Geezer: Gage LP (Halloween Edition)


And then I got this beauty from STB Records (with tons of extra stuff, mp3 coupons etc.). This is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl with yellow & green splatter, and was available on Halloween’s eve. Actually I already have this on die hard version but I just couldn’t resist purchasing this.. damn me and my hoarding issues. Well, I love this album and really appreciate everything STB Records is doing. Nice item and really awesome record!

Geezer: Gage LP (black)


It’s here! Countless mornings this record has been on my headphones on my way to work. More I listen to it, more I love it. Psychedelic-Blues-Rock played just like I love to hear it. Actually I received this album few weeks ago but there was some scratches on the vinyl so I decided to contact Steve from STB Records and today I received this replacement vinyl (really happy about this!). It’s awesome how DIY label like STB takes care of their customers, I really appreciate this kind of customer service (can’t say same about some big/major labels..). Great album & great label. Oh, seems that these Geezer albums are nearly sold out but if you’re fast enough, you might still get this hand-numbered OBI strip version (limited to 100 copies) from STB Records. Recommended!

Oh, I got some extra along this Geezer album!

curse the son

This was a great surprise because I missed this one totally when it was released. Curse The Son and their album Psychache. What can I say? Thanks Stephen/STB Records, Your label rules big time!


…Groundhog day

Lonesome Shack

Got this nice blues rock LP by Lonesome Shack today. Yeah, it’s limited & colored, but..


first corner..


second corner..


third corner.. Oh, carton stiffeners were used..


usually these are at least size of the cover.. not this time..

splitsplit..and of course we have one tiny seam split. This is reminder for me why I usually note the seller that I would like my purchases sent records & covers separated..

maileeerrrsss..Finally, these words printed on the mailer, they do not mean nothing to postal services at the end.


Heavy Blanket: Live At Tym Guitars 12″ (purple)

heavy blanket

With this one I had a problem, I’m not that big fan of live recordings, but here it is. These purple, hand-numbered copies were available for few hours from Outer Battery records.  And about the record, even though my despise towards live recordings, this actually sounds very nice. So, I’m quite happy that I managed to purchase this one. This is limited to 200 copies on red and 200 copies on purple vinyl. Both versions seems to be sold out. And for those who missed this one: This is just a record, live one, not a worlds greatest record (but good one).

Post War Glamour Girls: Pink Fur LP (pink)

post war LP

And little different record (if I compare this to those I have been recently purchasing) this time. Sounds great, really like the singer’s voice (reminds me of Nick Cave and maybe a hint of Stuart Ashton Stables) and record is very enjoyable from start to end. This is something I have missed for some time now. Recommended, darken, bluesy rock! I do not know about total limitation of this release but 100 of those came on pink vinyl (sold out). Regular black version is available from their BandCamp page.

This seven-inch came with this album, it’s availalbe from the same source as the album itself.

post war s


Danzig: III How The Gods Kill LP


I went out to local record store for the latest album of Oranssi Pazuzu.. Well, they did not have that and on my way out of the store my eyes spotted this one.. Pristine copy and no excuse to leave this one there. Even though I haven’t been listening Danzig for years now, I had to buy this. Maybe I have to pay a visit to that store more often (last summer I found few copies of Mark Lanegan’s earlier albums..). Nice pick, and got this one on very reasonable prize.

Tom Waits: Bone Machine LP

bone machine

And here it is, the winner! Even though this ain’t the original copy (but 2010 unofficial release) I still damn love this album! Record full of awesome songs and so dark and hopeless. Original vinyl version is so damn expensive that I have to settle with this one. This is The Album. And there is, nor never will be song like “Black Wings”

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Extra Width LP

extra width

This album has its place in my heart. It was the period of my life when I listened Jesus Lizard, Shellac and other so-called “noise” rock bands. I even love the cover of the album.. For me this is Blues Explosions coolest album. Get this, it’s still floating at the record store near you.

Murder By Death: Red Of Tooth And Claw LP (burgundy)

murder by deathFound this band about three years ago. I was amazed by the fact that I didn’t knew anything about this act. But now I know much much much more. Records like this one keeps me trying to find more and more beauty from this darkness. Recommended, highly. As far as I know this color is from 2nd press and limited to 1000 copies. Available from straight from their website.

Pretty Lightning: There Are Witches In The Woods LP

pretty lightning

I remember reading something about this band somewhere.. can’t remember where or when. I picked this from the record store while I was visiting my grandmother up north. Nice pick without listening this before. I do not know anything about placing bands to certain genres but I would say that this is hazy blues rock mixed with little bit of psychedelia. You can get this from Boomkat, Norman Records, Insound and of course from Fonal Records (where you can find lots of interesting recordings).

Tom Waits: Rain Dogs LP

rain dogs

I clearly remember when I first time heard these tunes. I was spending my time in library and in music department there was this record. I liked the cover so much that I borrowed the album. Year was 1994 and this record/artist totally stole my heart (well, more likely part of it)! Amazing album. Some might say that this was his turning point to worse but for me all his albums are brilliant!!