Earthbong: Bong Rites 2xLP (secret stash edition)


Here’s some heavy shit in form of Earthbong. Never heard of this band before so it was time to grab myself by the neck and let these riffs tear my soul to pieces. This German band manages to crush my shine & happy world to deepest and darkest hole on earth. Released by one of my favourite labels, Black Farm Records. Because I have learned to trust the quality of certain record labels, I usually make purchase decisions without listening in advance to the records they release. It has become a way to surprise myself. And I was totally blown away with this one! For those who are interested, this is still available from the source, Black Farm Records (even though this color variation is long gone, there are still regular ones available).

Grave Disgrace: Rest In Peace LP (swamp green with gold/black splatter)


The very first record to hit me this year, Grave Disgrace with their strongly doomed album called Rest in Peace. At first I wasn’t sure about this record .. I pondered the purchase decision for a while until I grabbed myself by the neck and pressed that button. That decision was the right one. Been listening to this album a lot and still it keeps growing and growing. Great work from this Russian group and I really hope to hear more about them in the near future. “Black Seed” edition (regular black wax) seems to be still available from the source, Black Farm Records. Recommended for all doomsters!

Lucifungus: Derek LP (secret stash edition)


Some really nasty doomed sludge/stoner from Australia brought to you by Black Farm Records. Band is called Lucifungus and this is their second album named as “Derek”. Debut album Akuma Kin stole my attention a few years ago (still under some heavy rotation) and when this new one was announced the purchase decision was obvious. This is “secret stash” edition, limited to 100 copies, and sad to say it’s sold out (surprise, surprise) but you still can grab a orange-colored version from the source, Black Farm Records. Recommended!

Mammon’s Throne: Forward Unto Flame LP (splatter)


Here’s some heavy riffs straight to your face. This Melbourne based doomed/stoner outfit is delivering us some crushing tunes with their debut album. Released by Black Farm Records a few months ago and it has been under the stylus numerous times during the past couple of weeks. Highly recommended if darker/heavier stoner/doom makes you stomp your feet. This awesome looking version and other color variant still available from the source, Black Farm Records. Check this out!

Lucifungus: Akuma Kin LP (secret stash edition)


And what about this monstrous abomination filled with filthy fuzz, moss, mushrooms, and some secret green stuff? Lucifungus from Australia with their debut album (correct me if I’m wrong) “Akuma Kin”. Doomed stoner rock/metal and Hell Yeah I freaking love this record! Some might say that this sounds like Canadian Dopethrone, but more you listen, more you know. F**king awesome release. This came through Black Farm Records some time ago and this color variation (limited to 100 copies) is long gone but hey, go and grab that yellow edition (limited to 150 copies) while you still can!

Potion: My Blade Enslaved LP (black & white mix)


Holy shit what a killer release from this Australian stoner/doom outfit! Big thanks to Black Farm Records bringing this alive on vinyl format. This record is heavy and filled with hopeless darkness. Little do I know about this band but they have released two cassettes before this album (actually there’s two tracks included on this album from their previous cassette release “Women of The Wand”). This vinyl version is sold out but I suggest you to purchase that “regular” version from the source, Black Farm Records, while you still can. Made a mistake while purchasing this and didn’t remember to mention that I would like it to be shipped record and cover separated. It came shrink-wrapped and because of that there was seam-split on the cover. My bad, I admit my mistake. That mistake is now covered, I purchased that regular version and gonna swap the covers and give that splitted one to my friend who’s not that exact with condition of the covers. Problem solved and one new fan for the band.


Dope Smoker: Legalize It LP (green)

dope smoker

Pre-ordered his from Black Farm Records on April, finally it’s here (manufacturing this had numerous problems during the way). Bought this on cassette too because I just couldn’t wait vinyl version. Doomed stoner with obvious elements from grunge (or am I having some problems with my hearing?). This green colored vinyl is limited to 120 copies and there’s still white colored (limited to 180 copies) available from the label, Black Farm Records. Nice one, like a lot.