Steve Von Till: A Life Unto Itself LP (red)


Got this one few days ago, latest solo album by Steve Von Till. Do not know but I have always loved these despair filled songs he is performing. Excuse me if I call this darkened americana/folk but the atmosphere on this album is quite sad & hopeless, as usual. You do not dance along this record. As far as I know there are two different color variations of this record, this red one and that regular black. I bought my copy via Neurot’´s MerchTable page and seems that they have sold out both versions already. At least you can get your hands on black copies for example via Norman Records. I like this record.

Oh, I haven’t been very lucky with these records lately, bumps, bends, splits and surprisingly this was did not arrive faultless either. I asked to ship this album & cover separated but it arrived shrink-wrapped and result can be seen on the picture below. Seam-split.


Nick Jonah Davis: House Of Dragons LP


Hmm.. what can I say.. I just love acoustic guitars (as I love violin, cello, piano etc..) and there’s certainly something addicting on this album by Nick Jonah Davis. House Of Dragons is his second full-length and I like it, a lot. Still I’m no one to say anything about this album but damn, I trust my ears and my ears love these sounds, notes & the atmosphere on this album. Instrumental it is, experimental mixture of folk, country and americana. Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl and wrapped on this nice looking cover. Oh, and it’s available from Lancashire And Somerset. Recommended!