Brume: Donkey LP (blue w/ pink splatter)


Hey all you doomsters/sludgeheads/psychfreaks out there! I suggest you to check this band just because this album is totally worth your time. Brume and their album called “Donkey”. I came across with this band while I was surfing around Vinyl Collective forums. Don’t know about you but I really like what I’m hearing on this album (actually I’m not hearing anything but the sound of vacuum cleaner at this moment just because my better half decided to wake up our downstairs neighbour..). Like I mentioned, this is damn good and more than worth to check out. Available on three color variations (all limited to 100 copies each) from the band’s Bigcartel site (US) and D.H.U. Records (EU, and have  to mention that this label knows how to package vinyl records!). Damn deal done. I have to purchase this also on MP3 format from their BandCamp site.


Dahga Bloom: No Curtains LP (astro blue)

dahga bloom

Update 04/18/14; Well, astro blue is now sold out!

And then the other one from that same box. And now we are talking, again. Dahga Bloom shows us how to play groovy-psychedelic-space rock like it should be played nowadays. This album has been rotating on my headphones for some time now and for the reason, I love it!. This is what I seek when buying records, total surprises! This is limited to 150 copies on “astro blue” vinyl and then there are regular black copies available. If you want this on colored vinyl, I suggest you to hurry because there are 4 copies left (while I’m writing this) on Captcha Records BandCamp page. Recommended release!! Yeah!

Thanks to Captcha for shipping these records taken out of the covers and secured, in these times I really appreciate this!. One thing I missed, that replacement cover for my Has A Shadow album.. ;)