Unreqvited: Stars Wept To The Sea LP (splattered)


Within a year my third purchase from Unreqvitet, debut album first on cassette, later on vinyl and now this latest one on splattered vinyl (this version is more likely sold out by now). As some of you already know I’m bad with putting artists on some specific genres.. but let’s try. Atmospheric blackened metal is the closest genre I can come up with, piano/strings/ethereal & haunting vocals, and here we got a winner. Love that debut and now the feeling is growing stronger & stronger along with “Stars Wept To The Sea”   If you feel that music like this touches your blackened/stoned heart, give it a try via Avantgarde Music.


Clint Heidorn: Pasadena LP


Oh what a beauty this latest release from Clint Heidorn is. Been a big fan of his music since I bought his debut album “Atwater” seven years ago.. what makes me wonder how fast years are passing by. Thing here is acoustic, avantgardish field recordings etc. and this new album is.. can’t even describe how amazing this is. Thanks to Clint for his music, would love to hear music from him much often. This record arrived within two days from States and for my surprise there was a copy of his collaboration twelve-inch with Loren Connors titled “Light” included (actually I already have that but thanks anyway!). Limited to 134 copies and seems to be still available from his BandCamp site. Highly recommended!

Oh, here’s a picture of his releases I have managed to grab during these years, maybe this picture tells how much I appreciate this artist.



Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones 2xLP


With Triptykon I have to admit that I haven’t listened this band in ages even though this album has been on my “wantlist” like forever. Few days ago I saw that this original version was available on my local record store for very reasonable prize. Nearly perfect copy all the way and here it is now. I know that this album has been repressed last year but I always prefer original pressings.. it’s just the thing I can’t explain. Now I’m ready to go after “Melana Chasmata” and really hope that I don’t have to wait seven years for that. Actually seems that those Discogs prizes are going down because of those repressings.


Demian Castellanos: Ether LP


Actually this one came few weeks ago but I haven’t had a time to check it out but now. Strange (in good way), hazy,  psychedelic/avantgardish twelve-inch from this gentleman known also as a member of The Oscillation. This is travelling music, best listened as you sit on some train staring out of the window your headphones on. Bought my copy from Cardinal Fuzz and seems that it’s already sold out from that source but still available for example from following sources; Demian’s BandCamp siteSulatron, Norman Records and Sky Lantern Records. Note that this is limited to 250 copies..



Zeal And Ardor: Devil Is Fine LP (Box set)

Zeal And Ardor (Box set)

Ha, I just could not resist purchasing this box set. One of the most interesting albums this year and surely one of my favorite. In case you do not know what Zeal & Ardor is about, I suggest you just to listen few tracks below. This box set is limited to 40 copies and sold out quite fast (and yes, this is second press of this magnificent album. If you dig what you’re hearing there’s still white-colored vinyls (second press, limited to 100) available via Reflections Records.


Cobalt: Eater Of Birds 2xLP (yellow)


This album, “Eater Of Birds” by Cobalt has been on my wantlist for ages and few weeks ago I found a copy from Discogs for a very decent prize. Album arrived few days ago and I’m very pleased  that it’s nearly in perfect condition. This is my third album from this band and it’s obvious that I have to find their debut album too.. Anyways, music here on this disk is blackened, avantgardish, hopeless metal. And that’s the way I want my metal to be. This yellow version is limited to 75 copies and could be quite hard to find.. but I found a copy, I just waited long enough :D


Murmuüre: Murmuüre LP


Curse of the collector struck again.. I have this album already but still I had to purchase another copy. Vinyl is from the original pressing, there were 31 left over copies without covers. As you can see from the picture, now those copies are covered with shiny new raw card covers. Anyways, this is one of my favourite black/experimental metal albums ever. Track “L’Adieu Au Soleil” still brings shivers down to my spine. Absolute beauty this is and if you do not believe, just listen the track below..


Geryon: The Wound And The Bow LP (cream w/black splatter)

profound lore

Here’s a one breathtaking avantgardish death metal release indeed! This is not for easy-listeners. I really like nearly every release Profound Lore is putting out..  this one goes straight to that continuum. This is a hard bite to chew, I realized it at that very moment I heard first notes from this album and now I’m losing myself to this vortex. This color variation is limited to only 50 copies (and it’s sold out)  but there’s still regular black copies available from Profound’s Merchtable. I welcome you to join with me in this vortex.


Sumac: What One Becomes 2xLP (clear)


Got this new one from Sumac last week. Like we all know there are some members of Isis & Russian Circles involved with this totally heavy, sludge group and this is their second long-play. I like this one a lot (missed their debut album back then) and really love the atmosphere on this one, it’s heavy & crushing. Available to pre-order from Thrilljockey / or straight from the band’s MerchTable page (both sources have sold out those colored variations). There was these clear (like this copy of mine), red and band exclusive grey copies available earlier, not any more. Just can’t ignore the fact that this is damn good album!


Loren Connors & Clint Heidorn: Light 12″ (single-sided, clear)


UPDATE: Greatest Hits Mailorder seems to have some copies of this one available!

Finally. I have been waiting for this so long that I even forgot the whole release. Now it’s here on my hands, this awesome little release. Intense little record with two experimental guitar player painting beautiful soundscapes, what more can you ask? I have been a fan of Clint since I bought his debut release “Atwater” about five years ago but I have to admit that I’m not that familiar with Loren Connors (shame on me..). Limited to 300 numbered  copies and was available from Family Vineyard Records until it sold out.. sorry.


Mamiffer: The World Unseen 2xLP (clear/black mix)


Ain’t this a beauty or what? Screen printed jacket, clear vinyl with black haze.. Mamiffer and their latest album “The World Unseen”. Still missing their first two full-length maybe just because I found this band via their split release with Locrian about four years ago. This is not background music, these soundscapes are meant to be heard. This colored version is limited to 200 copies (could possible be sold out already) and 800 copies on black wax, available from Sige’s MechTable Store.


Cobalt: Slow Forever 2xLP (Burnt Orange / Black)


It took nearly seven years from Cobalt to release a new album (I found this band about four-five years ago via their crushing “Gin” album ) and what an album this is! This is not exactly black metal, more like blackened experimental metal seasoned with some elements from country, blues etc. Needles to even say that this album goes straight to my all-time top 10 metal albums. This burnt orange / black variation is limited to 200 copies and unfortunately seems to be available for Canadian customers only (sold out elsewhere) but there are plenty of black copies (limited to 800 copies) available from Profound’s MerchTable (US/ROW customers) and from Season Of Mist (EU).