Sixes: Methistopheles LP (Acid God Edition)


This I picked up from the Post office today, album titled “Methistopheles” from group called Sixes. This is heavy, literally, filled with dirty sludge/stoner/doom/crust & darkness. Evil stuff released by Poisoned Mind Records (one of my favorite ones). This is still available from the source, even that deluxe edition I chose not to purchase this time (little low on money because this doomed house of mine is sucking all the extra pennies). This version here is “Acid God” one (limited to 150 copies) and in my opinion the colors on vinyl are awesome. With that 20 bucks I saved chosing this color variation I can purchase some screws & nails to fix damages this record will cause to this hut. Excellent record & beautiful package plus nice work from Poisoned Mind, You all rule!!


Father Sky Mother Earth: Father Sky Mother Earth LP (white)

father sky

Doom & drones, two tracks, one per side crushing your mind. Earlier this year I bought their “Across the River of Time” on cassette and planned to purchase this one on tape too.. Actually I’m quite happy that I didn’t because as a vinyl lover I found out that this one was about to be released on vinyl too. So here it is, on white vinyl (ltd. 250) and still available via Dirty Filthy Records. Recommended if you find drone filled doom to be your thing. Perfect soundtrack for this sonic journey across this endless void.


Portal: Ion LP (silver/black mix)


Hmm.. this is frightening record, like their previous ones. This Australian group takes you on the journey between dimensions, leaving you to float alone in the void just to tear you back to their chaotic realm. Still remember watching their video of  “Swarth” years ago and I was just… wow! And with this new one the reaction is still that same. Like I said, frightening record. Ordered this copy (ltd.100) from Profound Lore when it was announced and it’s no surprise that all those colored variations are long gone by now.. But hey, it’s not about the color of the vinyl, it’s all about the music. Still you can purchase this one on regular blackened wax for example from the source, Profound Lore or for example from HR Records.. choice is yours. Excellent album.


Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: Black Earth 2xLP (RE, 2016)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ‎– Black Earth

At last this beauty has been repressed and we are allowed to get our hands on this masterpiece of doomed-ambient-jazz. More than once I have been close to the purchase the original version but fortunately I’ve come to my senses. We all know that those prizes on Discogs & Ebay are ridiculous but finally we all can afford this one. I have no idea of limitation of this repress but I think that there are plenty of copies for everyone to get one. Available for example from Boomkat, Anost or Norman Records. Marvellous record!!


Black Wing: …Is Doomed LP (clear/olive green)


If some one there is interested, these are still/again available from The Flenser. I missed this experimental synth-shoegazing album by Black Wing when it was first available (if I remember right, this color variation was earlier sold only in Black Wing/Heat Dust bundle) but now these are available. Really like the tunes on this album and that picture on the cover.. maybe one of the best I have ever seen, chilling.

Seabuckthorn: They Haunted Most Thickly LP


This one also came earlier this week, Seabuckthorn and album called “They Haunted Most Thickly”. I ordered this almost a year ago and release of this beautiful vinyl delayed just because of pressing plant which had problems delivering it on time. But now it’s finally here and I can’t picture better album for this gloomy Sunday morning. Cinematic, acoustic, atmospheric, intensive folk influenced record.. in other words, stunning beauty. Limited to 300 copies and available directly from the artist or from the label, Bookmaker Records

Chelsea Wolfe: Abyss 2xLP (light blue)


Abysssss… is calling.. Chelsea with her latest release and like before, I’m sold. Crushing & haunting is this double album. Stellar one. Mysterious is this artist & her music. Can’t help myself but somehow this artist reminds me of another awesome musician, Polly Jean.  Excellent album, once again. Available from Sargent House (EU) and those who live in states can easily order their copies from Sargent’s HelloMerch store. If I have understand this right, there are three different color variation available via Sargent House; black, baby blue (this one) and black with light blue splatter (sold out). All these three color variations are limited to 1000 copies but if you’re after something more limited, I suggest you to visit Newbury Comics (they have this exclusive version, black with grey splatter and it’s limited to 400 copies..)

James Welburn: Hold LP

James welburn

Ouh! Actually I did not assume this album to this addicting, hypnotizing. I know that the word “drone” has lost its value here but let’s use it still. Drone & darkened ambient, more you listen to it, more deeper you fall. In other words, excellent album. This is available from Miasmah (EU) / experimedia (US). This is limited o 500 copies so there are enough copies floating around.

Mamaleek: Via Dolorosa LP (black in clear)


Maybe I’m not one to say anything about this band. Listen for yourself and feel free to purchase this long-play from The Flenser (like I did). This band does whatever they like and still it sounds brilliant in some twisted way.. on this album we go from experimental black metal to abstract noise filled void. Oh, I’m still looking for their “Kurdaitcha” album, so if some one out there has a copy to sell I would be very interest! Why do I suddenly feel this cold.. what’s is that noise..  aaarrggmpmmpppphhh…..

P.s. I won’t be listening THIS album while cycling to work..

King Dude: Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light LP (blood/cream)

King Dude

This one came last week, latest from King Dude. It’s little hard to put this one on some certain category.. this, like his previous releases, is the mixture of some darkened, gothic, alternative folk or something (surprisingly he is also know of his duets with Chelsea Wolfe). Oh, I like what he’s doing. This album is limited to 1200 copies, on four different color variations (black, cream, blood-red and cream/blood), each limited to 300. Available from Not Just Religious Music. I like this one but that does not mean that You have to.

Monarch Mtn – Mysteries (digital, mp3, flac..) had to make an exception with this one!


Well, what can I say.. I have been listening this for a while now and really, really like what I’m hearing (even though this is just released on digital format..). Yes I know that this blog should be for vinyl records but now and then I have to do exceptions.. this is one of those. Awesome darkened, experimental folk etc. Some one should release this on vinyl, just give this one moment of your time or just purchase the album and support the artist (“name your price” and pay what ever you like). “Anchorite” on my headphones I’m going to face the darkness..

Lawrence English: Wilderness Of Mirrors LP (white)


This album came today, latest one from Lawrence English. This is dark one, and I like it. Experimental, drone, dark ambient its Your call. But the point is that the atmosphere on this album is crushing and You can experience that while listening/watching the video below.

Initial copies of this album came on white vinyl. I preordered my copy straight from the artist (ROOM49).. and I’m little disappointed how it was packaged considering the fact that this package came from the other side of the world (Australia). Record was taken out of the cover during the shipping as I asked but package came without any carton stiffeners/bubble wrap and we can guess the result





I know that these are minor damages but using stiffeners these could have been avoided. If you are after this beautiful record and live in EU, I suggest You to pick Your copy from Boomkat, otherwise You can also pick this straight from the artist at ROOM40. Choice is Yours.

The Stranger: Watching Dead Empires In Decay LP (smokey grey)

The Stranger

Got this today, The Stranger and “Watching Dead Empires In Decay”. Just another amazing record from Leyland Kirby. I do not know what is it that I like this record, maybe it’s just that desperate, endless feeling.. Some may like it, some may not. For me this is another great record from this artist, who walks his own path. Initial copies come on this color and this seems to be still available from Boomkat.