Vestjysk Ørken: Full Dark No Stars LP (black)


In my teens, it was quite common to buy a record from the record store just on the basis of cover art. Have to admit that it wasn’t the best way to choose your purchase. Today, those basics have changed a bit but if the band releases an album titled “Full Dark, No Stars” ..I’m sold. Only this time the title sums up the whole record perfectly. Vestjysk Ørken manages to create a very gloomy worldview with their psychedelic Instrumental space rock. Brilliant album and still available via Interstellar Smoke Records!

Mammon’s Throne: Forward Unto Flame LP (splatter)


Here’s some heavy riffs straight to your face. This Melbourne based doomed/stoner outfit is delivering us some crushing tunes with their debut album. Released by Black Farm Records a few months ago and it has been under the stylus numerous times during the past couple of weeks. Highly recommended if darker/heavier stoner/doom makes you stomp your feet. This awesome looking version and other color variant still available from the source, Black Farm Records. Check this out!

Marécages: Marais Juana – Une Ode Cannabique LP (swamp green with black splatter)


This abomination arrived last week and I have kept it hidden in the basement since that day..  Blah blah, actually it has been right beside my turntable, waiting to get some serious spinning. That day was today. This ain’t nice record at all, it’s kinda abnormity of doomed death/sludge.. something sick and I just love it! This record is intended to be played at the highest possible volume and have to admit it’s quite purifying experience. Limited to 75 copies on black splattered swamp green & 125 copies on black wax. Colored one is sold out but there’s still copies of “Abyss Black” version available from the label, From The Urn. Love it or leave it.




Sepultura: Beneath The Remains LP


Found this classic album from Sepultura last weekend while visiting my hometown. It took nearly 25 years to get this back.. For me this is the best Sepultura album from start to very end. Quite nice copy even though there are some wearing on the cover but the record itself is in nearly perfect condition. Even though I’m hunting down these oldies & goldies from my past I haven’t seen that much copies of this record and f I had, those have been in terrible condition. Yeah, I’m happy with this one. The circle has closed at last and I have all three Sepultura albums I need -> Schizophrenia, Beneath The Remains & Arise.


Oh… some treasures from the past..


Bought these few months ago via some Facebook group and I’m quite happy because all these have been kept well and I got these quite cheap. If I remember right I never did own any VoiVod records on vinyl back then (only few cassette copies). My journey with Napalm Death started (and pretty much ended) with “From Enslavement” but holy hell, Conspiracy by King Diamond was one my favourite ones those days… (and still it brings shivers down my back). NIce records and yet one step closer (actually four) fulfilling my dream.


Auroch: Mute Books LP (silver/black merge)


Been clearing my ears last few days with this freaking awesome death/black/math metal album by Auroch. This album floats somewhere beyond blackened technical death metal or something but still sounds damn good. Never heard of this band before this album but nowadays I have learned to trust that whatever Profound Lore Records is putting out is worth to check out immediately. This crushing album is limited to 100 copies on this colorway and 400 copies on black vinyl. Available from the source, Profound Lore. And one thing that I have noticed (this goes for those who live in EU), it’s cheaper to order from Profound’s MerchTable than from EU store (run by Aisa Merch).


Vanum: Realm Of Sacrifice LP (red translucent/black)


Hey, seriously.. this must be (american) black metal at its best! Considering the fact that members of this duo are better known from their other projects.. Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Vorde, Predatory Light, Sleepwalker etc. this album.. is pure gold to my old ( and hairy) ears. Goes perfectly with this dark & hazy autumn days. Never got a chance to order this album from Psychic Violence, shipping cost to Europe are way too high nowadays and you really have to think twice are you ready to pay $22 for shipping when record itself cost less than that.. But this time I got lucky and managed to purchase this via Profound Lore and got this way much cheaper. I do not know about limitation but according to discogs this colored one is limited to 150 copies.. who knows. Colored versions are sold out but you still can get your hands on regular (black) versions via Psychic Violence or Profound Lore. Stunning art of blackened metal!