Niechęć: Śmierć W Miękkim Futerku


Haa.. Avant-garde, contemporary Jazz from Poland. Have to admit that I first got interested about this record just because the picture on the cover. Then I played the album via BandCamp app for few times just to realize I really like this record. Yeah, I’m talking about Jazz, the genre I have no idea about, but so what. Darkened, improvised avantgardish Jazz and a great example why I still love this thing called music. Still available via their BandCamp site. Love it.


Ennio Morricone: Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene OST LP


Hahaa.. and more of these repressed Morricone soundtracks.Never really thought that I find myself listening these twisted soundtracks. I always thought and had this fallacy of Morricone composing music only for some strange Italo westerns.. damn I have been so wrong (more shame on me). But hey, this world is filled with music, good awesome tunes, and there’s no way I have time or chance to hear even 0.00001% of it in my lifetime. Yes, I’m glad that I did purchase these two. Gonna purchase some more in near future. It has been announced that limitation of this repress is 500 copies.. is it true or not, actually I do not care because music is what matters. This seems to be available from different stores around the globe. Recommended.

Gruppo D’Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza / Ennio Morricone: Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura OST LP


And then we have this. Arrived today from Denovali’s distro. Somehow I have always managed to skip every damn soundtrack album by Morricone.. shame on me. Well, this is good one to start hoarding these re-pressed treasures (and when going through his endless discography, surely there will be plenty of those..). This new repress is limited to 500 copies and released by Dagored. Available for example from Light In The Attic (US) or from Norman Records (EU). Well. it’s futile to say that these records should be in every ones collection :)

Shining: One One One LP (orange)


And little avant-garde-jazz-industrial-metal-noise for the people. I have known this band for ages but this is the first record I have bought from their catalogue. Now I know what I have missed. Wonderful record for those who can walk their ears and eyes open. Love. If I’m not totally wrong, this orange version is limited to 100 copies, and of course there is regular black version available. Both versions seems to be available from Prosthetic Records.

Dictaphone: Poems From A Rooftop LP


Aarrghh.. What the hell I have been thinking! This totally amazing modern classical album has been gathering dust nearly a year in my record rack, damn how stupid I have been. This so beautiful album, in my honest opinion. This can be purchased from Forced Exposure, if you are interested. This is limited to 350 copies in handmade cardboard/textile packaging, embossed and hand-numbered.