Terra Tenebrosa: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. – Purging The Tunnels 12″ (TP)

terra tenebrosa

Yep.it’s a test press of Terra Tenebrosa’s V.I:T.R.I.O.L twelve-inch. This experi-avant-doom-garde-mental band from Sweden forced me to follow their twisted path four years ago and still I haven’t found my way back.. Obviously I’m obsessed with this band. I love the music they produce and the atmosphere on their albums, twisted, sad, dark, hopeless etc. I have managed to purchase all their releases on most limited colorways and today I got this latest, test pressing of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. which is limited to 15 copies (could be really hard to find anywhere). This is my love.

Thanks to Apocaplexy Records for this (once again).




Noveller: Desert Fires LP


Once again, an artist whose whole discography is on my wantlist. There are two drone-avantgarde-experimental guitarists I really adore, Noveller & Thisquietarmy. This is one of of those records you have to experience via headphones, without outside distractions. Beautiful record and makes me wonder why have I prolonged purchasing her records for this long… This beauty is still available from Weird Forest. Recommended.


The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Masters Of The Molehill LP


I found out about this band nearly a year ago and got their previous album, if I remember right, on January/February. Amazing album was that indeed. Not a long ago I spotted this new one from Cardinal Fuzz and didn’t hesitate.. and here we have the latest album from this awesome Canadian group. Psychedelic/space rock is the thing here and with that concept you just can’t go wrong. Limited to 350 copies and unfortunately Cardinal Fuzz has sold this out already but don’t worry, Norman Records seems to have some copies left. US customers can still find copies from Captcha Records. Highly recommended for every space/psych digger!


Matthew Collings: Splintered Instruments LP (clear gold)

matthew collings - splintered Instruments 02

Woah! I didn’t see this coming. I know that Fluid Audio released this on CD last year but I skipped that automatically because of the “wrong” format. Damn I’m happy that I purchased this now on vinyl, released by another awesome record label, Denovali. And once again I gambled, bought this without hearing a note before today (little white lie here, actually I did listen few seconds from the first track before I purchased this) .. I’m in love with this album now. Title of the album tells more than a thousand words, Splintered Instruments. Limited to 150 copies on clear gold and 200 copies on clear vinyl. Both versions available from Denovali, of course. Highly recommended release this one is.

The Old Wind / Terra Tenebrosa: split 7″ (ultra clear)


Yeah, and then we come to this split release by The Old Wind & Terra Tenebrosa. As I’m a great fan of Terra Tenebrosa I was totally surprised when I found out that they have done this split seven-inch with The Old Wind (band that I’m unfamiliar, well listening their tune at this very moment and sounds quite nice indeed). Ordered this from Pelagic Records with that Cult Of Luna twelve-inch just because of Terra Tenebrosa but it’s always nice to find out new artists. Recommended little piece of gold. I do not know about the limitation but still available from Pelagic Records. Oh, and about Terra Tenebrosa’s tune, pure gold as always!



Agathe Max: Ambience 2 7″ (+CD)


Got this one from Box Bedroom Rebels yesterday. This is the second release from series of four (AMBIENCE) and yes, I’m quite happy to own this one too. Little record full of ethereal experimental soundscapes, can’t go wrong. And like part one ‘Marc Manning: Ambience 1’ this also had CD included (75 minutes long beauty). Absolutely new artist to me and now I have to listen her earlier stuff more closely. Recommended, surprise. Just waiting for the part three from this series.

Oh, this is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels (they still have copies of that Marc Manning seven-inch too). Go!

Hydras Dream: The Little Match Girl LP (clear)

hydras dream

I do not know what is it with Denovali, where they find these artists and records to release? This time collaboration between Anna Von Hausswolff and Matti Bye and the result is totally beautiful, strange, ethereal and obscure.. record (may I call this dream-pop even though there’s something dark and sinister lurking behind). I want more! This is limited to 150 copies on clear and 350 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Denovali. Recommended and one of those “Must Buy” items. Now I have two new artists to follow.. I have to dig that movie version of “The Little Match Girl” based on the story by H.C. Andersen, watch it mute this record spinning on background. Thanks to Anna, Matti And Denovali!

Terra Tenebrosa: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. – Purging The Tunnels 12″ (clear)

terra tenebrosa

Awesome end for this week, latest from Terra Tenebrosa. This release came out of nowhere and luckily I managed to grab a copy (thanks to Apocaplexy Records). Yes I like this band, I love it. This is different kind of doom, experimental nearly disturbing if I may say. This band should be bigger, much bigger but in the other hand this is our little underground secret. These two tunes on this record are “left overs” from their two albums, Purging and The Tunnels (brilliant albums!) and this little one, brilliant as well! No more rhetoric and gibberish words, choice is yours. This is limited to 100 copies on clear and 400 copies on black vinyl. Black ones are still available from Apocaplexy Records.

Cagna Schiumante: s/t LP (baby blue or something)


About half an hour ago there was this UPS courier ringing my doorbell. He gave me this pizza box and I thought that this must have something to do with this April Fool’s Day thing. I was wrong. Inside the pizza box I found this very avantgarde, abstract noise record by Cagna Schiumante from Italy (maybe that explains this packaging). Well, very strange record indeed and this one will take some time to chew. Anyways, confusing album and limited to 300 hand-numbered copies (first 100 copies came on colored vinyl, now sold out). Regular black copies still available from Tannen Records, it’s your choice :)

Yes, this was packaged in pizza box. One side of the box was open when it arrived and there was no (carton) stiffeners nor bubble wrap, just a record inside. Album was shrink-wrapped even though I asked to send record outside the cover.. Well, in this case record came in perfect shape, no bumps, seam splits, creases etc. And amazing thing is that this record was shipped yesterday from Italy and now I have this on my hands :)

cagna cagna02

Marc Manning: Ambience1 7″ (+CD)

marc manning

What a wonderful piece of vinyl (plus 70 minutes music on CD). I had no idea about this artist and I purchased this blindfolded just based on a recommendation. Well, not bad recommendation at all. This release is part one from series of four and I’ll certainly go for rest upcoming releases. This is abstract, ethereal psychedelic music with lot of heart on it. Just listening the CD, seventy minute cosmic journey there and back. This is limited to 150 copies and is available from Box Bedroom Rebels. Take a journey with Marc, you won’t regret it.


Locrian: Return To Annihilation 2xLP (clear)

Locrian Return to Annihilation

This also came today, pure droned love! I bought this from Discogs and had it for very decent price tag on it. I was ready to purchase regular version of this double album but suddenly I found this copy. I’m happy. Once again Locrian has put out a beautiful record (I have been listening this from their BandCamp site for some time). This record is floating somewhere beyond dark ambient, drone, experimental… I do not know where but that is the place where this record is taking me now. This is limited to 100 copies on this clear (Relapse.. you know) and 900 copies on mint green vinyl. Mint green one is available for example from Insound. Recommended!!


Oiseaux-Tempête: s/t 2xLP (transparent marbled red/black)


This one I really like, and damn that I’m so demented nowadays that I can’t even remember how I discovered this album at the first place (in this case it really doesn’t matter anyways). And about the album itself, pure gold. Atmosphere on this album is very dark and same time somehow very calm.. I do not know. No info about limitation but you can order this jewel from Sub Rosa. Highly, recommended.