Ruff Majik : Tårn LP (yellow/red spatter)


Over a month ago I got the latest album from Ruff Majik, The Devil’s Cattle, and decided to get the band’s previous recordings as well. I followed Thomas Bleuze’s advice and started with Ruff Majik’s previous album, Tårn. This record has been on my shopping list for some time and now it’s here. It’s annoyingly hard to place this band in any particular genre, it’s a strange mix of groovy garage-doom-stoner-blues and whatever.. a great band and I’m just looking forward to which direction they’re going to steer us in the future. The album is still available via Lay Bare Recorings. Recommended, highly!

Pink Cigs: Pink Cigs LP (blue/mustard)


Time for some hard-hitting bluesy stoner rock from the UK. I would have missed this record but luckily, I came across it via BandCamp while browsing here and there looking for some new music. The first time I noticed this band earlier this year via Facebook’s Doomed & Stoned group, but somehow I managed to forget the whole album. Luckily, it’s now here in my hairy hands, sending sweets sounds to my eardrums. Pink Cigs self-released debut album is sold out from the band’s BandCamp site but don’t worry because Bear Tree Records still have copies for waiting for you!

Lightning Born: Lightning Born LP (splattered)

lightning born

One of those records that I’ve been listening very closely the past couple of weeks. Lightning Born’s debut that arrived with Zed & Shotgun Sawyer from Ripple Music some weeks ago. Bluesy/stoner/hard rock is the field they are playing on. This “Astral Storm” version is still available from the source, Ripple Music. Those EU citizens who want to save some shipping cost can also purchase this album via Ripple’s EU store. I prefer US store… some of you may know why. Ten out of ten to this album for sure.


Numidia‎: Numidia LP (orange)


Numidia and their self-titled debut album. This Australian band combines elements of progressive & psychedelic rock with middle eastern blues or something and the result is outstanding. A really enjoyable record we got here. I know that these tunes are far from stoner & doom records I have been purchasing lately but oh boys & girls, time to time it’s refreshing to step outside the box. Limited to 300 copies on orange vinyl and still available via Nasoni Records & straight from the band. Great release and at this moment most played one in this household.


No Man’s Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)


Recently I went through some “monthly list” I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). No Man’s Valley was one of those. Holy hell, I love this record. Mysterious, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy desert rock or something. After listening to the first track it was obvious that I have to purchase this one. Here it is now as you can see from the picture above. Brilliant album if I may say even though it has nothing to do with stoner/sludge/doom I nowadays mostly like to listen. Just check out this one, it might surprise you like it did in my case. Available from Tonzonen Records.



Rifflord: 7 Cremation Ground / Meditation LP (Die Hard edition) & Cassette version


Yeah, got this album by Rifflord few weeks ago from STB Records. Bought this also on cassette version from Teschio Dischi (didn’t manage to get that most limited cassette version but I’m good with the one I got). Like this album a lot, more than just a lot. Bluesy stoner with some southern influences, match made in heaven. I’m a huge fan of STB Records and this was obvious purchase. Have to admit that I was little surprised that STB has started using those mailers without so-called “buffer zones” , got my copy with dents on the corners of the cover.. and some old followers know exactly what I think about these cosmetic faults.. As I have said before, you just can’t win every time.. This die-hard edition is sold out but you still can get some other limited versions via STB’s BandCamp site. There’s also a handful of copies of this album available on cassette version from Italian label, Teschio Dischi (Teschio has sold out all their cassette versions). Recommended release, indeed.




Messa: Feast For Water LP (orange/black)


Well, I skipped this bands debut (can’t say why..) but then I came across with this one, their second full-length and I was sold. Don’t know how to describe this record.. it’s like doomed metal with some darkened jazz in it or something. Anyways, it sounds freaking good. Love the atmosphere on this album and those vocals.. Must get my hands on that debut album too. I bought this copy of mine via Aural Music (according to Discogs there should have been A2 double-sided poster included.. who knows) and surprise, first edition is sold out (orange/black color-in-color (ltd.200) & orange (no information of  limitation) . But don’t worry, Aural has second pressing now for sale with three color variations. I suggest you to check this beauty out!


Black Road: s/t EP 12″ (DHU Exclusive version)

black road

Yet another release from DHU Records. This EP from Black Road arrived few weeks ago (if I remember right, been messing up days lately). Hell yeah this is one damn good release, bluesy-fuzzed-stoner-rock and oh I love Suzi Uzi’s voice. This copy here is DHU Records exclusive version, limited to 90 numbered copies. And for your information, this and other two variants (plus cassette version that I still have to purchase) are still available from the source, DHU Records. Wondering why this haven’t sold out already, that good this one surely is. Recommended!


Earth Witch: Out Of The Shallow LP (orange)

earth witch

It took only one song to hear via BandCamp and I had to purchase this debut album from Earth Witch. I really like this kind of stoner/doom/blues/whateverwecallitnowadays. Hopefully I found a copy of this raw diamond via Cursed Tongue Records (really surprised that this still is available). I’m really lost with bands & records of this “genre” but I really try keep myself on the map. This record has been given hours & hours spinning time in this household and more I listen to it, more I like it. So, this is limited to 100 copies on orange vinyl (hand-numbered etc.) and 200 copies on blackened wax. Just check this out, I think you wont be disappointed.


Toke: s/t LP (wax mage)


I’ve been following this thread about Doom/Stoner metal on Vinyl Collective’s forum and came across with this band (actually with their latest release, on cassette, called “Orange”). Listened the band via BandCamp and really liked what I was hearing, doomed-bluesy-sabbath-stoner metal. Well, missed the cassette but found out that Opoponax Records was about to release their first one (?) on vinyl. Surprisingly missed that one too just because ordering with mobile phone ain’t that easy especially when you having problems with your Paypal app.

But one week later these “wax mage” versions came available again (small amount) and I managed to snag a copy. My variant is one of those 29 copies that were pressed by Wax Mage Records (hand poured & hand pressed) and Kinda like these colors on this one, not bad. Great record pressed on awesome looking vinyl! Some less limited color variations still available from Opoponax Records and EU customers can head straight to Totem Cat Records because they still have some black copies available (and while visiting their store you can also snag a signed & hand-numbered copy of Goya’s Enemy 12″)


Elbrus: Elbrus LP (red/white/black marbled)


Elbrus? Never heard of this band but as I was about to purchase that Son Of A Witch album from Kozmik Artifactz I came across with this record, listened it while via BandCamp and decided to purchase this one too. Now I have to say that I’m quite happy that I did. Bluesy, doomed, psychedelic stoner or something like that.. but the main thing here is that I like what I’m hearing here. Seems that there’s a punch of awesome bands coming from Australia nowadays. This colorway is also limited to 111 hand-numbered copies and available from Kozmik Artifactz. Recommended one indeed!

Youngblood Supercult: High Plains 2xLP (Acid Tongue edition)


It didn’t took that much time to purchase this Youngblood Supercult’s album “High Plains” after I heard that second track “Monolith” via their BandCamp page. Thing I like the most is the atmosphere on this album, fuzzed bluesy stoner/retro/psych rock with damn good sounding vocals. Needless to say that I dig this album big time! This brilliant double album is available from D.H.U. Records. The color variation on the picture is called “Acid Tongue edition”, it’s D.H.U. exclusive limited to 90 copies and sadly it’s sold out by now. But don’t worry, there’s still black-colored copies (ltd. 150 copies) available from the source, D.H.U. Records. Recommended one!! And hey, if you’re gonna visit the site I suggest you to check it out thoroughly.

Must purchase this album also on digital format…