Ancient Lights: Ancient Lights 2xLP (cold with black splatter)

ancient lights

Been listening this one quite much during last few months. This is one of those records I have spotted via Creep Purple Promotion (great site spreading the word about upcoming stoner/sludge/doom releases). Atmospheric drone/doom/stoner album and a beautiful soundtrack for these darkening autumn nights. Really hope to hear more from this band in the future. Released by Ritual Productions and still available from the source on colored & regular black version. Note that I’m not here writing reviews, just want to spread the word about bands & records I put my money on and if you ask me, I only buy good ones.


Anagnorisis: Beyond All Light LP (deluxe set)


Little Black Metal never hurt no one. This set arrived today. For time to time there are moments you need to clear your head and let the music overtake you. I like that rawness on these black metal records, that hopelessness and darkness. I suddenly came across this album on BandCamp, listened a while and purchased. I know little about this band but the music is what matters in the end, and I like this performance. This is limited to 500 copies on red, black, blue, marble and yellow (100 copies on each color) vinyl. Available from their BandCamp site, so if you like your music done this way, go and pick a copy

Oh, they also put together 66 deluxe sets with re-designed artwork, a custom packaging,  LP on black, red, or blue vinyl, CD, a printed narrative about the ideas and concepts of the lyrics, signed and numbered by vocalist Zachary Kerr,  pro-shot DVD from the band’s set at Louisville Deathfest 2013, and a 11″ x 17″ poster. Not bad, at all.