Oranssi Pazuzu: Mestarin Kynsi LP (dark green)


I’ve been a committed fan of this band for years, since I first heard their album “Valonielu” and a song from that album called “Reikä Maisemassa” roughly translated “Hole in the Landscape”. Orange Pazuzu is known for their unique, avant-garde approach to blackened metal. Anyways, bought this one from flea-market, still sealed in shrinkwrap. Available from various distros & shops. One of the best domestic bands I have come across.

Ungraven: Language of Longing (cassette)


And once again it has been way too long since I have updated this blog.. It does not mean that I have given up, it’s mainly because I don’t have that much time nowadays.. But let’s start with this cassette that arrived today. Ungraven.. waited for this to arrive so freaking long that I almost gave up but here it is. And if you didn’t already know, this industrial-blackened-heavy-sludge release has something to with Jon Davis (Conan).. Holy hell, I really like this one (hmmm.. why in hell should I buy something I don’t like..). I would really like to see this on vinyl format too because I would buy that vinyl disc immediately. Bought this cassette via Black Bow Records and I suggest you to perform that very same act. Brilliant release.


Cosmic Church: Vigilia 12″

cosmic church

Last record I got my hands on during 2018. Twelve-inch from Finnish blackened metal artist following the name Cosmic Church. This was released few years ago and I was lucky enough to find this pristine copy from the local record store (pristine copy because the store owner got this straight from the artist himself). Prize tag on this was quite decent (about one third of what they ask from this on Discogs nowadays) so I couldn’t leave it behind. Nice catch if I may say so.


Havukruunu: Rautaa Ja Tulta LP (grey)


Finnish black metal at it’s best. I don’t really listen that much black metal but there’s few bands & groups I use to follow. This latest from Havukruunu is actually their first one, this was released digitally before their “debut” album “Havulinnaan”. Now this vinyl version has seen the light of the day and obviously I had to purchase it. Released on grey (limited to 150 copies) and on black (limited to 300 copies) vinyl. Both versions already sold out from one source, Naturmacht Production but Hellthrasher Productions still have some black versions availabe, if you are interested.


Zeal And Ardor: Stranger Fruit 2xLP (purple)


Well, here we really have a stranger fruit. Zeal & Ardor with a second album continuing on the road to.. who knows where. Mixing blackened metal to spiritual music is a thing most of metalheadz wont bite but that’s not my concern. Loved (and still loving) the debut album and now I have to share that love with these two albums.. Zeal & Ardor is a great example of the artist with unique vision, an artist who has the courage to blend together two totally different genres and has ability to make it work. If you haven’t heard any tunes from this artist before, I suggest you to check out this album with opened mind just because its way too challenging to explain it with plain words & empty sentences. Available for example via Amazon..

Unreqvited: Stars Wept To The Sea LP (splattered)


Within a year my third purchase from Unreqvitet, debut album first on cassette, later on vinyl and now this latest one on splattered vinyl (this version is more likely sold out by now). As some of you already know I’m bad with putting artists on some specific genres.. but let’s try. Atmospheric blackened metal is the closest genre I can come up with, piano/strings/ethereal & haunting vocals, and here we got a winner. Love that debut and now the feeling is growing stronger & stronger along with “Stars Wept To The Sea”   If you feel that music like this touches your blackened/stoned heart, give it a try via Avantgarde Music.


Unreqvited: Disquiet LP (splattered)


Already have this record on tape but it didn’t prevent me to purchase this on vinyl too. I like this shoegazing/black metal just because the atmosphere it’s creating. Black metal puritanists surely have their opinion about music like this but I do not care about that. My purchases are based on the fact that I like every  damn record I buy. Beautiful blackened music on this splattered vinyl still available via Ordo MCM. I like this one and I surely recommend this one. Cassette version available via Fólkvangr Records.


Cassette mayhem…

Haa.. somehow I have purchased great pile of cassettes during last few months. Never thought that I would turn back to this format but here we are. There is more than one reason why cassettes have found their way to my heart.. This format is way more cheaper, these arrive without a doubt in much better condition than vinyl records and most of all, in some cases cassettes are the only physical format available. Some of these albums I already have on vinyl format but I just couldn’t resist getting those on cassette too..



Let’s start with these two tapes from Mephistofeles, stoner/doom outfit from Argentina. I bought these two cassettes from Creep Purple Records (nice job, once again!). Even though I have that “Whore” also on vinyl I just had to have it on cassette too. These two are sold out by now. “Whore” have been released on cassette format by few other labels too but all copies are sold out and Discogs prizes of those are ridiculous!




Old good OLDE and their latest album on cassette format. Stoner/doom is the thing here and vinyl version of this album is still available from STB Records (BandCamp). If you fancy this more on tape, I suggest you to check out Medusa Crush Recordings. MCR also have some other items for sale there..




Let’s jump right to atmospheric/blackened/depressive/metal. I found this record via BandCamp and I really like it. Also just found out that this has been released on vinyl too..  Cassette version can be ordered via Fólkvangr Records, vinyl version via Ordo MCM. Nice recording indeed.




Let’s continue with little rougher stuff. This is Dödsrit from Sweden and this cassette kicks ass big time! Blackened metal mixed with crust/punk. This is concept that just can’t go wrong if you ask my opinion. Available from Bloodsoaked Records. Recommended release!




Latest from all mighty Electric Wizard. I purchase this on cassette & vinyl (more about that vinyl version later..). Wizard is wizard, what else can I say? This was available via Spinefarm Records but seems that it’s sold out (but I think there’s more copies to come).




Ambient, drone, minimal are those words best to describe this one. Some of you may already know that I love to listen soundscapes like this cassette is providing. Music for dark rooms. Still available from Invisible City Records. Lovely.




The main reason purchasing this on tape was the prize (and shipping costs). Would love to own this one on vinyl too but at the moment I settle for this cassette format. It’s nice to see that these tape releases are selling out quite fast, does that tell something? Good record and someday I gonna get my hands on that vinyl version too.




Back to psych/space/stoner/doom genre. Just have to wonder why this hasn’t been released on vinyl? This cassette has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and it was already sold out from the source when I heard about this band the very first time. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab a copy straight from the band though (seems to be sold out from that source too..). Hope that some awesome DIY label would give this one good vinyl treatment.




And back to the darker side. I came across with this band while surfing around Bandcamp. First I wasn’t that interested but after listening “Saudade” few times I just had to purchase it and their previous one, “Respire”. Black metal is the thing here, you don’t have to like it but I do. Both tapes available from their BandCamp site.




Yet one recording that should have vinyl treatment. This band from France has managed to create awesome sounding stoner/doom tunes and I really hope to hear more from them as soon as possible. Tape has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and is still available from the source. Recommended highly if fuzzed stoner/doom is your thing!




And another album waiting for someone to release it, surprise, on vinyl. This cassette was the reason I found out Transylvanian Tapes and all those delicious releases the label has put out. Evil sounding tape,  I like it. Transylvanian has sold this out, and seems that band has too (good for the band, not that good for possible fans who missed it). At least you can support the band buying the album on digital format.




Oh I love these releases Transylvanian is putting out. Cosmic Reef Temple with their album “Age of The Spaceborn” blew my mind. You better check this out because this is awesome! Saxophone here is something I haven’t heard before and have to say it works. And yet another  recording I would love to buy on vinyl format. Available from the source, Transylvanian Tapes. Highly recommended one.




Filthy death metal from Caffa. This tape came along my order from Transylvanian Tapes, so it was like a gift. And I really like this gift too. Even though I’m more into early death metal I really enjoy listening to this one too. Pity that this is sold out from the source (well, if I got a copy so there must still be some copies left..). Thanks to Transylvanian Tapes, I really appreciate this!




This is Hell. Freaking brilliant. Sold out but sounds like this..




Lightsabres, my favorite one. Got all Lightsabres albums on vinyl but some strange way I thought that I have to purchase those albums on cassette format too. Actually I was after his latest release (split with Blissful Stream) and these previous tapes I just ordered to cover those shipping cost.. Hey, it’s me here trying to justify these purchases to myself. Tape is still available from Medusa Crush Recordings if you are interested.




Same thing with this one as that one above. Lightsabres forever! Medusa Crush still having some copies if you lack one.




And here’s the reason for buying all those tapes from Medusa Crush. I was after this split release with Blissful Stream. Now that I have been lisening to this release I just have to say it was worth every penny I spent. Great thing here is also that I’m in love with Blissful Stream now. Brilliant release indeed! Still available from Medusa Crush Recordings so what the hell are you still waiting for?




Here’s some drone to your ears. Excellent release. Painting soundscapes and this surely is one hell of a soundtrack for these late hours. If you want a copy of this you better hurry because Invisible City Records have on two left at this very moment I’m writing this.




Some older death metal on cassette format. Hammerheart Records have re-pressed these two albums on vinyl & CS. Those vinyl versions are already sold out but there’s these tapes still available like Malleus Maleficarum, Consuming Impulse, Testimony of The Ancients, Spheres and even the newest one called Hadeon. Great work from Hammerheart!




Three cassettes filled with experimental/drone/ambient/noise… aah, now I can close my tired eyes and let these soundscapes take over. These tapes are sold out but that should not prevent you to check out these, some of you might even like these tapes.


Havukruunu: Kelle Surut Soi LP


Havukruunu, finnish black metal act has released their third album and surprisingly I had to purchase it. Even though I’m not that good with this genre I really like some bands and Havukruunu surely is one of those with their folk/black metal blend. About a year ago I purchased their debut full-length, Havulinnaan, and it was love at first sight and now this new one is taking that love to next level. This album is limited to 350 pieces of black wax, quite small run but that’s what it is nowadays. I ordered my copy from Hellthrasher Productions (Poland) because the record was already sold out from Naturmacht Productions (Germany). Now that I checked out also Hellthrasher has sold this out. If you like blackened metal at all, check this out.


Asagraum: Potestas Magicum Diaboli LP


There’s always room for nice black metal albums in my record rack. This debut album from Asagraum sounded that good I had to purchase it. Well, I’m not an expert in any level when it comes to this genre but after listening few tunes from this album, I was sold. This sounds raw, evil and dark just like blackened metal should sound. I like this a lot. Available from every damn good record store near you. I suggest you to check this beast out if blackened metal is your thing. Darknessssssss…..


Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones 2xLP


With Triptykon I have to admit that I haven’t listened this band in ages even though this album has been on my “wantlist” like forever. Few days ago I saw that this original version was available on my local record store for very reasonable prize. Nearly perfect copy all the way and here it is now. I know that this album has been repressed last year but I always prefer original pressings.. it’s just the thing I can’t explain. Now I’m ready to go after “Melana Chasmata” and really hope that I don’t have to wait seven years for that. Actually seems that those Discogs prizes are going down because of those repressings.


Ustalost: The Spoor of Vipers LP (golden yellow)


Sometimes I just need records like this one from Ustalost is. Blackened, intense, hopeless, filthy metal. Waited this one to be released quite a long time and now,  finally I can drown myself to this blackened void they manage to create on this debut album of theirs. One reason why I purchased this album is the fact that this is “so-called” side project of Will Skarstad from Yellow Eyes (one damn good blackened metal band nowadays, in my opinion). Not bad album at all, I enjoy what I’m hearing here. This “golden-yellow” version is limited to 250 copies and sold out by now. There’s still regular black wax version still available from Eroding Winds. If you are into blackened metal, just check out this record.


Oranssi Pazuzu: Farmakologinen 12″ (blue)


Don’t even know why I purchased this one because this is just a re-issue of Oranssi Pazuzu’s material from split release with Candy Cane from 2010. Maybe I just wanted to own these tunes on individual twelve-inch. This blue colored vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and there’s also 350 copies on green and 300 copies on black vinyl. Oranssi Pazuzu is fascinating group, their way of performing avantgardish space-psychedelic-blackened metal.. Both Svart Records & 20 Buck Spin has some variations left so you know what to do.


Ragana: You Take Nothing LP (white/gray/black Marble )


Very intense doomed, blackened-crust release from Ragana (once again). This duo stole my heart last year with that previous album, Wash Away. This third release (You Take Nothing) is filled with dark, intense & powerful tunes and those vocals.. damn. Hope that this two-piece will never stop what they are doing because, just because. If you haven’t already heard of this band it’s just about the time to check them out. This colored vinyl is limited to 500 numbered copies and still available (like regular black wax) from An Out Recordings. Recommended release indeed!


Mamaleek: Kurdaitcha LP


Five years ago I put this album on the top of my “wantlist”, five years it took to get it and yes, it was worth to fait. Mamaleek is a twisted shoegazing bastard child of blackened-doom-experimental-abstract-noise-drone scene.. This is kind of music you either like or you do not, there’s no shades of grey on this color palette. I love this. Thing that made this album little hard to find was obviously the limitation, only 100 copies floating around the globe. I got one and I’m smiling. I remember promising myself that if I ever find a copy of this record I’m done with collecting.. bullshit, I’ll never stop.


Oranssi Pazuzu: Muukalainen Puhuu LP (clear/purple split with some black splatter)


Been waiting (secretly) for this repress for some time and finally it has been done by Svart/20 Buck Spin. Actually I even got that original copy in my hands some time ago but had to return it because condition of the cover didn’t meet my standards (bought used copy and cover was graded NM- but was more like VG). Usually I skip these represses but sometimes it’s almost impossible to track down decent original copies and then I have to bend. About this album, it’s as good as it looks like, really like Pazuzu’s experimental space/blackened metal. This color variation is limited to 150 copies and seems that 20 Buck Spin has these still available. Svart has some other color variations available (less limited editions).

Spectral Lore: Gnosis 2×12″ (bronze)


This is record I ordered while sitting on the bus on my way to my grandmothers funeral almost two months ago. I listened this via BandCamp several times during that trip and fell in love with this blackened, ambient/drone, nearly instrumental folk metal record. Never had heard of this band before I got this mail from Throne Records announcing release of this record. On this album there’s one track I could listen on repeat & endlessly and that track is called “Averroe’s Search”, haven’t heard as beautiful track in years. Thanks to Throne Records introducing this band and releasing this magical record. Released on bronze (numbered & limited to 75 copies), on white-speckled transparent purple (also numbered & limited to 75 copies) and on black vinyl (limited to 300 copies). There’s only black copies available anymore from the source, Throne Records.



Harakiri For The Sky: s/t LP


If I have to describe music Harakiri For The Sky is performing, I would say that it’s melodic, post-rocking blackened metal. But because I don’t have to do so, I just concentrate on listening to it. Few weeks ago I was checking out some local metal bands on their gig and there was this record vendor with hundreds of records.. Of course I had to check out his crates. Hundreds of black metal records from bands I have never ever heard of and then I found this. Harakiri For The Sky’s latest one is on my “wantlist” but now I had a chance to purchase their debut in pristine condition. First press is limited to 500 copies (400 on black & 100 on grey vinyl) and there’s also second pressing on grey splattered vinyl and that is available from example from Ván Records.

Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument 2xLP


One more to go and my collection of Oranssi Pazuzu is complete. Kosmonument, Pazuzu’s third album (second if we don’t count that split with Candy Cane). My journey with Oranssi Pazuzu started with “Valonielu” (which is still their best album if you ask me) and Kosmonument was released few years earlier. Difficult album, disturbed blackened space/psychedelic metal and stories out of this realm. Limited to 500 copies in triple-fold cover. Really happy that I managed to get this one, in this condition. Beware Pazuzu, I’m after “Muukalainen Puhuu” now…

“Olen eksynyt ulottuvuuksiin
joissa Newtonin mekaniikka katoaa
aika ja etäisyys haarautuen
haihtuvat syvään pyörteeseen..”

Havukruunu: Havulinnaan LP


Here’s some finnish black/pagan/folk metal to your ears. Few weeks ago I got a copy of this record and somehow managed to destroy the cover completely (okay, there was this tiny bump on one corner of the cover and i tried to fix it..) so I had to order another copy. And here it is now, Havukruunu’s debut album “Havulinnaan” on deep black vinyl (limited only to 200 copies). This is black metal album seasoned with some pagan/folk/traditional heavy metal. I like it, you don’t have to. Available from Naturmacht Productions.