Colored ones are gone by now (with limitation of 100 copies) but what stops you to grab this on black vinyl (this version also comes with CD) ? So get yours straight from the artist or from the label, Mirida Records.




Pan Sonic: Aaltopiiri 2xLP


Those who have visited this blog of mine earlier surely know my fixation about Pan Sonic (perviously known as Panasonic) & Mika Vainio with all his aliases. Here’s “Aaltopiiri”, Pan Sonic’s fourth album from the year 2000. I bought this treasure via Discogs few months ago and the seller was kind enough adding some extra with the album, “Selections From Aaltopiiri” twelve-inch promo.


Minimal, electronic, abstract is the field we are playing here and this surely ain’t music for everybody’s ears. Damn I love these tunes, now and forever.


Youki Noseyama: Matter And Life LP


Well, well, well.. this recording is all about drone. Genre which is very difficult for most of us, myself included. Some may say that this record has nothing to do with music, but as we all know that’s not true. This is actually the first vinyl release from Youki Noseyama, aka Diesel Guitar, that much I know. There’s three pieces of live performances recorded on this vinyl, strange and interesting tunes. Limited to 100 copies with handmade covers and still available via Soundohm. Just check out this one, you might find it interesting like I do. Keep your ears open, find something new to listen.



Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Astrild Astrild 2xLP (green/grey merge)


And here’s one of my favourite Denovali artists, Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones and their latest full-length “Astrild Astrild”. Actually I missed this totally when it was announced but hopefully I found a copy via Discogs (and got this near original prize). This is my fifth album from this group and still I love their modern-cool jazz-classical music. It’s this atmosphere here on these albums I’m in love. This album was released on green/grey merge (limited to 150 copies), on red (limited to 150 copies) and on regular black vinyl. As you can guess, those colored variations are long gone but you still can get that regular version from example from the source, Denovali. Recommended one!


A Cosmic Gift: Hologram LP (cosmic haze) + test pressing


Because I’m a big fan of Richard Houghten this was must buy for me. A Cosmic Gift is a duo by Houghten & Brandon Burger and this is their third album together.  Oh, and this was the very first time I managed to purchase A Cosmic Gift album (previous albums sold out within hours). Really hard to describe music on this record, it’s some strange mixture of ambient, electronic, downtempo & folktronica (like Houghten use to label his music). Six months ago I got single-sided test pressing of this record and as you can see from the picture below, there’s a hologram.


This “cosmic haze” one is limited to 100 copies (sold out) but here’s also 300 copies on black wax (limited to 300 copies) & less than hundred copies available from the source, SlyVinyl.


Christoph Berg: Conversations LP


For you to know, I still love to listen some ambient/modern classical/electronic music even though lately this blog has been full of stoner/doom/psych/space/rock/whatever posts. I have aways been a huge fan of releases by Sonic Pieces, these handmade cardboard/textile packaging & beautiful records from awesome artists. Latest release is this from Christoph Berg (aka Field Rotation). I have been following his recording history since 2011 and still I love these records, still I love to listen to these tunes. My way to escape from this hectic world, put my headphones on and let these tunes embrace. Sold out from various sources bu if you still fancy a copy, head straight to Anost (they still seem to hold some copies).


Spectral Lore: Gnosis 2×12″ (bronze)


This is record I ordered while sitting on the bus on my way to my grandmothers funeral almost two months ago. I listened this via BandCamp several times during that trip and fell in love with this blackened, ambient/drone, nearly instrumental folk metal record. Never had heard of this band before I got this mail from Throne Records announcing release of this record. On this album there’s one track I could listen on repeat & endlessly and that track is called “Averroe’s Search”, haven’t heard as beautiful track in years. Thanks to Throne Records introducing this band and releasing this magical record. Released on bronze (numbered & limited to 75 copies), on white-speckled transparent purple (also numbered & limited to 75 copies) and on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies). There’s only black copies available anymore from the source, Throne Records.



36: Tomorrow’s Explorers 12″


Starting this weekend with latest release by 36 called “Tomorrow’s Explorers”. Smooth modern classical, ambient tunes painting beautiful soundscapes. One of my favourite artist’s when talking about this genre. This twelve-inch is my 11th vinyl release from this artist.. so it’s quite obvious I kinda like these tunes. Tomorrow’s Explorers is limited to 250 copies. I thought this was already sold out but there’s still copies available from hhv.de

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Black Earth 2xLP (RE, 2016)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎– Black Earth

At last this beauty has been repressed and we are allowed to get our hands on this masterpiece of doomed-ambient-jazz. More than once I have been close to the purchase the original version but fortunately I’ve come to my senses. We all know that those prizes on Discogs & Ebay are ridiculous but finally we all can afford this one. I have no idea of limitation of this repress but I think that there are plenty of copies for everyone to get one. Available for example from Boomkat, Anost or Norman Records. Marvellous record!!


Tape Loop Orchestra: The Invisibles LP (clear)


Haa, new one from Tape Loop Orchestra. Have to admit that this one arrived few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to listen to it until now. I don’t know what to say about this record just because these ambient/drone soundscapes are messing my mind. I can imagine myself sitting on the bus my headphones on, watching the darkened landscape on my journey to some distance place.. beautiful record. This is limited to 300 copies on milky clear vinyl and for your information, this seems to be sold out everywhere (except from Discogs sellers..)

Couldn’t find any soundclip to attach so here’s some from previous album even though this new one sounds more darker..



Gorlen: Knell 7″ (lathe-cut) and Danny Clay & Greg Gorlen: Brittle (cassette)


Few weeks ago Cascading Fragments tweeted that they are selling last lathes & cassettes for $1/pcs. Holy hell, purchased these immediately. Experimental drone, noise & dark soundscapes by Gorlen are way too difficult to explain. You have to hear these by yourself. I love these sounds and especially one of his aliases, Black Thread. More than happy with these releases but that was not all.. there was few extra items included..

corlen02I got also Summer Tape (that green cassette) and.. Black Thread’s seven-inch lathe-cut called “Remorse”.. Aargghh, and I thought that one was sold out long time ago! I really appreciate this, man! Now I have a little collection of most interesting noise releases there are (in my opinion). Still I’m going to hunt down every physical releases Sifting Through Shards & Cascading Fragments has ever put out (which might be quite difficult mission though..)


Just listen..


36: The Infinity Room 2x LP (red transparent)


One of those artists I have been following for years now. I’ve been fascinated by his music since I bought his second full-length, Memories In Widescreen, about five or six years ago. Few releases I have missed during these years but certainly I’m getting those too, some day. With this one I was little late, didn’t wanted to order this from the states nor from Juno Records so I waited for copies artist himself was going to sell. Surprisingly I missed that moment too.. luckily Boomkat got some copies and I managed to purchase my copy via them. Been listening this a lot within last few days and of course I like what I’m hearing, that’s why I bought it. Limited to 300 copies on transparent clear vinyl and it seems that the album is totally sold out now.


Nadja: The Stone Is Not Hit By The Sun, Nor Carved With A Knife LP


Latest addition to my collection is this new LP from Nadja, released by Gizeh Records. I’ve been trying to buy their releases since “Dagdrøm” I bought four years ago. Yes, I like their doomed, drone-filled-shoegazing dreamsludge. I have no idea about limitation of this vinyl but on thing I know, it’s available from Gizeh Records. First 50 copies came with this hand-numbered art print like shown in the picture (well, bottom of the print at least). Recommended album.


The Eye Of Time: ANTI LP (clear & black, color in color)

The Eye of Time

This The Eye of Time’s album was released about year and a half ago and I managed to purchase it just about a month ago. Third vinyl release by this french artist, Marc Euvrie. Music on this album embrace the darkness, it’s a mixture of postrocking modern classical with ambient & drone.. I was stoked about his previous album “Acoustic” and I love this one. It is strange to note that, this album reminds me of the movie “The Thin Red Line”.. Don’t actually know why. This is still available from Denovali on clear/black (150 pcs) and on regular black vinyl (350 pcs). For your information, The Eye of Time’s newest one (MYTH I : A Last Dance For The Things We Love) is up for you to preorder in this very moment at Denovali.

There’s not some other world out there where everything’s gonna be okay. There’s just this one, just this rock” – The Thin Red Line


Bersarin Quartett: III 2xLP (white)

Bersarin Quartet III

This latest album from Bersarin Quartett is a great example what happens when you receive your purchase with damaged cover. I bought this white-colored version from some Discogs seller few months ago and it arrived with nasty corner damage (because of lousy packaging). I gave some feedback with pictures to the seller, never heard of him since. Solution, I bought a regular copy of from Denovali and changed the covers. Damn I hate people who don’t have any idea of packaging vinyl records.

That issue is now over and done with, so let’s focus on this particularly enchanting album. Third in the row album from this artist who truly can paint most beautiful ambient soundscapes. White-colored vinyl is limited to 250 copies and it is sold out but there’s plenty of regular back-colored  available from the source, Denovali.


Cloud Cover: Mirror Me LP (white)


I can’t even describe the smile on my face when I opened the package holding this most beautiful record inside. All these little extras (baseball card, trivia pursuit card etc..) brought smile on my face and every time I hold this record in my hand I’m still smiling. This is an awesome record by Cloud Cover. This record goes to that same category as Kathryn Joseph’s “Bones You Have Thrown Me And The Blood I’ve Spilled” last year.. Magnificent album indeed, experimental-drone-shoegazing-whatever-awesomeness filled soundscapes and certainly goes to my Top 10 of 2016. Just give this one a listen and purchase a copy (while you still can) from BandCamp. Oh, this is limited to 100 copies on white vinyl so hurry..


Puce Mary: The Spiral LP


While visiting the local record store the other day I asked the owner to recommend some records and he did, one was that Ättestupa’s album I wrote about earlier. I also bought two other records and this latest from Puce Mary was one of those. Really strange record, filled with strange tunes and in some twisted way I really enjoy these soundscapes. Noise, electronics, industrial, experimental are the words to describe this. Not bad at all, I just have to give this a little more time & spins (and we all know where that leads.. me purchasing every damn release this artist have ever put out). available for example from Boomkat.


Various: Love Grew Rings Around Me 3×7″


I so know that this kind of music does not fit in everybody’s frame but I love these tunes. I heard this compilation while visiting the local record store and the owner was playing this. It was his personal copy and was not for sale.. damn. I couldn’t get this out of my mind so later that day I ordered a copy for myself. This is a compilation (released by Posh Isolation) full of experimental, ambient, noise tunes from six different Scandinavian artists. Awesome release. Limited to 350 copies and seems that it’s still available from various places with various prizes.. If you want a copy I suggest you to visit Total Black, just because there you can find this 50% cheaper than for example Lamour Record Store that has copies available for €32.00..