Funeral Moth: Transiencene LP (clear)


Second album from this Japanese experimental/ethereal/doom metal group and first one I have heard from them. Released on vinyl by Throne Records and as usual outstanding package. Actually I came across with this band while checking out new Throne releases. Transience is very intense, atmospheric, ethereal doom record and this surely ain’t background music. Just put on your headphones and let this record show you the way. This clear one is limited to 75 hand.numbered copies and is still available via Throne Records. Go, while you still can.


Seabuckthorn: They Haunted Most Thickly LP


This one also came earlier this week, Seabuckthorn and album called “They Haunted Most Thickly”. I ordered this almost a year ago and release of this beautiful vinyl delayed just because of pressing plant which had problems delivering it on time. But now it’s finally here and I can’t picture better album for this gloomy Sunday morning. Cinematic, acoustic, atmospheric, intensive folk influenced record.. in other words, stunning beauty. Limited to 300 copies and available directly from the artist or from the label, Bookmaker Records

Wildernessking: Mystical Future LP (blue/white marbled)


Then we come to this South African band playing blackened, atmospheric metal. I came across with this band few years ago when they released their debut “The Writing Of Gods In The Sand” and now I have this new release on my hands.. freaking beautiful album this is. This album is much more than traditional, raw blackened metal, it’s progressive, melodic… worth every penny. Funny thing, there are still copies left of this jewel via SMGS Records and for your information, there are tree variants floating around (this blue/white marbled ltd. 100, white one limited also to 100 copies and 300 copies on black vinyl). Like I said before, money well spent. And surprisingly. recommended one this surely is.