Muscle & Marrow: Love LP (aqua blue in milky white)


Do you remember this duo? I do. Few years ago I purchased their debut album, outstanding “The Human Cry” and I was thrilled how damn intense it was/still is (you can listen now sold out album from their BandCamp site). Now it’s time for new album and it’s still there, that intense magical touch. This latest beauty is released by The Flenser and I’m happy that they find their way under The Flenser’s wing. Doomed, experimental, electronic darkened folk/metal or something but the fact is that this is freaking brilliant piece of art. Colored variation still available from the source, The Flenser, so go for it!


Ritual Chamber: Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim) 2xLP (colored)

ritual chamber

What a great way to start this day, with Ritual Chamber. As you can see from the cover, this is nothing but darkened death metal. As opposite to Incubus (I wrote about yesterday) this album is darker, influenced by blackened metal. But holy hell, this is a perfect piece of art on this gloomy Sunday. Splattered one is limited to 100 copies (available from the source, here for those who live in Canada and here for those who live elesewhere). Regular black copies can be found from the same locations and EU citizens can purchase this also from Iron Bonehead. Arrgghhhhhhhhh…

Cult Of Occult: Five Degrees Of Insanity 2xLP (some kind of TP or something.. limited to 100 copies)


Well, this came few days ago so it was the last record I received in 2015. It’s doomed & blackened sludge album called “Five Degrees of Insanity” by Cult Of Occult. This album is raw, evil, heavy and brilliant record from this French band to end past year. This is some kind of special version of this album (test pressing, limited to 100 copies??) with silkscreened cover.. and there’s also red vinyl version with different cover also limited to 100 copies available.. Most of all, this album is the judgement of our sins, This TP version is still available from Vendetta as well that red one. Recommended album for these darkened, cold winter nights.