Keuhkot: Mitä Otat Mukaan Muistoksi Sivistyksestä LP


Uuh.. This one came earlier this week. Utterly awesome experimental/avantgarde/punk/noise debut full length from Keuhkot. This artist is one of his kind. Album was released by Finnish underground label Bad Vugum and as far as I know, there are very limited quantity of this record floating around. I’m still searching the first seven-inch from this artist (in reasonable prize). This kind of stuff I used to listen in my teenage years :)

And here is what this artist is about (from his 7-inch “Lihaa Y-akselilla, Olen Oikeassa”:

Sutekh Hexen: Larvae LP (clear with pink splatter)


It seems that I have addicted to this artist some bizarre way.. This one I also picked up today. And I have to admit that I have waited for some time to get this on fair prize and suddenly found this from Discogs. I like this, a lot. This color variation is limited to 100 copies and there is also copies (200) on classic black vinyl.  If you are after this. head to Discogs and you may find a copy for yourself. Recommended album is this one (in my opinion).

Necro Deathmort: EP1 12″


Ooohh.. And here it is. First Necro Deathmort release on vinyl (as far as I know..). Very frightening record and surprise, I love this. Hope that Distraction Records would release earlier records of Necro Deathmort as well on vinyl. And how could I describe this record? Dark-Ambien-Electro-Experimental..You may have to experience this on your own. Limited to 333 copies on black vinyl and available from Distraction Records. Run, run and get your copy while you can. Recommended!


Gaspar Claus: Jo Ha Kyu LP (clear)

gaspar_clausNow I have to say that if you want to listen something frightening, this record is one we are talking about. I bought this without listening and what I got? Shivers. Obscure sounds, clicks.. and somehow, some strange way, I like this one. Some may find this disturbing, I find this interesting and beautiful in it’s own twisted way. Available from Important Records and first 100 copies comes on clear vinyl.

Ihsahn: The Adversary 2XLP (black)


Finally I got this one, missed this when it was released (by Blood Music) but now I hold this on my tiny, hairy hands. Love this album so much, even though I’m not a fan of Emperor. This was limited to 300 copies (100 copies on black and 200 copies on white vinyl). Sold out long long time ago. You might find this from Discogs/Ebay but be ready to pay great pile of coins if you would like to have this one.

Altaar: s/t LP


I listened this a lot last week, a lot. Outstanding record in my opinion. Two powerful tunes and I lost my heart (once again). Perfect music for your headphones if your heart is open for avangardish doom metal. My copy of this album is black but there are some limited number of red, clear and white copies floating around. Recommended, with all my heart. I got my copy from Plastic Head.

Ural Umbo: Delusion Of Hope LP +CD (clear)


Wow! If you are into experimental music, I highly recommend you to purchase this one :) Even though this kind of drone-experimenta-noise might be too much for some, it also might be treasure for others. I like, nearly love this. This is limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl and there also CD included. Available from their own shop, here.