Entombed: To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth! 2xLP (RE, on blue vinyl)


This came today.. And how I have waited this reissue to arrive, but.. There are few things about this one I’m not that happy about. This is not reissue of that original vinyl version, bonus 12″ EP “Family Favourites” is missing but it’s included as a bonus CD(?!) I ordered this signed by the band.. it came signed by Uffe & Alex (actually I understand why) and yes I know these are things I should not whine about. The thing why I’m on this mood can be seen on the pictures below..(and hey, I paid quite a lot of this reissue..)


Corner smashed..


and same corner from inside of the gatefold. Damn deal done (indeed). And I even tried to straighten this bump as well as I could..

Not that happy with this. Seems that I have to buy normal version of this album to get pristine cover..

Entombed: Same Difference 2xLP (REISSUE, on blue vinyl)


This must be the most underrated Entombed album ever.. Hey, I do not care what other people might think about this one but I like this record a lot. It certainly is different but without the doubt this rocks, a lot. One thing about these reissues is that now I can afford to purchase these on vinyl, at last. There’s always room on my record rack for Entombed. With this album, my Entombed collection is nearly complete (and I’m talking about long plays here). Oh, somehow this album reminds me of Nine, another awesome Swedish group and their beautiful album “Lights Out”. Backer version came on dark blue vinyl like that reissue of “Uprising” but do not worry, you can get your hairy hands on this jewel via Nuclear Blast on red vinyl. Recommended one, indeed.

Entombed: Uprising 2xLP (REISSUE, on blue vinyl)


This reissue of Entombed’s Uprising arrived yesterday. Even though I already have original version of this record I couldn’t resist this one (actually I ordered all three vinyl reissues via PledgeMusic). Nice looking package and I’m quite happy with this one, it came in perfect condition, packaged in mailer with bumper zones. Usually I’m not that big fan of reissues but sometimes even I have to make exceptions. As far as I know, backer version is on dark blue vinyl (see picture below) and there are also version on red vinyl available for public (Nuclear Blast have those available). I’m glad that I was able to be a part of this reissue project and I really hope that Alex still has energy to reissue at least “Morning Star”..


Xysma: First & Magical LP (clear)


Xysma was pioneer of Finnish grindcore and death metal. Svart Records released this album (released 1993 on cd format) first time on vinyl in 2010. Xysma started as a grindcore/death metal band, transformed to Death and Roll just to move to Retro Rock. Excellent example of band that did not stuck but adapted its whole existence. There are 300 copies on clear and 300 copies on black vinyl. Clear version available from Floga Records (few copies left).