Ил: Ересь LP (dark green)


I don’t even know how to pronounce the name of this band but it doesn’t matter much, let the music speak for itself. The band is from Russia and I’m totally lost is this their fourth or fifth full-length (correct me if I’m wrong). Darkened, doomed sludge might be the correct categorization if this recording should be placed under some genre. Personally, I don’t care so much about genres because what the ear hears means more than compartmentalization. A great package, both musically and externally. Available through the band’s BandCamp website. Really hope that their previous records would see the daylight in vinyl format someday..

Morbid Angel: Blessed Are The Sick LP


Have to admit that it has been way too long since my last blog update. Been very busy at work the last few months and now that summer is already at the door my hands have been tied up in gardening. But let’s get straight to the point, a few months back I finally managed to get this classic into my hands, Morbid Angel and their second full-length “Blessed Are The Sick.” A great album in its own category and a welcome addition to my collection. Oh, and this is the original version and I got it at a pretty affordable price. I’m satisfied.

Yatra: Blood Of The Night LP (obi version)


Haa… about a year ago I got Yatra’s debut album “Death Ritual” and now I got their second one, Bloof of The Night, here with me. This latest one is released by STB Records and I chose Obi-version just because it looked nicer than other color-variations. For those who are not familiar with this band, Yatra is a little darker mix of sludge/stoner/doom with a hint of Death metal in their sound. Beautiful album and really nice to see STB Records putting out these jewels once again. Still available from the source, STB and if you’re located on old continent Kozmik Artifactz is the place to visit.

Cassette mayhem… part II

Yeah. Time for some cassette update.. Sorry for those vinyl freaks (like I am) but lately I have found myself purchasing more & more albums in this format. Some of these I also got on vinyl but I love these handy little things as much I love every damn vinyl I have. Mostly stoner/doom stuff but there’s also some stranger tapes listed.


shrooms circle

Lovely cover! Shrooms Circle with their sludge/doom/stoner release. Really don’t know much about this band but sounds great. Ordered this tape via Golden Dawn Recordings months ago and from that source it’s sold out long ago. Limited to 50 copies and if you ask me, that’s way too limited..



Quite epic stoner/doom cassette, oh I love this. Self released tape limited to only 50 copies. One of my favourite ones lately. Sold out from the band’s BandCamp page but I really hope that they’ll find the way to get this released on vinyl too.



Well, got this on vinyl.. just couldn’t resist purchasing this on tape too. Psychedelic/stoner/doom/sludge/whateveryouwannacallit.. Nice one. Vinyl version still available via DHU Records and cassette (ltd.100) available via Doom Stew Records. Get one while you still can



Hmm.. Never been a great fan of live recordings but purchased this tape from Electric Wizard via Creep Purple. Limited to 500 copies on this grey colored cassette and just to let you know (if you didn’t already know) there’s a second pressing on black cassette too.. both sold out. Not bad at all.



Have to say that I haven’t had that much luck with Mephistofeles releases lately.. at least I got this cassette via Creep Purple a while ago. It was funny to see how much those flippers asked from this tape soon after release (originally limited just only 50 copies). But here comes the best part.. Creep Purple released a second run few months ago (this time 100 copies) and there’s no differences between these two runs. Well, it’s sold out anyways, both runs.



Alastor & Black Magic. Damn good tape this is, honestly. For a moment I couldn’t even remember where the hell I ordered this tape but the place is Graven Earth Records. Psychedelic stoner or something but sounds gooooood… Limited to 200 copies and still available from the source, Graven Earth.


eternal black

Of course I had to buy this one too even though I purchased this on vinyl few months ago. Doom/stoner/metal at it’s best. Cassette version is limited to 100 copies and was available via Hellas Records. If you want a copy, Twin Earth still seem to have some copies available. Vinyl version available via band itself on their BandCamp page.


void terror

Some death metal to your face. This is Void Terror’s demo tape and I loooovee it. Best thing about BandCamp is that possibility to came across some nice suff, like this tape. Cassette (limited to 100 copies) still available via BandCamp. Check it out.




Beastmaker.. Everyone probably knows this band. Band has released numerous EP’s on digital format recently and 4 first one are released on tape. Here I got first two. Purchased these from Toys of Disharmony Distribution.  Following two can be purchased via BandCamp where you can find that first two ones are also released on vinyl. Not bad at all.



Another doom/sludge beast released by Hellas Records. This time we are talking about Soyuz Bear and their evil sounding cassette. You can grab this one via Twin Earth if you are interested. Hell Yeah!!



Haaa.. some death/grind from Australia! I have this thing with Death metal.. I love the genre, mostly bands from the early days but sometimes it’s just great to come across with some new bands and Cryptivore is one of those. Limited to 100 copies, released by Blood Harvest and available for example via band itself



Blackened doom/sludge and one of my favourite cassette release. Limited to 75 copies and available via Graven Earth Records. One thing about that printed sleeve this cassette was hidden in, it’s so tight that I have to use some violence to get the cassette out (sleeve was left out of the picture above). Evil release indeed.



Have no idea of this band, this release or anything involved Thule Thule. This was released by Golden Dawn Records and is limited to 50 copies.. That much I know about this dark, psychedelic release from some dusty vault. Prizes of this tape on Discogs are hilarious…



Yet one nice darkened stoner/doom/sludge release. This time band is Slother and this demo release is named Die Slowly. Band is from Canada and that’s mostly I know about this group. Cassette is released on green (limited to 50 copies) and black (limited to 75 copies) cover. Recommended if you like your stoner/sludge dirty & evil. Available via Toys of Disharmony Distribution.


shrooms circle_asylum

Latest from Shrooms Circle, called Asylum. Band is from Switzerland and really hope that this will be released on vinyl someday. Stoner/Doom/sludge is the concept on this release too. Released by Golden Dawn Reordings & limited to 50 copies..



Well, we all know Danzig. Found this used tape from some local Facebook marketplace. Don’t even know if this is some bootleg version but I don’t care because I paid 3 euros from it. Nice deal considering the fact that the tape is in quite good condition & sounds good.


lunar funeral

If you like your stoner/sludge/doom seasoned with some garage, blues & psych, then you should check out Lunar Funeral’s Sex on A Grave. This is good one and I’ve been listening this a lot (and I really mean lot). Band is from Russia and tape has been released by Hellas Records but I have no idea where to get a copy anymore..



Got this on vinyl too but I had to have this on tape too. Acoustic neofolk is the thing here and even though I’m not familiar with this genre I really love this band. Album is sold out on every format nowadays.. Recommended, highly.



Second full-length from this experimental so-called black  metal outfit. Debut album is one of my all-time favourite This second one is still  under closer listening. Cassette version available for example from Earache and vinyl from various stores.



Joel Grind.. Man behind Toxic Holocaust and various projects etc. Obviously this sounds quite like TH in my opinion. Anyways, nice one and came with button & patch. Still available from Joel’s BandCamp site




And then something totally different. Came across with these tapes via BandCamp and it was love at first sight. Never been fan of Dungeons & Dragons or anything involved with role-playing etc. but these tapes are awesome. 8-bit dungeon synth bringing smile to my face. Just check out Heimat Der Katasthrope, they have tons of awesome tapes available.




Last but not least, two tapes from this freaking amazing band, Haunted. Perfect name for the band because the music.. it’s haunting stoner/doom with ethereal vocals. Latest one, Dayburner, must be the best stoner/doom record I have heard this year. First one still available on tape & vinyl from Twin Earth,  Second one, Dayburner seems to be little hard to find on tape but DHU Records released it on vinyl recently so you can grab this beauty from DHU (I already did).


Demilich: Nespithe LP


Really don’t know what to say about this one. Is this Death Metal taken to outer limits, if I may say yes. Even though I was quite a big fan of this genre back in the days it’s funny that even living here in Finland I managed to pass this band totally. Now on my old days I’m trying to fix errors made on that era. This album was released on CD & cassette originally (that might be the reason I never came across it) and 16 years later, in 2009, it was released on vinyl (finally). What makes it so special to me are those vocals… and the fact this is Finnish band. Quite disturbing record and oh yes, I love it. If you wanna ruin your weekend, I honestly suggest you to check out this abomination. Repress (2018) available via Svart Records on few different color options.


Death: Symbolic LP (RE, white)

death - symbolic

I’m not that good at purchasing re-issues but sometimes there is no other choice. My history with Death is confined to three albums, Leprosy, Spiritual Healing & Human. When this album appeared I was already moving forward in my adventures in the miraculous world of music. Few years back I started hoarding these treasures of my own time back and I found this masterpiece “again”. The fact was, however, that the original version was beyond my reach because of those prizes they are asking for it at Discogs & Ebay. Few months ago I found this re-issue via Discogs and was forced to order a copy (actually I bought black version but got white one instead). Since I heard “Leprosy” at the first time I knew that this band was (and still is) the king of its genre. Awesome album this surely is and have been spinning under the needle almost daily last few months. 

At Death’s Door – A Collection Of Brutal Death Metal LP

at death's door

Hah! I blame this record for my addiction for Death Metal. I remember buying this record (in 90’s) just because the cover looked so awesome (and was stupid enough to sell it years ago..). Oh boys & girls.. On that moment started my on/off relationship with older Death Metal. Awesome collection even though there are few more-like Thrash metal bands included like Exhorder & Cerebral Fix (and even Sepultura). This has been on my wantlist for years  and now I got me a decent version for decent prize. Hell Yeah!!

Malevolent Creation: The Ten Commandments LP


Hey, that’s not a stain nor fault on the vinyl you see on the picture, it’s just a reflection of ceiling lamp. To the point -> Been hunting down these early nineties death metal releases for some time now and weeks ago I managed to grab this one from Malevolent Creation. Never managed to hold this release on my hands back then, actually I only read some reviews from Metal Hammer but never came across with a physical copy. Can’t say what is it with these ancient releases, maybe it’s kind of nostalgic feeling around these albums. Or maybe is just the fact that in my opinion Death Metal was at it’s best around those years. Great album.


Portal: Ion LP (silver/black mix)


Hmm.. this is frightening record, like their previous ones. This Australian group takes you on the journey between dimensions, leaving you to float alone in the void just to tear you back to their chaotic realm. Still remember watching their video of  “Swarth” years ago and I was just… wow! And with this new one the reaction is still that same. Like I said, frightening record. Ordered this copy (ltd.100) from Profound Lore when it was announced and it’s no surprise that all those colored variations are long gone by now.. But hey, it’s not about the color of the vinyl, it’s all about the music. Still you can purchase this one on regular blackened wax for example from the source, Profound Lore or for example from HR Records.. choice is yours. Excellent album.


Incubator: ‎Mc Gillroy The Housefly LP


Don´t know about you but I think that this album by Incubator, “Mc Gillroy The Housefly”, goes straight to my top ten of early 90′ death metal albums. I came across with this album few weeks ago, never heard about this band before. I was checking out my “wantlist” on Discogs and somehow I found myself listening to this album via Youtube. Bought the vinyl via Discogs while it was available and now it has been spinning on my turntable daily. Death/Doom (seasoned with some twisted psychedelic elements) at it’s best if you ask my opinion. Now I’m forced to hunt down their debut.. damn it!


Entombed: To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth 2xLP


Yeeeeeessssss… after years & years hunting process is finally over. This brilliant album has found its way to me. Bought this from some Discogs seller because he had quite reasonable prize on it. Records are in damn good condition and even cover.. well, it could have been in perfect condition before this seller decided to ship it with those worst ever mailers (I have talked about in few of my previous posts). Some corners of the cover has taken some hit during shipping but I decided to keep this one. Thing that pisses me most is that I asked the seller to secure those corners of the mailer and he decided not to. Well, here it is and I love it, even with smashed corners. Few more original copies from Entombed and my heart is filled with looooove. Actually at this very moment “Same Difference” in original format is on the way to me.. I think.


Cassette mayhem…

Haa.. somehow I have purchased great pile of cassettes during last few months. Never thought that I would turn back to this format but here we are. There is more than one reason why cassettes have found their way to my heart.. This format is way more cheaper, these arrive without a doubt in much better condition than vinyl records and most of all, in some cases cassettes are the only physical format available. Some of these albums I already have on vinyl format but I just couldn’t resist getting those on cassette too..



Let’s start with these two tapes from Mephistofeles, stoner/doom outfit from Argentina. I bought these two cassettes from Creep Purple Records (nice job, once again!). Even though I have that “Whore” also on vinyl I just had to have it on cassette too. These two are sold out by now. “Whore” have been released on cassette format by few other labels too but all copies are sold out and Discogs prizes of those are ridiculous!




Old good OLDE and their latest album on cassette format. Stoner/doom is the thing here and vinyl version of this album is still available from STB Records (BandCamp). If you fancy this more on tape, I suggest you to check out Medusa Crush Recordings. MCR also have some other items for sale there..




Let’s jump right to atmospheric/blackened/depressive/metal. I found this record via BandCamp and I really like it. Also just found out that this has been released on vinyl too..  Cassette version can be ordered via Fólkvangr Records, vinyl version via Ordo MCM. Nice recording indeed.




Let’s continue with little rougher stuff. This is Dödsrit from Sweden and this cassette kicks ass big time! Blackened metal mixed with crust/punk. This is concept that just can’t go wrong if you ask my opinion. Available from Bloodsoaked Records. Recommended release!




Latest from all mighty Electric Wizard. I purchase this on cassette & vinyl (more about that vinyl version later..). Wizard is wizard, what else can I say? This was available via Spinefarm Records but seems that it’s sold out (but I think there’s more copies to come).




Ambient, drone, minimal are those words best to describe this one. Some of you may already know that I love to listen soundscapes like this cassette is providing. Music for dark rooms. Still available from Invisible City Records. Lovely.




The main reason purchasing this on tape was the prize (and shipping costs). Would love to own this one on vinyl too but at the moment I settle for this cassette format. It’s nice to see that these tape releases are selling out quite fast, does that tell something? Good record and someday I gonna get my hands on that vinyl version too.




Back to psych/space/stoner/doom genre. Just have to wonder why this hasn’t been released on vinyl? This cassette has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and it was already sold out from the source when I heard about this band the very first time. Anyways, I was lucky enough to grab a copy straight from the band though (seems to be sold out from that source too..). Hope that some awesome DIY label would give this one good vinyl treatment.




And back to the darker side. I came across with this band while surfing around Bandcamp. First I wasn’t that interested but after listening “Saudade” few times I just had to purchase it and their previous one, “Respire”. Black metal is the thing here, you don’t have to like it but I do. Both tapes available from their BandCamp site.




Yet one recording that should have vinyl treatment. This band from France has managed to create awesome sounding stoner/doom tunes and I really hope to hear more from them as soon as possible. Tape has been released by Transylvanian Tapes and is still available from the source. Recommended highly if fuzzed stoner/doom is your thing!




And another album waiting for someone to release it, surprise, on vinyl. This cassette was the reason I found out Transylvanian Tapes and all those delicious releases the label has put out. Evil sounding tape,  I like it. Transylvanian has sold this out, and seems that band has too (good for the band, not that good for possible fans who missed it). At least you can support the band buying the album on digital format.




Oh I love these releases Transylvanian is putting out. Cosmic Reef Temple with their album “Age of The Spaceborn” blew my mind. You better check this out because this is awesome! Saxophone here is something I haven’t heard before and have to say it works. And yet another  recording I would love to buy on vinyl format. Available from the source, Transylvanian Tapes. Highly recommended one.




Filthy death metal from Caffa. This tape came along my order from Transylvanian Tapes, so it was like a gift. And I really like this gift too. Even though I’m more into early death metal I really enjoy listening to this one too. Pity that this is sold out from the source (well, if I got a copy so there must still be some copies left..). Thanks to Transylvanian Tapes, I really appreciate this!




This is Hell. Freaking brilliant. Sold out but sounds like this..




Lightsabres, my favorite one. Got all Lightsabres albums on vinyl but some strange way I thought that I have to purchase those albums on cassette format too. Actually I was after his latest release (split with Blissful Stream) and these previous tapes I just ordered to cover those shipping cost.. Hey, it’s me here trying to justify these purchases to myself. Tape is still available from Medusa Crush Recordings if you are interested.




Same thing with this one as that one above. Lightsabres forever! Medusa Crush still having some copies if you lack one.




And here’s the reason for buying all those tapes from Medusa Crush. I was after this split release with Blissful Stream. Now that I have been lisening to this release I just have to say it was worth every penny I spent. Great thing here is also that I’m in love with Blissful Stream now. Brilliant release indeed! Still available from Medusa Crush Recordings so what the hell are you still waiting for?




Here’s some drone to your ears. Excellent release. Painting soundscapes and this surely is one hell of a soundtrack for these late hours. If you want a copy of this you better hurry because Invisible City Records have on two left at this very moment I’m writing this.




Some older death metal on cassette format. Hammerheart Records have re-pressed these two albums on vinyl & CS. Those vinyl versions are already sold out but there’s these tapes still available like Malleus Maleficarum, Consuming Impulse, Testimony of The Ancients, Spheres and even the newest one called Hadeon. Great work from Hammerheart!




Three cassettes filled with experimental/drone/ambient/noise… aah, now I can close my tired eyes and let these soundscapes take over. These tapes are sold out but that should not prevent you to check out these, some of you might even like these tapes.


Archspire: Relentless Mutation LP (blue)


Never been a big fan of technical death metal (well, I have one Portal record in collection..) but listening this record via BandCamp blew my mind. I just had to purchase a copy because this sounds nuts. This band with this record shows how far this genre has evolved since those early days of death metal. Luckily I’m quite open-minded so I decided to give this record a chance.. Relentless Mutation is filled with so much energy it’s like to blow. Everybody should have at least one technical death metal album in their collection (now I have two) and this could be the one. This album is released by Season Of Mist and their EU store has some silver versions available (limited to 300 copies), US store has this blue colored one (limited to 100 copies) still available. I got my copy from HR Records. What else can I say? I like this one, you don’t have to. Choice is yours.

Let’s sing along


Funebre: Children Of The Scorn LP


As some of you might already know I’m a huge fan of early death metal (mainly from late 80’s & early 90’s) and I’m trying to hunt down those treasures from that era. Few weeks ago I got this pile of LP’s from my secret source (once again) and there was this one and only full-length from Funebre called “Children Of The Scorn”. I’m really ashamed that I have always skipped every Finnish death metal bands since I started listening this genre.. don’t know why. Maybe I have kept thinking that the crass is greener on the other side of the fence. This freaking album proves me that I have been so wrong, so long. Damn good death metal album and the band picture on the back of the cover brings a smile to my face.. remember looking just like those guys back then (well, not quite like that one on the middle).




Full Of Hell: Trumpeting Ecstasy LP (silver/white/gold splatter on black)

full of hell

Well, it has been a while since the last post but I have a quite good reason for that. We went and bought a house, tired of living in these apartment buildings. All these paper works and arrangements has taken so much time recently so I haven’t been able to give time to this hobby of mine that much. But back to the bottom line, got this latest from Full Of Hell last week (or was it a week before that.. can’t remember) and have to admit that this record has been on top of my very short playlist lately. Don’t exactly know is this grindcore with some death metal or death metal with grindcore, but who cares about that in the end. Band is new to me and this is my first Full Of Hell record (this copy is from 2nd pressing just because I was too late with that 1st pressing) and I liiiiiiike this one, perfect soundtrack for this era of my life when I’m taking this huge step leaving these damned flats behind. Great record with awesome picture on the cover. Available from Profound Lore, both US & EU store.

[bandcamp width=85% height=120 album=3073472727 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small


Bolt Thrower: In Battle There Is No Law! LP


Yesterday my Bolt Thrower collection grew up with one album, In Battle There Is No Law. One of those albums that formed my music taste years & years ago. I Remember how my friends use to play those role (board) games back then (wasn’t my thing) and on the background they always had Sabbat, Manowar and.. Bolt Thrower records playing. This was my first touch with this grindcore/death metal overloard. Never had a chance to own this original copy until now, and this copy is in perfect condition (it even has all inserts). Aaarrrggghhhh…

“Awaiting the slaughter, time stands still
Thoughts fade away, so does your will
Enemy close in, blood on their minds
You won’t die once, die a thousand times…”


Three pack of Cannibal Corpse in my face!!


Few months ago I purchased this three pack. Never thought that someday I will have any records from this band in my collection.. and was so wrong. I never listened this band back then because it was too heavy/evil for me at that time.. Hah hah haaa.. and still I listened bands like Carcass & Bolt Thrower same time. Well, maybe the main reason was the fact that these records were quite hard to find from record stores at my hometown those days. These three first one (Eaten Back To Life, Butchered At Birth & Tomb Of The Mutilated) I got from my secret source and have to admit that I’m more than happy to have these, three steps closer to my goal. Even though there are some visible marks (hey, these are over 20 years old) on covers, vinyls are most likely in near mint condition. Hell Yeah!


Entombed: Clandestine LP


Here’s one classic swedish death metal album from mighty Entombed. This band has been my favorite over twenty years and I was lucky enough to grab this original copy (with embossed sleeve) few months ago. There’s no doubt about the fact that this band shaped the whole death metal genre with their first two albums, “Left Hand Path” & “Clandestine”. Entombed, Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Deicide.. just to name few of those bands I loved back then and still love. I will continue my journey to hunt down all those precious albums I once sold/never got a chance to get my hands on.


Morbid Angel: Altars Of Madness LP


One more original copy to my collection. I bought this from the same vendor from whom I have bought all those previous treasures. Have to admit that back then Morbid Angel wasn’t one of my favourite bands, don’t even ask why because I don’t have answer for that. Never owned this record so that might be the answer. Well, now that I have been listening this several times from start to end, I can hear/see what I missed. Damn good Death Metal album (like several other albums from that era). Even though I bought this used, condition is amazing & looks like the needle has never touched the surface of the vinyl. I’m happy with Morbid Angel now.




Terrorizer: World Downfall LP


Look at this beauty! I never had a possibility to purchase this album back then, local record store in my late hometown never had this one from Terrorizer available. Oh I remember those days, LP purchases based mostly on the cover pictures of the albums and lousy reviews from some shitty domestic music magazines. It took 28 years to get this and same amount of years to hear the album for the very first time… shame on me.

Aarrgghhh.. The fact is that this is one awesome album from that era, you already knew that but I did not until now. Bought this nearly pristine copy from that same source where I have purchased all those recent oldies/goldies.