Alessandro Cortini: Risveglio 2xLP (white)


Then it’s time to return back to the darkness. Latest record from Alessandro Cortini and fifth one I own from this mastermind. There’s a good reason why I keep purchasing his records, these are absolutely stunning!. Dark, abstract, electro-ambient or something like that.. I have praised this gentleman so many times before and will continue doing that in the future. Stunning masterpiece of darkened synth-ambient. Initial copies came on white vinyl and It’s quite obvious that these are already sold out but don’t worry, at least there are black copies available from Boomkat / Anost. Oh, thanks to Ralp, without his tweet I would have missed this treasure.



Fvnerals: The Light LP (transparent w/ black splatter)


Haunting, that’s what this debut album from FVNERALS is. I have been staring at this monitor for a while now wondering what to say about this record. This sounds hopeless, this sounds fragile, this sounds crushing. Is this darkened ambient, slowcore filled with drone soundscapes? I do not really know but damn, this sounds awesome! You better listen this album by yourself, maybe then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here..

This splattered version is limited to 75 hand-numbered copies and is (still?) available from Throne Records. Oh, there are also regular copies (on black vinyl, surprise) available either from Throne or from the band’s BandCamp page. Love this one.

36: Shadow Play 2xLP

36 - shadow play

Here it is. Shadow Play by 36. Awesome! I have been following this artist now about 3-4 years and this artist is one of those whose records are ‘must have’ for me. This album is filled with drone & ambient, darkened kind. I don’t know but somehow there’s this sad atmosphere wrapped around it.. sad but waiting. ‘Shadow Play’ is limited to 100 copies for those who ordered (and funded) it, so this record on vinyl format might be little hard to find anywhere. Recommended album and very recommended artist. Keep your eyes on him because he’s about to release new 12″ on January, 2015.

Here’s a little story about this artist, dedication and awesome attitude about his fans. Few weeks ago I got this package shipped from England and even without opening the mailer I knew that there’s no way that the record (or more like the cover) had arrived without damages. Mailer had damages on three corners out of four and when I opened the package it was obvious that these mailer damages reflected straight to the cover of the album, you can read my outpouring/whining about that issue from here.. Well, I did not mention the artist nor the album in my post but some readers of this blog knew what was the record I wrote about.

I didn’t contacted the artist just because I thought that there’s no way he got spare covers etc. and the damages on the cover weren’t that bad. The point of my post was clearly the usage of those mailers I think are one of the worst available (even though those are most used..).

Then I got this email from the artist himself. Now I have this replacement copy, it came in mailer with crash/bumper zones. It’s in perfect condition. There was some extra item included (gonna write about it in my next post). I hope that this post encourage him to offer these new mailers as an option for customers to choose. And I really want to Thank him about this, I did not ask a new copy but he sent one. Exceptional kindness & understanding!


Leyland Kirby: Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die) 2xLP & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams) 2xLP


These two double albums, “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (Part One: When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die)  & (Part Three: Memories Live Longer Than Dreams)”, arrived also today. With these I made an exception, I bought these from Discogs and as used items. But damn, these came packaged secured and are in awesome condition, covers & vinyls. I’m really happy and hey, I got these really cheap. Two new items to my Kirby-collection, and now I have to find that part two somewhere.. Anyways, if you are not familiar with this artist I suggest you to listen this awesome album from his alter ego The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World (I got this on blue vinyl..) Awesome dark ambient/experimental/droned/electronic music.



Necro Deathmort: EP2 12″


Two weeks of silence is over. This latest from Necro Deathmort arrived today. Yes, I like their experimental droned/doomed/darkened/ambient a lot. Actually I’ve been a fan since I got their “Music of Bleak Origin” CD on my hands couple of years ago. Second twelve-inch EP they have released on vinyl and would like to see if they ever gonna release that “Music of Bleak..” on vinyl too. Beautiful release, once again. Limited to 333 copies and available from Distraction Records


Moon Zero: Loss 12″ (ultraclear)


Second 12″ from Moon Zero, released by Denovali. Yesterday I posted about Moon Zero’s first twelve-inch and today it’s time for this one. In my opinion this one is darker than the first one.. hard to say. I really love these tunes so I can’t say anything critical about these releases. For me these two twelve-inches are droned dark ambient at its best. This is limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 copies on black vinyl. Both versions still available from Denovali. Recommended releases, I suggest you to pick them both!

Moon Zero: Tombs 12″ (ultraclear)

moon zero

Speechless with this one, absolutely breathtaking release. Is this dark ambient or drone, I don’t care. Sounds awesome and the truth is that I purchased this one without listening a single note from this release. Beautiful.. just listen to it and you might realize what I mean. Limited to 150 copies on ultraclear and 200 on black vinyl, available from Denovali. No words..

Miles: Faint Hearted 2xLP (clear)


Yet again one of those purchases I made via Discogs few weeks ago. I like electronic music (thanks to Pan Sonic, for me it will always be Panasonic though), experimental electronic music. With this album I’m happy because also this has been on my “wantlist” too long time. Even though I listen metal music a lot, it’s always beautiful moment to place disk like this on turntable. Dark electronic music, perfect way to clear your head. I do not know about the limitation of this record but initial copies came on clear vinyl. Surprisingly this is sold out but you can pick a copy (if you like) for example from Discogs. Amazing record and I can’t recommend this enough.

Erik K Skodvin: Flare / Flame 2xLP


I have to admit that I nearly missed this one (nearly). When this came out from Sonic Pieces earlier this month I thought that it will not sell out that fast but oh boy.. I was so wrong. This sold out from the source very fast and I was left empty-handed. Within few days copies of this compilation popped up on Discogs with higher prize tags. I was ready to purchase overpriced copy but luckily enough I found a copy from Boomkat before that. And about this compilation, dark ambient it is and I really like this one a lot (well, I own this so surprisingly I also have to like it). This is limited to 350 copies and you can still find a copy for example from Tiger (Norway) but be ready for custom declaration etc. Recommended release!

The Ðevil & The Uñiverse: :Imprint Daath: LP (white + bonus CD)

the devil 01

Once I heard this record I just couldn’t resist purchasing it. Even though there are goth elements on this album I prefer this to be more like industrialized, droned dark ambient. There is surely something dark lurking behind these tunes… This is totally new duo/band to me and thanks goes to Bart (one of my readers, who actually has a nice blog of his own) for leading me to this record via his recommendations. I managed to find this white vinyl version (first press, hand-numbered & limited to 300 copies) from Enfant Terrible Productions and grabbed the last copy available. For those who might be interested purchasing this album, there is second press available now from Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (black vinyl, hand-numbered, limited to 200 copies + CD). Recommended release!

the devil 02

Desiderii Marginis: Procession LP (+7″)

desiderii marginis

And then we come to this. I’m really glad that I came across with this album (thanks to Bart for emailing me some awesome recommendations!). This is.. like dark ambient seasoned with some folk influences.. or something. It’s hard for me to describe how this actually sounds, experimental dark ambient? Anyways, very touching album for me and I love the atmosphere it creates. Perfect release, highly recommended. If I’m not totally wrong, this is limited to 400 copies on black vinyl and 99 of those are hand-numbered, signed and comes with extra 7″ & poster (poster comes with the regular version too). Available for example from La Esencia Records.

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