Planning For Burial: Below The House LP (white)


Planning For Burial. Doomgaze might be the best word to describe this album, or not. Experimental/drone/darkened/shoegazing.. We can call it what ever we want and still we are nowhere near what this album is about. Ordered this from The Flenser sometime ago and it was totally worth to wait. Beautiful & painful. Music for travelling, alone. This is still available from The Flenser (both black & white vinyl with or without additional CD). Anost seems to have regular black copies for sale, so if you wanna save some euros I suggest you check it out there. Don’t know about you but I like this a lot.







Terence Hannum: Further Desecrations 7″ (lathe cut, square)


As a giant Locrian fan I also have to purchase nearly anything related to this darkened group. This is a single sided, square lathe cut from one of the members, Terence Hannum. Love these experimental, ambient soundscapes Terence is painting on this tiny release. Really happy that I managed to grab a copy because this one is limited to 30 copies and surprise, surprise this item is also sold out. Even though this one is gone, there’s more to come so check out Anathema Editions BigCartel site once in a while for updates. Yes!


Pinkish Black: Bottom Of The Morning LP (clear)

pinkish black

And here we go again. Actually this one came nearly two weeks ago and has been on heavy rotation since the day of arrival. Dark is the atmosphere on this album, and that’s more than fine to me. According to Discogs this band is categorized as a goth rock, art rock, experimental, industrial band but it’s not that easy to put band like this under some specific genre. Music is what matters. Got this clear vinyl (Relapse release limited to that 100 copies as usually) from Discogs and have to say tha the prize was more than reasonable. Still available from Relapse and if I were you, I would go for that brown/yellow merged vinyl (just because it looks damn good).