Sixes: Methistopheles LP (Acid God Edition)


This I picked up from the Post office today, album titled “Methistopheles” from group called Sixes. This is heavy, literally, filled with dirty sludge/stoner/doom/crust & darkness. Evil stuff released by Poisoned Mind Records (one of my favorite ones). This is still available from the source, even that deluxe edition I chose not to purchase this time (little low on money because this doomed house of mine is sucking all the extra pennies). This version here is “Acid God” one (limited to 150 copies) and in my opinion the colors on vinyl are awesome. With that 20 bucks I saved chosing this color variation I can purchase some screws & nails to fix damages this record will cause to this hut. Excellent record & beautiful package plus nice work from Poisoned Mind, You all rule!!


Ragana: You Take Nothing LP (white/gray/black Marble )


Very intense doomed, blackened-crust release from Ragana (once again). This duo stole my heart last year with that previous album, Wash Away. This third release (You Take Nothing) is filled with dark, intense & powerful tunes and those vocals.. damn. Hope that this two-piece will never stop what they are doing because, just because. If you haven’t already heard of this band it’s just about the time to check them out. This colored vinyl is limited to 500 numbered copies and still available (like regular black wax) from An Out Recordings. Recommended release indeed!


Young And In The Way: I Am Not What I Am LP


Then I have always time for stuff like this here, Young And In The Way & their hard-hitting debut album, “I Am Not What I Am”. Sometimes I got lucky with Discogs and find these jewels for decent prize. This is what it is, blackened-crust-hardcore-metal blowing ear-wax out of your cranium. This here is the original version, hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies. If you want this, I suggest you to check out what Discogs has to offer. Great one for this misty Saturday morning.


Skitsystem: Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen LP


Great album, great band. Is this Crust, Crustcore, D-beat, Hardcore?? Who knows and in the end even cares! I will carry this band with me till the end of my days. This record gave me strength in my deepest days and this will always be in my Top 10! Always! Available, well this should be available from every good record store around.

Birds In Row: Cottbus 12″

birds in row

There’s no way I can remember when I heard this first time but I was sold immediately. Raw record and raw music and that suits me. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl. Sold out from Throatruiner Records but try getting this from Discogs.

Prophecy Of Doom‎: Acknowledge The Confusion Master LP

One of those records that I lost and found again. Bought this first time only for the cover :) well, I was young those days and any record with cool cover was hot, I thought so. Few years ago I found the lyric sheet of this record inside Eleni Karaindrous “The Suspended Step Of The Stork” record ?!? I hunted this sometime and found it from Discogs. Lovely record.