Switchblade Jesus: Death Hymns LP (purple)


Got this latest from Switchblade Jesus via Cursed Tongue Records along with that Sumoken album I posted earlier. A band I’ve known for years but never managed to get familiar with. Once again an error that has now been corrected. Stoner / doom (and I’m honestly hearing strong Speed/Thrash Metal influences here) is the name of the game, obviously, and hell yeah I love these furious tunes that are penetrating the fragile cranium. Here I am wondering how on earth I managed to dodge the repertoire of this band until now? Damn. Recommended one and still available from the source, CTR! Get a copy, you obviously need one like I do.

Sumokem: Prajnaparadha LP (oxblood)


Do you ever purchase albums without hearing a single note from them in advance? I do, sometimes. That’s what happened here, I bought this from Cursed Tongue Records along with another record (I’ll come back to that other record another time). What we have here is the second full-length from Sumokem. Their debut was released a few years back and I clearly remember skipping it, the reason could be that I simply didn’t have the money at that time to invest in records. Shame on me! But back to this one, this is mere perfection from start to finish. Progressive, doomed stoner / sludge with a classic metal twist and I’m speechless at this moment. Maybe it’s just better that you check out this record all by yourself because my words don’t do justice. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Go and grab a copy while you still can, available from the source, CTR or for example from Kozmik Artifactz. Those floating around the States can grab a copy from The Cosmic Peddler.

Bonehawk: Iron Mountain LP (clear)


Bonehawk is again one of those bands whose music I have been supposed to get to know for ages and ages. It just happened that I didn’t even get the band’s previous album, Albino Rhino, before this latest one was released. Better late than never. As was the case with that Kitchen Witch record, too many records and so little time. The phenomenally beautiful hard rocking stoner album this surely is and will play on my audio equipment for a long time. Released by Cursed Tongue Records and available (pink-colored version) from the source, Kozmik Artifactz & band’s BandCamp site.

Psychlona: Venus Skytrip LP (blue)


Got this latest from Psychlona from Cursed Tongue Records a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve been listening to it numerous times, I have come to the conclusion that I’m a complete idiot because I skipped their debut album two years ago.. Well, one record more added to my wantlist. Groovy, fuzzed space/stoner/psych and there’s no reason not to like this one. Awesome release from start to the very end. Deep bow in the direction of CTR, once again you have managed to release an outstanding package!

Since this record was released in collaboration with Ripple Music, Us customers can grab the red-colored variation (ltd. 100) directly from Ripple Music. EU customers can still grab the translucent orange version for example from Stickman Records, the blue version is sold out by now.

Wolftooth: Valhalla LP (white)


Cursed Tongue Records released this latest from Wolftooth about three months ago. I remember promising myself after their previous album that I’m not going to miss their possible upcoming album in the future, I didn’t. The thing is that this record is pure Heavy Metal from first to last note. Old school metal that has nearly nothing to do with the word “stoner”, and that’s fine! These gentlemen know what they are doing and I’m enjoying the result. The awesome package overall, thanks to CTR for releasing quality records one after the other! Sold out from the source but Kozmik Artifactz still has some blue variants available, hurry!

Pastor: Unveil LP (white)


Yeah, one of my favorite albums by far this year. Pastor is mixing some awesome 70’s hard rock influences with stoner/psychedelic. Brilliant record and it has been under the needle nearly everyday since I got my copy. Quality release from Cursed Tongue Records once again. Sold out from the source, but you still can get your hands on regular version via Kozmik Artifactz. Grab a copy while you still can!

Sleepwulf: s/t LP (silver)


And then some 70’s influenced love, this time from Cursed Tongue Records. Once again outstanding package but what else can be expected from this label? The Band is Sleepwulf and this seems to be their debut release on vinyl format. Hard-hitting 70’s rock with a hint of doom aside, with this concept you just can’t go wrong. It seems that this sold out quite fast but don’t worry, there’s repress copies available via Cursed Tongue Records and Kozmik Artifactz. Go for it!

Marijannah: Istanah LP (transparent yellow)


Yep.. This band is also one of those I have managed to miss/skip earlier. The point is that there are so many amazing bands/albums floating around and I just don’t have time to check all those out, it’s just impossible. Cursed Tongue Records is one of those labels I follow closely and lately, I have purchased nearly everything the label has released. This latest from Marijannah came through CTR and obviously, I was interested (actually I purchased this album without hearing a note from it). And here it is, there’s always room for quality releases in my collection and this surely is one. At this moment seems that it’s quite hard to find a copy of this album but Stickman Records still have 1 red-colored copy.. and the band is selling cassette version on their BandCamp site if you fancy tapes (like I do).

Hazemaze: Hymns Of The Damned LP (mint green)


Here’s some 70’s influenced hard rockin’ stoner in your face! The band is from where else than Sweden, I wasn’t even surprised about that fact. This is Hazemaze’s second full-length and after listening to this several times in the row I’m forced to go after their debut one. This is released by mighty Cursed Tongue Records on mint green (sold out) and on orange vinyl. Orange version is still available from the source, CTR and via BandCamp. If you prefer cassette format better, head to the BandCamp site or Stoner Witch Records.

I got my copy with some corner damage on the cover (after treatment by beloved postal delivery), so I encourage myself to ask the label if they had some extra copies of the cover. And they did. Now I got me a pristine copy with a shiny cover. CTR was ready to send the cover without shipping charge but I was more than happy to handle those. An awesome record label, I appreciate!


Hemptress: Alchemy LP (CTR edition)


I almost skipped this little treasure when it still was available (actually I just had some issues with my budget at that time). Fortunately, I came to my senses and decided to invest my pennies in what I love. These guys from Canada have stolen my heart with their southern influenced, stoner fueled rock ‘n’ roll. The band sounds awesome and like so many times before Cursed Tongue Records have managed to release an outstanding record. This variant is long gone but you still can get a copy (on black wax) from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Hell Yeah!

Hippie Death Cult: 111 LP (golden colored)


And this beauty I bought via Cursed Tongue Records. This is Hippie Death Cult and this band sounds amazing overall! Now that I’ve listened to this album for a few weeks, I really do understand why this record collects praising reviews from every direction. 111 is fueled with soundscapes from the 70s, doom & stoner and with some grunge influences. This awesome package is released by Cursed Tongue Records (one of my favorite DIY labels out there) and you can still purchase regular black wax via them (very limited stock). Golden variation sold out within minutes. Highly recommend, both band & label.


Devil’s Witches ‎– The Audio Erotic Collection 2xLP


Anyone who has ever come across with this blog of mine sure knows how unfortunate I have always been with this band and all their releases. Well, I have managed to grab a few releases on cassette format but this time luck was by my side.. or I keep thinking so. That F5 button was under heavy pressure at the time this compilation was about to be released. And finally, I was lucky enough to get a copy. It’s amazing how fast all those 500 copies vanished. Yeah, I love this record like all those 499 other lucky ones. Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive (and for understanding my whining about those corner folds..). Greatness on vinyl format!


Palace In Thunderland: The King Of The Empty Aeon LP (gold)


Totally new band for me. Heard this band for the first time via Cursed Tongue Records and the track called “Vicarious” forced me to listen more. After that, it was quite an easy decision to purchase the album. Not that traditional Stoner/doom band, they are mixing different elements to their music and it makes this album so refreshing. Great release from Cursed Tongue Records (like the fact that this label does not get stuck on some specific genre). This treasure is still available via Cursed Tongue Records, CTR edition (ltd. 100) & regular version (ltd. 300). Recommended release indeed!



Captain Caravan: Shun The Sun LP (transparent yellow)


Don’t know what’s wrong with the drinking water in Norway but yet again amazing stoner/hard rocking album from the country better know of its blackened metal scene. Had to choose between this album and some bills I was going to pay.. Well, it’s quite obvious how that went at the end. Band is mixing 70s sounds with hard rocking stoner and as we all know by now, that concept can’t go wrong. Cursed Tongue Records is behind this release and the whole package is, yet again, pure gold. Limited to 100 copies on transparent yellow (sold out by now) and 300 on black wax (still available). Great record and recommended purchase. We all know where you should be heading right now..

Taiga Woods: Taiga Woods LP (green)

taiga woods

More I listen to this more I find myself enjoying it. Taiga Woods, never heard of this norwegian band before but decided to order this with Absent’s album from Cursed Tongue Records (I really like the idea of releasing two albums at the same). Well, this psych/stoner/hard rocking record has earned its place in my record shelf. Don’t know but these groovy, fuzzy tunes are forcing me to move my legs across the floor. Limited to 100 copies on green colored vinyl (sold out by now) and 300 on black vinyl. Regular one still available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. Recommended one!

Absent: Towards The Void LP (green transparent)


Wow! Here we have little heavier release. Brazilian Absent with their debut release “Towards The Void”. Psychedelic Funeral Doom as band itself describes their music on their BandCamp site. I agree even though the end of the third track goes straight to blackened metal. Brilliant! Thanks to Cursed Tongue Records for bringing this alive on vinyl format. Dark & hopeless this record surely is but that’s what makes it so beautiful. This limited version is gone from the source, Cursed Tongue Records, but there’s still “regular” version on black wax available. Highly recommended one!

“Existence is a shallow grave 
For misery is the price of our stay 
Fuck the light in cold demise 
A hole of chaos to swallow the sky 
Drown this world in nothingness”


Devil’s Witches: “Velvet Magic” & “Porno Witches and Vietnam Veterans” Cassettes

devil witches cass

I’ve been overwhelming unlucky with vinyl releases of this band, every damn time. So, I went for these CS versions and finally the sun decided to turn its face to me. Bought these via Golden Dawn Recordings and finally I understand why people are after releases of this band, these are freaking brilliant! Stoner/psych/doom.. don’t really care about categories, I rather just listen the tunes and let my ears make decisions. My hairy ears are in love. Cursed Tongue Records is about to release these two as a double album and maybe, just maybe I’ll be little luckier then.. who knows.


Black Prism: Black Prism LP (clear)

black prism

Niceeeee.. This arrived today and holy hell I like this 70’s influenced stoner/doom act. Never heard of this band before but few weeks ago I came across this upcoming album via Cursed Tongue Record (label I have started love more and more these days..). Bought this CTR exclusive version on clear vinyl including poster & patch limited to 100 copies. Some may say that they have heard these riffs million times before. Well I haven’t and actually I do not even care. This kinda stoner, doom. 70′ psychedelic heavy is way better than music overall nowadays. This version is sold out from the source but they still have some regular copies available. Freaking good album and yet again I suggest you to check this out before that last variation runs out..

Wolftooth: Wolftooth LP (gold)


Somehow I managed to miss this one on the first round but on the second round I got my sweaty hands on it. Cursed Tongue Records put few extra records for sale and I had to go through an internal battle on which one to go after, this or (((I’ M HEROIN))) by Mephistofeles. For obvious reason I went for Wolftooth, there were handful copies
available and only one copy of Mephistofeles.

Well, I have to admit that going after this one was a perfect choice. Wolftooth rely on strong stoner/doom riffs & clear vocals. Goes straight to my top ten list of 2018. First press of this awesome debut (two color variations) has been sold out for some time now..  But don’t worry, second pressing is now available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records!

Hashteroid: Hashteroid LP (green)


Got this thing with Cursed Tongue Records, I nearly always manage to miss what they are releasing (happened with Wolftooth & Mephistofeles..). But now I managed to grab this speed filled stoner/space/thrash beauty from Hashteroid. Version pictured above is limited to 100 copies and still wondering how in hell this is still available? Awesome package in every possible way.  Available from the source, Cursed Tongue Records. And as mentioned above this green version is limited to 100 copies but there’s also so-called “regular” version on yellow wax (limited to 400 copies) available. Highly recommended band, album & label!