Cassette mayhem…

Haa.. somehow I have purchased great pile of cassettes during last few months. Never thought that I would turn back to this format but here we are. There is more than one reason why cassettes have found their way to my heart.. This format is way more cheaper, these arrive without a doubt in much better condition than vinyl records and most of all, in some cases cassettes are the only physical format available. Some of these albums I already have on vinyl format but I just couldn’t resist getting those on cassette too..



Let’s start with these two tapes from Mephistofeles, stoner/doom outfit from Argentina. I bought these two cassettes from Creep Purple Records (nice job, once again!). Even though I have that “Whore” also on vinyl I just had to have it on cassette too. These two are sold out by now. “Whore” have been released on cassette format by few other labels too but all copies are sold out and Discogs prizes of those are ridiculous!




Old good OLDE and their latest album on cassette format. Stoner/doom is the thing here and vinyl version of this album is still available from STB Records (BandCamp). If you fancy this more on tape, I suggest you to check out Medusa Crush Recordings. MCR also have some other items for sale there..




Let’s jump right to atmospheric/blackened/depressive/metal. I found this record via BandCamp and I really like it. Also just found out that this has been released on vinyl too..  Cassette version can be ordered via Fólkvangr Records, vinyl version via Ordo MCM. Nice recording indeed.




Let’s continue with little rougher stuff. This is Dödsrit from Sweden and this cassette kicks ass big time! Blackened metal mixed with crust/punk. This is concept that just can’t go wrong if you ask my opinion. Available from Bloodsoaked Records. Recommended release!




Latest from all mighty Electric Wizard. I purchase this on cassette & vinyl (more about that vinyl version later..). Wizard is wizard, what else can I say? This was available via Spinefarm Records but seems that it’s sold out (but I think there’s more copies to come).




Ambient, drone, minimal are those words best to describe this one. Some of you may already know that I love to listen soundscapes like this cassette is providing. Music for dark rooms. Still available from Invisible City Records. Lovely.




The main reason purchasing this on tape was the prize (and shipping costs). Would love to own this one on vinyl too but at the moment I settle for this cassette format. It’s nice to see that these tape releases are selling out quite fast, does that tell something? Good record and someday I gonna get my hands on that vinyl version too.




Back to psych/space/stoner/doom genre. Just have to wonder why this hasn’t been released on vinyl? This cassette has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and it was already sold out from the source when I heard about this band the very first time. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab a copy straight from the band though (seems to be sold out from that source too..). Hope that some awesome DIY label would give this one good vinyl treatment.




And back to the darker side. I came across with this band while surfing around Bandcamp. First I wasn’t that interested but after listening “Saudade” few times I just had to purchase it and their previous one, “Respire”. Black metal is the thing here, you don’t have to like it but I do. Both tapes available from their BandCamp site.




Yet one recording that should have vinyl treatment. This band from France has managed to create awesome sounding stoner/doom tunes and I really hope to hear more from them as soon as possible. Tape has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and is still available from the source. Recommended highly if fuzzed stoner/doom is your thing!




And another album waiting for someone to release it, surprise, on vinyl. This cassette was the reason I found out Transylvanian Tapes and all those delicious releases the label has put out. Evil sounding tape,  I like it. Transylvanian has sold this out, and seems that band has too (good for the band, not that good for possible fans who missed it). At least you can support the band buying the album on digital format.




Oh I love these releases Transylvanian is putting out. Cosmic Reef Temple with their album “Age of The Spaceborn” blew my mind. You better check this out because this is awesome! Saxophone here is something I haven’t heard before and have to say it works. And yet another  recording I would love to buy on vinyl format. Available from the source, Transylvanian Tapes. Highly recommended one.




Filthy death metal from Caffa. This tape came along my order from Transylvanian Tapes, so it was like a gift. And I really like this gift too. Even though I’m more into early death metal I really enjoy listening to this one too. Pity that this is sold out from the source (well, if I got a copy so there must still be some copies left..). Thanks to Transylvanian Tapes, I really appreciate this!




This is Hell. Freaking brilliant. Sold out but sounds like this..




Lightsabres, my favorite one. Got all Lightsabres albums on vinyl but some strange way I thought that I have to purchase those albums on cassette format too. Actually I was after his latest release (split with Blissful Stream) and these previous tapes I just ordered to cover those shipping cost.. Hey, it’s me here trying to justify these purchases to myself. Tape is still available from Medusa Crush Recordings if you are interested.




Same thing with this one as that one above. Lightsabres forever! Medusa Crush still having some copies if you lack one.




And here’s the reason for buying all those tapes from Medusa Crush. I was after this split release with Blissful Stream. Now that I have been lisening to this release I just have to say it was worth every penny I spent. Great thing here is also that I’m in love with Blissful Stream now. Brilliant release indeed! Still available from Medusa Crush Recordings so what the hell are you still waiting for?




Here’s some drone to your ears. Excellent release. Painting soundscapes and this surely is one hell of a soundtrack for these late hours. If you want a copy of this you better hurry because Invisible City Records have on two left at this very moment I’m writing this.




Some older death metal on cassette format. Hammerheart Records have re-pressed these two albums on vinyl & CS. Those vinyl versions are already sold out but there’s these tapes still available like Malleus Maleficarum, Consuming Impulse, Testimony of The Ancients, Spheres and even the newest one called Hadeon. Great work from Hammerheart!




Three cassettes filled with experimental/drone/ambient/noise… aah, now I can close my tired eyes and let these soundscapes take over. These tapes are sold out but that should not prevent you to check out these, some of you might even like these tapes.


Necro Deathmort: EP3 12″

necro dethmort

Third twelve-inch from Necro Deathmort. I have been following this duo for some time now (actually since their CD “Music Of Bleak Origin” released in 2011). So, as you can see I still purchase albums from various artists (even though lately I have been posting about my “Death Metal” collection etc.). Necro Deathmort has been close to my heart for years now and still I love what they are doing, strange dark ambient filled synth-whatever-you-wanna-call-it. I bought this via Distraction Records BandCamp site and it cost me £2.80 GBP + shipping (you can try discount code EIGHTYOFF, seems that it’s still working). No I will sit silently and wait for their upcoming album. Shhhh..


The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 2 LP (blue)

the caretakerOX


Breaking the silence with this new one from The Caretaker. This is the second album from the series of six albums. Surely I know that this kind of music ain’t for everyone (dark ambient, classical, experimental) but it’s close to perfect if you ask me. I still remember hearing The Caretaker for the first time, I think it was via Boomkat because I immediately ordered a copy of  “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”. Those soundscapes on that album were so familiar.. And suddenly I realized one film with similar music on the background of few scenes.. If you listen carefully, you might hear what I’m hearing..

Awesome record once again from The Caretaker (Leyland Kirby) and surely I’m going after those upcoming records. You can listen/purchase first two albums (digital versions) from this series via BandCamp. f you are after physical copies and don’t want to pay those Discogs prizes I suggest you to check out Forced Exposure (US), they seem to have some copies (on black wax) of available. Recommended!


Oikos: The Great Upheaval LP


And here’s one of those records I just came across via BandCamp. After listening just few tracks I knew that I have to purchase this one. I don’t know anything about this record but damn I like it. Oh, this is a record filled with drone/darkened ambient soundscapes and could certainly be soundtrack for upcoming apocalypse. Yes, it’s that dark, hopeless, crushing & beautiful. There’s no info about limitation of this darkened diamond but it’s still available from Envelope Collective. Highly recommended.

If you wonder that CDR on the picture, it’s a record that came as a bonus (well, I like to think that it did because I didn’t order one..). Artist on that little disc is called ALFE and someone just did a right thing because I got interested!

The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time LP (blue)


Latest release from The Caretaker aka Leyland Kirby. I totally missed this when it was available from Boomkat (of course I was after colored one..). I even considered purchasing a copy (overprized one) from those Discogs sellers. Just few weeks before the end of the year Boomkat announced having a very limited stock still available.. This blue version is limited to 300 copies and already sold out (actually this color variation sold out within hours) and seems that even regular black copies are little hard to find too (even though this has been repressed). At least Turntablelab & Rough Trade have some copies..

Alessandro Cortini: Spie 12″ (clear)

alessandro cortini - spie

Yes, new release from Alessandro Cortini. What can I say, brilliant record this is (like all the previous releases from this artist). There’s two tracks on this 12″ and I find this recording very dark, hopeless.. in other words it’s a beauty. I have no idea of limitation but this is available from numerous stores, for example from following ones Piccadilly Records, Norman Records, Red Eye Records. Grab a copy and step into the darkness. More, please (and soon!)


Downfall Of Nur: Umbras E Forestas LP (white)

downfall of nur

Another one from this Argentinian black metal/darkened ambient group. Somehow I’m deeply fascinated to their music. There is only a handful of black metal bands I like to listen and this band has taken its rightfull place on that hand. This white-colored copy is limited to 100 copies and seems that it’s already sold out but there’s still plenty of regular black copies available for example from the source, Vendetta Records. Purchase this one and let the clouds cover you from the sun!


Oakeater: Aquarius LP


Oakeater with their latest release “Aquarius”. I get to know this group from their split release with Mamiffer few years ago and I’m happy that I did. This record is filled with industrial, darkened, ambient, drone and it’s crushing, disturbing & mesmerizing at the same time. Post-apocalyptic soundtrack with no hope of sunny days of late 70’s. Limited to 150 copies and available from Sige Records (US) & Anost (EU). Go for it while it’s still available.

Stephen O’Malley: Fuck Fundamentalist Pigs 2xLP (green)


Title tells it all. First part of O’Malley’s trilogy of solo albums supposed to be released during this year. I have to admit that I didn’t know that this gentleman is a part of Sunn O))) until last year (reason for that might also be the fact that I have managed to skip every album by this band). Correct move has been done and I ordered Sunn O)))¨s latest “Kannon” some time ago (still missing the copy & hope that some one from SLR would answer my mail..) and when this solo album was announced I decided that I have to go for this. This album is a response to all fascist and fundamentalist movements and all its profits are directed to French Red Cross. Numbered and limited to 700 copies, first 400 copies on black vinyl, rest 300 on green. Sold out from Boomkat but you can check out some tunes from the album there (there’s no digital nor CD versions of this album).


Land: Anoxia LP (clear)

land - anoxia

Then there’s time for some darkened (twisted) ambient flavored with some jazz tunes.. or something. Second album from this band (as far as I know) and both of them released by one of my favorite record companies, Important Records. These clear copies are limited to 100 copies and rest 400 copies are pressed on black wax. Both versions are still available from Important Records. Recommended one, surprisingly..


Mamaleek: He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word LP


Did some gratedigging yesterday and never thought I could find Mamaleek’s record here where I live, but I did. This mint condition album cost me 10 euros and I’m really glad that I now can swipe this record from my secret “wantlist”. Mamaleek is a weird mixture of black metal, dark ambient, drone, noise etc. and I have been a big fan of this band since I heard their album “Kurdaitcha” (which I’m still missing). Limited to 300 copies and sold out from the source, The Flencer, but if you’re interested  you can grab a copy from

Prurient: Frozen Niagara Falls 3xLP (white)


I nearly skipped this one (do not even ask why..) but suddenly I came to my senses and purchased this white vinyl version from Profound Lore. My first album from Prurient and I have to say that this release leaves me speechless.. overwhelming & astonishing one. This release needed a little time and patience but suddenly it revealed itself to me.  Don’t even know what genre to put this one because there obviously are influences from all of them.. electronics, industrial, darkened ambient and even from blackened metal. Who cares about lines between different music styles when it all comes to this. Beautiful release and still available from the source, Profound Lore.





Alessandro Cortini: Risveglio 2xLP (white)


Then it’s time to return back to the darkness. Latest record from Alessandro Cortini and fifth one I own from this mastermind. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing his records, these are absolutely stunning!. Dark, abstract, electro-ambient or something like that.. I have praised this gentleman so many times before and will continue doing that in the future. Stunning masterpiece of darkened synth-ambient. Initial copies came on white vinyl and It’s quite obvious that these are already sold out but don’t worry, at least there are black copies available from Boomkat / Anost. Oh, thanks to Ralp, without his tweet I would have missed this treasure.



Fvnerals: The Light LP (transparent w/ black splatter)


Haunting, that’s what this debut album from FVNERALS is. I have been staring at this monitor for a while now wondering what to say about this record. This sounds hopeless, this sounds fragile, this sounds crushing. Is this darkened ambient, slowcore filled with drone soundscapes? I do not really know but damn, this sounds awesome! You better listen this album by yourself, maybe then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here..

This splattered version is limited to 75 hand-numbered copies and is (still?) available from Throne Records. Oh, there are also regular copies (on black vinyl, surprise) available either from Throne or from the band’s BandCamp page. Love this one.

36: Shadow Play 2xLP

36 - shadow play

Here it is. Shadow Play by 36. Awesome! I have been following this artist now about 3-4 years and this artist is one of those whose records are ‘must have’ for me. This album is filled with drone & ambient, darkened kind. I don’t know but somehow there’s this sad atmosphere wrapped around it.. sad but waiting. ‘Shadow Play’ is limited to 100 copies for those who ordered (and funded) it, so this record on vinyl format might be little hard to find anywhere. Recommended album and very recommended artist. Keep your eyes on him because he’s about to release new 12″ on January, 2015.

Here’s a little story about this artist, dedication and awesome attitude about his fans. Few weeks ago I got this package shipped from England and even without opening the mailer I knew that there’s no way that the record (or more like the cover) had arrived without damages. Mailer had damages on three corners out of four and when I opened the package it was obvious that these mailer damages reflected straight to the cover of the album, you can read my outpouring/whining about that issue from here.. Well, I did not mention the artist nor the album in my post but some readers of this blog knew what was the record I wrote about.

I didn’t contacted the artist just because I thought that there’s no way he got spare covers etc. and the damages on the cover weren’t that bad. The point of my post was clearly the usage of those mailers I think are one of the worst available (even though those are most used..).

Then I got this email from the artist himself. Now I have this replacement copy, it came in mailer with crash/bumper zones. It’s in perfect condition. There was some extra item included (gonna write about it in my next post). I hope that this post encourage him to offer these new mailers as an option for customers to choose. And I really want to Thank him about this, I did not ask a new copy but he sent one. Exceptional kindness & understanding!


Leyland Kirby: Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die) 2xLP & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams) 2xLP


These two double albums, “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die)  & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams)”, arrived also today. With these I made an exception, I bought these from Discogs and as used items. But damn, these came packaged secured and are in awesome condition, covers & vinyls. I’m really happy and hey, I got these really cheap. Two new items to my Kirby-collection, and now I have to find that part two somewhere.. Anyways, if you are not familiar with this artist I suggest you to listen this awesome album from his alter ego The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (I got this on blue vinyl..) Awesome dark ambient/experimental/droned/electronic music.



Necro Deathmort: EP2 12″


Two weeks of silence is over. This latest from Necro Deathmort arrived today. Yes, I like their experimental droned/doomed/darkened/ambient a lot. Actually I’ve been a fan since I got their “Music of Bleak Origin” CD on my hands couple of years ago. Second twelve-inch EP they have released on vinyl and would like to see if they ever gonna release that “Music of Bleak..” on vinyl too. Beautiful release, once again. Limited to 333 copies and available from Distraction Records


Moon Zero: Loss 12″ (ultraclear)


Second 12″ from Moon Zero, released by Denovali. Yesterday I posted about Moon Zero’s first twelve-inch and today it’s time for this one. In my opinion this one is darker than the first one.. hard to say. I really love these tunes so I can’t say anything critical about these releases. For me these two twelve-inches are droned dark ambient at its best. This is limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions still available from Denovali. Recommended releases, I suggest you to pick them both!

Moon Zero: Tombs 12″ (ultraclear)

moon zero

Speechless with this one, absolutely breathtaking release. Is this dark ambient or drone, I don’t care. Sounds awesome and the truth is that I purchased this one without listening a single note from this release. Beautiful.. just listen to it and you might realize what I mean. Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 on black vinyl, available from Denovali. No words..