Slomosa: Slomosa LP (white)


I got this debut album from Slomosa a few months ago. This rocking garage/stoner group comes from Norway and has done great job with this groovy/fuzz record. I can distantly here some echoes from 90´s desert rock on this album and it brings a smile to my face. Great start to this band and I look forward to what they will accomplish with their upcoming records, fingers crossed that there will be some. Available for example via Bandcamp & Apollon Records. Check this out!

Kryptograf: Kryptograf LP (grey marbled)


Even though it took some time to arrive, it’s finally here with me (and I wanna thank Apollon Records for helping out with this one). Norwegian Kryptograf is hitting hard with this debut album. Album filled with soundscapes from late 60`s / 70`s metal & hard rock with some modern doomed touch. Listened this a lot during last summer (in digital format) and ow that I finally have this physical LP, it’s time for another round. Great stuff, still available via Apollon Records (2nd press). Get yours because these wont last long..

Kryptograf: Kryptograf LP (grey marbled)….


Nothing to say about the vinyl itself because it has not arrived and I think never will. I ordered a record on the second day of June and received confirmation that the album was sent on June 12. I don’t know how long it will take to send a package from Norway to a neighboring country, but it will hardly take four months. I tried to contact Apollon Records about this issue a few months ago via BandCamp, no result. I even emailed to merchants address that I found from PayPal receipt, nothing. Nice.

Anyways, record sounds amazing even though I only have a digital copy of it (and quite expensive one).