Kuolema-duo: s/t LP


Bough this album earlier this year and for your information this records holds little different music than I usually like to listen. Kuolema-duo, roughly translated it means Death-duo, simple as that. These two Finnish ladies perform psalm-like folk with very dark lyrics (in finnish). I was quite surprised that one half of this duo I already know from my past. Anyways, really like this album and I also bought their previous long play on cassette as it was also available. If some one is interested of finnish-dark-psalm-folk, you can grab a copy for example from Record Shop X. Just listen..


Those Poor Bastards: Behold The Abyss LP (clear with red splatter)


Finally I got my hands on this darkened country jewel! I missed this one when it was released and been looking for a copy since. Few weeks ago I found one with decent prize tag on it via Discogs. Those Poor Bastards. I’ve been a fan of this band since I heard their “Satan Is Watching” album. Darkened, gothic are the words when talking about this band. This vinyl is limited to 500 copies and it seems to be quite hard to find these days. Here’s few tunes for you to check out if you do not know the band. First one is from their “Satan Is Watching” album, second from this one. Enjoy :) Ain’t this band miserable enough?


Those Poor Bastards: Sing It Ugly LP (Red with Black & Bone Splatter)

those poor bastards

New full-length from this miserable duo..  playing their miserable darkened country tunes. This band has always been there for me when I’m feeling low, sad, miserable etc. They have been there since their amazing “Satan is Watching” album.. masterpiece. Anyways, they are here again and damn, I really love this twisted album as I love every album they have released. Music for miserable & darkened souls. There are three colored variations each limited to 200 copies) and regular black version of this album available  from Tribulation Recording Co. Yeah, sorry for everything..

Tennessee Jet: s/t LP (ltd. 100 falling stars version)

tennessee jet

Niceeee. Hell yeah! I really dig this album! Came across with this release via SlyVinyl and it didn’t took that much time to decide whether to purchase this one or not. Well, as we can see, this beautiful (near brilliant) record is here with me. I bought this so-called “Falling Stars” version which cost hmmm..  some money (+ shipping to the other side of the world and then the record got stuck on Customs and I had to pay some more money.. etc.) Anyways, awesome album filled with blues, country, folk, honky-tonk.. you name it. And of course, this also seems to be Fonoflo‘s first release (not bad at all!). This is still available from Fonoflo and there are at least three color variations from to choose (there was also a series of 6 unique custom records but those were way too expensive for me to purchase). Recommended one, real treasure!!

One thing that made me little sad, and turned the corners of my mouth downwards.. usage of those “crucifix” mailers (really hope that these mailers will vanish someday from the market) and even those stiffeners on the package couldn’t prevent this to happen..


quite expensive dent..

Dorthia Cottrell: s/t LP


“Paved in bone, blessed are these highways that carry us home…”

Is this the record I have been waiting for all my life, is this the one? I surely don’t know but we are close, so close.. I came across with this album while surfing trough BandCamp and it was love at first “sight”. Later I discovered that I already have heard her voice numerous times while spinning Windhand’s latest album.. Well, sometimes it goes like this. Awesome solo album. And even though the whole album is pure gold from the first note to the last, there are these two tracks I’m in love; “Orphan Bird” and Townes Van Zandt cover “Rake”. Recommended album, available from Forcefield Records (I was tired for waiting some European distributor getting this one so I ordered my copy directly from the source).

“I used to wake and run with the moon
I lived like a rake and a young man
I covered my lovers with flowers and wounds
My laughter, the Devil would frighten…”

Nick Jonah Davis: House Of Dragons LP


Hmm.. what can I say.. I just love acoustic guitars (as I love violin, cello, piano etc..) and there’s certainly something addicting on this album by Nick Jonah Davis. House Of Dragons is his second full-length and I like it, a lot. Still I’m no one to say anything about this album but damn, I trust my ears and my ears love these sounds, notes & the atmosphere on this album. Instrumental it is, experimental mixture of folk, country and americana. Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl and wrapped on this nice looking cover. Oh, and it’s available from Lancashire And Somerset. Recommended!

got these from blackest rainbow today.. part 2.

blackest rainbow

Oh and today I finally received that second parcel from Blackest Rainbow (took a little longer to arrive but now it’s here where it should be).

Well, let’s see what we got here.. That much I already know that these are quite experimental albums and that really is the most interesting part :)


OWL XOUNDS EXPLODING GALAXY ‎– Splintered Visions, LP (limited to 250 copies) BRR223, 2011


And this first one is totally free jazz, free improvisation and.. and I’m little wordless with this one I have to admit (in positive way). Hard but beautiful one. This can still be picked up from Blackest Rainbow for £1.99 and there are 39 copies still available.

This live clip shows what this album is made of..


KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU / THE HUNTER GRACCHUS ‎– Zwei Eineperson (Pt. 2) / Mujeres De La Boca, LP (limited to 500 copies) BRR184, 2010

kommissar hjuler

Hmm.. this is weird one, experimental or more like avantgarde? I can’t say after listening this one trough one time. There is much to chew with this one. This is also available from Blackest Rainbow and the price ain’t that bad, £1.99 (only 8 copies left). Strange little piece of vinyl..


CAM DEAS – Blind Chance, LP (limited to 500 copies) BBR175, 2010

cam deas

This one, I like this really much (more familiar stuff). Even though this is also quite experimental, I love when music is played acoustic. Nice pick, I have to admit. Sadly this is sold out from Blackest Rainbow, but surely you can find this easily if you really want. Recommended.

Little live clip what this artist is about


ARITOMO ‎– こわいこもれび [Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages], LP (limited to 322 copies) BBR180, 2010


Reissue of this artists debut album. This is strange psychedelic folk from this awesome Japanese artist. I really like this one, this is different and so amazing little piece of art. This cost me £2.99 and there are still 4 copies available from Blackest Rainbow. Recommended.


ARITOMO – Blooming The Ena, LP (limited to 250 copies) BBR183, 2011


Yet another awesome reissue from Aritomo, originally released in 2007. It’s fine that Blackest Rainbow has released these reissues. Japanese folk at its best. Sad to say but this one is also sold out from Blackest Rainbow, but surely you can find a copy if you want this treasure. Recommended record indeed!


PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST ‎– Transparent Winter, LP (limited to 250) BBR220, 2011

transparent winter

And then the last one, and maybe the best one from this shipment (this is purely my opinion after listening all these albums trough once). I like everything with experimental, avantgarde folk. This beauty cost me £1.99 and there are still 20 copies available from Blackest Rainbow.


So, that’s all. Conclusion is that I’m very pleased that I purchased these 11 albums (came on to separate parcels). Niiiice…


Got these from Blackest Rainbow today.. Part 1.

blackest rainbow

Got a package from Blackest Rainbow today and I have to say that I’m pretty breathless now.. :D (actually my tolerance for strange music/noise is reaching its limits hahaa..)

But I like this journey. Blackest Rainbow is having a sale and they are selling these records with ridiculously low price tags. Well, with prices like that I couldn’t resist and I ordered few records (these are from the first shipment, the other one is still on its way). Lets go!


MOUNTAINHOOD – Death Pod, Single sided 12″ (limited to 320 copies) BRR135, 2009

death pod

Hmm.. very interesting piece of vinyl this single sided twelve-inch record is. Experimental indeed, and little hard for me to say what this actually is. Interesting and cost only £1.99 and there is only one copy left on Blackest Rainbow’s BandCamp site. Choice is yours :)


DAVID A. JAYCOCK – Presets, LP (limited to 250 copies) BRR193, 2010


I like this one. Little easier to listen than that Mountainhood’s album. This might be some kind of easy-listening, experimental folk or something. Nice pick even though I had no idea about this artist or anything he has done. This cost me £3.99 and there are still 3 copies left on Blackest Rainbow’s BandCamp site. This is good.


JACK ALLETT – The Collapsing Middle, LP + CD (limited to 300 copies) BRR207LP, 2011

Jack Allet

Oh, yet another one I really like, acoustic guitar mixing blues, country, folk etc. Now I’m smiling considering the fact that I bought these albums without hearing a single note. Cost me £2.99 and if some one is interested hearing little different guitar playing, I suggest you to head straight to the source, Blackest Rainbow and their BandCamp site (21 copies remaining). Recommended.


ACID BIRDS – Acid Birds III, LP (limited to 500 copies), 2011

acid birds

Hahaa! If you don’t like jazz, you better avoid this record (this is free jazz, improvised, experimental etc.) It’s like a hectic wind blowing through my skull, refreshing experience! There certainly is a place for records like this, my record rack. Nice, nice. You can blow your head off just spending £1.99 at Blackest Rainbow’s BandCamp site.


STARVING WEIRDOS – B/P/M Series 1, LP (limited to 500 copies) BRR118, 2009

starving weirdos

Whoa.. My first contact with Starving Weirdos (somehow I have always missed every single recording they have made..) But now that mistake is corrected. I have to admit that I had no idea what to expect when placing this under the needle. Damn! This is good and I paid only £1.99 to get this beauty in my collection. I want more. Sadly this one is now sold out from Blackest Rainbow but quite easy to find with decent price tag from other sources.


I have to say that I’m very pleased to these records, actually more than pleased. Now I’m just waiting for that other half of my order (six-pack of unfamiliar treasures) to arrive.

King Dude: Burning Daylight LP (red)

king dude

Not so often I purchase used items but I made an exception with this one when I saw this on Iron Force Records webstore. Well, I picked this from Post office an hour ago and I’m very pleased, record in excellent condition! Very raw dark folk and country influenced album indeed. Surprisingly he is recording with Chelsea Wolfe nowadays, perfect duo. Evil record. This reminds me little of tales told by Those Poor Bastards, similar atmosphere on this album. Yes! About limitation, no idea with this blood-red/black swirl one but there are 500 copies on black vinyl and this has also been repressed.. But anyways, I like and now there are dark and vicious thoughts filling my mind :)

The Wooden Wolf: 9 ballads Op.1 LP


Even though it is Monday, I can say that this might be my “Record of The Week”. All thanks goes to that opening tune, A Little Bit Of Cryin’. Damn I really like this record. There are days that you have to listen this kind of music to survive in this cold, dark world. Beautiful album and I really liked the picture on the mailer this came in.. Brought smile on my face, Thanks!


And I hope that this is one of those records you are going to grab. Available from BandCamp (and no, I do not know limitation and honestly I do not care, I got my copy and I’m happy with this).



Human Behavior: Golgotha LP (lavender)

human behavior

Now I’m healing my metal overdose with this beauty. Found this from BandCamp and now I find this really refreshing. The point is that I made my decision to purchase this album based on just one song,  I’m Sorry, Hosanna. And I’m very glad that I did. If you enjoy listening experimental folk/country seasoned with little goth, then this album is for you (as it’s for me too). Limited to 500 copies and seems that 100 of those are colored like this one I got. Available from band’s BandCamp site. Recommended.

Mike Gangloff: Poplar Hollow LP (green & red swirl)

mike gangloff

Strange album filled with awesome banjo & fiddle tunes. I’m very happy that I purchased this one (even though decision took quite a long time). Oh, and one awesome point was that this was packaged in these mailers with bumper zones (Thank You! Blackest Rainbow!). And about the music, I admire those who can handle instrument called banjo. Excellent! Limitation of this record is 500 copies and available from Blackest Rainbow (grab a copy while you can!)