Domkraft: Slow Fidelity 12″ (opaque yellow)


And surprise, yet another psychedelic/doomed stoner/sludge outfit from, where else than Sweden! My journey with Domkraft started with their debut album five years ago and still, we are heading the same direction. I haven’t missed any of their releases during these years (some most limited versions still on my wantlist though..). Highly recommended band if you haven’t checked them out already (which I doubt). This twelve-inch is released by Blues Funeral Recordings and still available from the source (most limited color-variations are long gone). Ugh! I have spoken.

Howling Giant: The Space Between Worlds LP (black and yellow swirl)

Howling Giant

My first touch with this band and not that bad touch at all. The Space Between Worlds needs serious spinning time because this is not some background music. There are so many layers on this record, desert/stoner/blues/something which is hard to categorize. All elements for the stunning listening experience. Available via Blues Funeral Recordings and from the band for example. Recommended.


Domkraft: Flood LP (green translucent with purple & magenta splatter)


Been a while but still here. This latest from Domkraft was one of the last albums I got last year. Was after that most limited version but got tired of hunting it so I ordered this color variation (makes me wonder why in hell I always try to get that most limited version..). Third album I own from this awesome doom/space/sludge group, and still loving every tune they put out. Hypnotic release with awesome illustration. This color version is limited to 400 copies and still available (like green version, ltd 500 copies) for example via Blues Funeral Recordings (US) & Kozmik Artifactz etc. Highly recommended album & band. With this one you can’t go wrong, ever.