Foot: The Balance of Nature Shifted 2xLP (fire & flood edition)


I got this record a few months back and still find this Australian band’s record spinning either in my turntable or digitally in my earphones almost daily. Even though this album is more like a mixture of alternative / prog & little grunge on it, still some stoner vibes can be heard time to time. I really like the atmosphere on this album. One of the best albums I’ve listened to this year. Highly recommended double album and still available for example via Copper Feast Records.

Pseudo Mind Hive: From Elsewhere LP (galactic storm edition)


This Australian psychedelic/stoner group blew my mind a few months ago. One of those bands I have never heard of before and I came across this album while surfing around BandCamp. One of my favorite albums from 2019 (note that this is EU version), even though this was originally released in 2018. The band has released a new album last year and yes, I purchased that too (more about that one later). This one is still available via Copper Feast Records so grab it while you still can! Highly recommended!