Messa: Close 2xLP (gold)


The latest arrival, Messa with their new album “Close”. The band seems to be evolving album by album towards something bigger. This is one of the toughest albums to be released this year. I personally got to know the band with their second album and the goal would be to get their debut album on the shelf as soon as possible. Atmospheric, epic, and darker than previous albums and still one of the most amazing records I’ve spent my money on over the last year. Available for example from RecordShopX..

La Mancha Negra: La Mancha Negra LP


I have to admit that it’s pretty nice to finally get my hands on a record I ordered about five years ago. The copy I ordered never reached its destination (no thanks to the band) and no one ever bothered to answer my queries about where the record might travel. I purchased this copy through Discogs.. And I still really love this crappy swamp-blues / garage sound La Mancha Negra offers to its listener. Not maybe the best album in the world but a very enjoyable experience, still. If you ever fancy a copy of this record.. avoid their BandCamp site and try to get it somewhere else (if  you are not ready to wait years to your copy to arrive). Anyways, recommended one.

Ritual King: Ritual King LP (green/white with black splatter)

ritual king

Self-titled debut album from Ritual King hung for too long on my wantlist so I just had to grab myself by the neck and do something about it. This UK based group mixes  stoner, blues rock and psychedelic in a great way. For a reason, this was on my shopping list. One of my favorite releases from last year. This awesome album was brought to sunlight by Ripple Music and if you are after a copy, I suggest you check out the source, Ripple Music (the colored version is long gone so you have to settle for regular vesion though).

Birdstone: Seer LP


Here’s some modern heavy blues to your ears. I came across with Birdstone sometime at the end of last year and fell in love with this album. Beautiful record from start to the very end. This album is filled with modern blues/psychedelic/ritual rock and maybe there’s some stoner tunes hidden between notes. Highly recommended album this surely is.  Available from the Band.

Dusty Duke: Troublemaker LP


This is Dusty Duke playing bluesy, dirty/southern rock seasoned with a hint of country. Not bad mixture at all. My copy arrived last week and it has been under heavy rotation since. Troublemaker is Dusty Duke’s second release and that debut album is now on my “want list”. As far as I know, this is limited to 150 copies and still available via their BandCamp site and from Black Farm Records (debut  & this second album available via both sources). Great recording and worth to check out!


Shotgun Sawyer: Bury The Hatchet LP (splatter)

shotgun saywer

Love at first sight.. but I have to admit that it took way too long to purchase this bluesy/stoner  release from Shotgun Sawyer. Never been even near States but somehow this record manages to take me there.. weird, but must have something to do that bluesy sound. Really happy that I finally decided to grab this record. This is still available from the source, Ripple Music (US) and regular black version available from their EU shop (if you want to save some shipping costs). Amazing record in my opinion


The Ugly Kings: Darkness Is My Home LP (red/black/white marbled)

ugly kings

A damn nice blues/hard rock album from this australian band. I listened this album via BandCamp few times and result of those moments can be seen on the picture above. Bluesy rock with touch of darkness, what else can I ask? Highly recommended album even though this has nothing to do with stoner/doom/sludge. Jus give a listen and you know what I mean. Still available from Kozmik Artifactz on white vinyl if you are interested. Yeah!!


Geezer: s/t 2xLP (Die-Hard edition)


Yeah, what a way to start this year. This came on last Friday and just look how awesome it looks! Pure STB quality when it comes how vinyl albums should be released. Been listening this a lot during today.. Damn good sounding heavy/hard/blues/stoner album and I already know that this album will have numerous spins in this household. This die-hard edition is limited to 105 copies and came with bonus twelve-inch, “A Flagrant Disregard For Happiness”. This package wasn’t cheap (those shipping costs between the new & the old continent are hilarious) but worth every freaking cent. I salute the band for awesome album and SteveSTB for releasing this on vinyl format! As you can already guess, this version s sold out but there’s still few colorways available from STB Records (I love that “not so standard ” version, if I had enough money I would go for that version too..), EU version (white/clear, limited to 200 copies) is available from Kozmik Artifactz.

Electric Ladyland [Redux] 2xLP & Best of James Marshall Hendrix LP


These two albums came last week from Magnetic Eye Records. Usually I do not buy compilations, tribute albums etc. but with these two I just had to make an exception. I like both of these albums and records like these are quite easy way to check out new bands (yes, there are bands I have never hear about before). I know that there have been discussions on some forums about delay of this [Redux] version.. Hey, we all knew the release date (roughly) when we backed this release via Kickstarter. Another topic around this release have been about colorways of the vinyl.. Seems that some of the backers are disappointed that their copies are on black wax when there are more fancy colored version available via MER. And what do I think? I’m fine with my copy the way it is, I know in my heart that I have been helping to put out these awesome pieces of vinyl. By the way, music sounds better on pure black wax. Oh, I also love the artwork on both albums (especially on “Best of…”). Thanks to Magnetic Eye Records, this dude here is very gratified. Both albums (“Best of..” on black wax, [Redux] on three different colorways) are still available from MER. Recommended, surprisingly :)







Old Man’s Will: Hard Times – Troubled Man LP (test press)

oöd man's will

Even though I have said that I’m not that interested of test pressing.. here’s one, surprise. Very strong performance from this band on their second full-length released by Riding Easy Records. If you like good old-time rock favored with blues I suggest you to check this one out. These test pressings are limited to 30 copies (still wondering why so much..) and surprisingly sold out but there are still clear copies (limited to 200 copies) available from Riding Easy. Nice one!


Grusom: s/t LP (marbled)


This arrived today. Couldn’t resist purchasing this one after listening only one track, “Journey”. Damn good debut album from this Danish band. Bluesy rock’n’roll, awesome sounding vocals and those tunes played with cursed organ.. Yes, I want more! Released by Kozmik Artifactz and limited to three different colorways; black, orange and marbled (like this one I got). All variations still available from Kozmik



Slow Season: Mountains LP (test pressing)

Slow Season

Yes, yes, yes.. another test pressing from Riding Easy Records.. Few days ago I find myself thinking why in hell anyone want to buy test pressing and surprisingly this one arrived.. Slow Season and their debut album, very strong performance when talking about blues/stoner rock. I had this one on my wantlist for a while and then, suddenly this TP came available to purchase.. and here it is. I like this one, I like every damn record Riding Easy is releasing (along comes these other labels; STB Records, Small Stone Records, HeviSike, Pink Tank Records, Poisoned Mind, Helmet Lady Records, Magnetic Eye Records… etc).

Anyways, really damn good album and this TP was limited to 40 hand-numbered copies and surprise, surprise it’s sold out. Do not worry, there’s still various colorways available at Riding Easy Records.

slow season


Lé Betre / King Buffalo: split 12″ (Die Hard version)


Yeah.. this came today. I honestly think that STB Records has taken this whole “Die Hard” concept to the next level lately (and others follow if they can.. or care). Quality release with outstanding packaging (came with extra mp3 coupons etc.). Thank You Steve, for making my day (once again)!

Usually I’m not that big fan of split releases but with this album I’m very pleased. Stoner, blues rock, psychedelic (or whatever these two bands are performing) tunes hits you hard between your eyes. I’m familiar with Lè Betre but this King Buffalo is totally new band for me and I really like what I’m hearing here. And like we all know, these STB releases sell out very fast, as did this one. Now I’m just waiting for that Lightsabres upcoming album that which will be released by STB Records! Hell Yeah!!


The Highway Kind: s/t LP (colored)

highway kind

And here’s a pretty damn good album filled with bluesy rock, seasoned with some psychedelic rock’n’roll. For a debut album this is quite good release, in my opinion and I have been listening this a lot lately. I really dig these retro sounding, bluesy, garage bands and The Highway Kind is turning to be one of my favorite. Album came in perfect condition & packaged secured which always makes me happy. According to their BandCamp page this is limited to 100 copies and is available from the same source. Nice one and I can recommend this without a doubt.

The Picturebooks: Imaginary Horse LP (clear)


Look what I got from Riding Easy Records yesterday. Yep, the debut album from The Picturebooks and it sounds awesome. This German duo knows their Rock’n’Roll, bluesy kind. I really dig this album a lot, it sounds raw, it sounds dangerous, you can smell the sweat on it.. Thanks to Riding Easy for putting this jewel out, without You I would have missed this band totally. This clear version was limited to 50 copies and surprisingly it’s sold out but there are still copies on white and black vinyl available from the source, Riding Easy Records (these should have sold out already..). Recommended album, this is Rock’n’Roll, dangerous kind!

Geezer: Gage LP (Halloween Edition)


And then I got this beauty from STB Records (with tons of extra stuff, mp3 coupons etc.). This is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl with yellow & green splatter, and was available on Halloween’s eve. Actually I already have this on die hard version but I just couldn’t resist purchasing this.. damn me and my hoarding issues. Well, I love this album and really appreciate everything STB Records is doing. Nice item and really awesome record!

Geezer: Gage LP (black)


It’s here! Countless mornings this record has been on my headphones on my way to work. More I listen to it, more I love it. Psychedelic-Blues-Rock played just like I love to hear it. Actually I received this album few weeks ago but there was some scratches on the vinyl so I decided to contact Steve from STB Records and today I received this replacement vinyl (really happy about this!). It’s awesome how DIY label like STB takes care of their customers, I really appreciate this kind of customer service (can’t say same about some big/major labels..). Great album & great label. Oh, seems that these Geezer albums are nearly sold out but if you’re fast enough, you might still get this hand-numbered OBI strip version (limited to 100 copies) from STB Records. Recommended!

Oh, I got some extra along this Geezer album!

curse the son

This was a great surprise because I missed this one totally when it was released. Curse The Son and their album Psychache. What can I say? Thanks Stephen/STB Records, Your label rules big time!


…Groundhog day

Lonesome Shack

Got this nice blues rock LP by Lonesome Shack today. Yeah, it’s limited & colored, but..


first corner..


second corner..


third corner.. Oh, carton stiffeners were used..


usually these are at least size of the cover.. not this time..

splitsplit..and of course we have one tiny seam split. This is reminder for me why I usually note the seller that I would like my purchases sent records & covers separated..

maileeerrrsss..Finally, these words printed on the mailer, they do not mean nothing to postal services at the end.


Heavy Blanket: Live At Tym Guitars 12″ (purple)

heavy blanket

With this one I had a problem, I’m not that big fan of live recordings, but here it is. These purple, hand-numbered copies were available for few hours from Outer Battery records.  And about the record, even though my despise towards live recordings, this actually sounds very nice. So, I’m quite happy that I managed to purchase this one. This is limited to 200 copies on red and 200 copies on purple vinyl. Both versions seems to be sold out. And for those who missed this one: This is just a record, live one, not a worlds greatest record (but good one).

Post War Glamour Girls: Pink Fur LP (pink)

post war LP

And little different record (if I compare this to those I have been recently purchasing) this time. Sounds great, really like the singer’s voice (reminds me of Nick Cave and maybe a hint of Stuart Ashton Stables) and record is very enjoyable from start to end. This is something I have missed for some time now. Recommended, darken, bluesy rock! I do not know about total limitation of this release but 100 of those came on pink vinyl (sold out). Regular black version is available from their BandCamp page.

This seven-inch came with this album, it’s availalbe from the same source as the album itself.

post war s