Bismut: Retrocausality 2xLP (purple)


Some instrumental space/stoner/psych from Netherlands on purple colored double album. Retrocausality is their second album and I decided to check out this group at last. Woah! After listening to the first track on this album I was forced to purchase the whole damn thing on vinyl format. Been listening to this album quite much lately and every time it has been a very pleasant experience. Have to check out their debut album also as soon as possible. Recommended group/album. Get your copy for example via Lay Bare Recordings, Kozmik Artifactz or from the band itself.

Ruff Majik: The Devil’s Cattle LP (yellow with red splatter)

ruff majik

Yeah, I’ve known this band for some time but after listening this latest album I was sold. This band has a rather unique approach to this genre (or can this music even be categorized into any particular genre ..). Somehow this reminds me distantly of QOTSA but they are certainly doing everything with their own style. Now that I’m under the spell of this South-African band, I’m going after their previous albums. I ordered this beauty via Black Farm Records (just checked that BFR has sold out copies they had) but you still can get your hands on this via Just Direct. Really hope there would be easier way to grab this one, but at this moment I can’t find better solution than Just Direct..

King Buffalo: Dead Star 12″ (red)


I bought this twelve-inch from King Buffalo nearly 5 months ago but managed to placed it under the needle just a few weeks ago. Holy shit this band floats in its very own category. Mixing all possible genres; stoner, space, psychedelic, kraut, blues, etc. creating something so unique you just can’t ignore. Brilliant piece of wax forcing me to hunt all their previous releases except that split with Lé Betre I already have in my shelf. Awesome band! Grab a copy straight from the band!

Vessel: Vagabond Blues LP (orange/black mabled)


Australian desert/stoner/fuzzed/psych group delivering some delicious ear candy. Majesic Mountain Records released this one earlier this year and I grabbed a copy immediately. Been listening to this a lot since the day I got a copy delivered to my doorsteps. I’m quite sure that this record can be found on my “Highlights of 2020” list. This is totally sold out from the source, Majestic Mountain Records, but if you fancy a copy of your own then head to BandCamp!

Humulus: The Deep LP (blue with white splatter)


Hmm.. Here I am tryng to figure out how many outstanding bands & records there are I haven’t heard of and how many I will miss?. This release from Italian band, Humulus, could have been one of those but luckily that did not happen. So, how did I come across with this psych/desert/stoner release? Well, going through Kozmik Artifactz latest mailorder additions… and checking them out via BandCamp & Youtube. Really like this record, atmosphere, vibes and clean singing (a few reasons why this record has been under heavy rotation lately). The Deep is still available via Kozmik Artifactz. Recommended!

Howling Giant: The Space Between Worlds LP (black and yellow swirl)

Howling Giant

My first touch with this band and not that bad touch at all. The Space Between Worlds needs serious spinning time because this is not some background music. There are so many layers on this record, desert/stoner/blues/something which is hard to categorize. All elements for the stunning listening experience. Available via Blues Funeral Recordings and from the band for example. Recommended.


Stonerror: Widow In Black LP

Stone Error

Oh boys & girls how long I waited for this to arrive. If I remember right I pre-ordered this Stonerror album nearly six months ago and it arrived finally few months ago. The band is from Poland and they know exactly what they’re doing, smooth stoner rock. I suggest you check out this band if you haven’t already done that. Kick-ass record this certainly is. Available via the band’s BandCamp site.


No Man’s Valley: Outside The Dream LP (green marbled)


Recently I went through some “monthly list” I came across while surfing around the net. Checked all the bands mentioned (well, I knew some of the bands already but then there were bands I had never heard before). No Man’s Valley was one of those. Holy hell, I love this record. Mysterious, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy desert rock or something. After listening to the first track it was obvious that I have to purchase this one. Here it is now as you can see from the picture above. Brilliant album if I may say even though it has nothing to do with stoner/sludge/doom I nowadays mostly like to listen. Just check out this one, it might surprise you like it did in my case. Available from Tonzonen Records.



Hyborian: Vol. 1 LP (blue/black merge)


Don’t know about you but I really like this band, this record. Released by The Company and has been available to pre-order months. Don’t know what I was thinking but at first I skipped this (maybe it was because of shipping costs..) when this came available to pre-order.. Few weeks ago I started listening this album with a thought.. It struck like a flash from the bright sky. Awesome sounding album even though this does not sound dirty/mean/evil, this sounds damn good. You can still purchase this stoner/doom/space/desert rock brilliance from the source, The Comapny, or try to find a copy via some european distributor. I bought my copy (limited to 100 copies) via Kozmik Artifactz.


HORNSS: Telepath LP (Black with pink swirl, Die Hard edition)

hornss - telepath

It’s all about the hornss.. Doesn’t this package look wonderful? Latest album from HORNSS, released by STB Records. Seems like a marriage made in heaven. Love this album, it’s raw, it’s brutal and it freaking rocks! Doomed-desert-stoner-rocking-metal must be the best way to describe this one and listening to it makes me want to dance around the house reckless and bang my head against things that comes on my way. And the package itself, pure STB quality once again, damn I love everything this label is putting out (even though sometimes I just can’t afford purchasing these jewels because of those shipping prizes to europe.. shame on me). This beauty is limited to 100 Die Hard copies (shown in the picture above), there’s also 135 OBI units (clear with black, silver & pink splatter) and “Not so Standard” edition (limited to 175 copies on silver & swirl vinyl) still available from STB Records. And top of this all, EU customers can grab their copies from Kozmik Artifactz & AU customers from Underground Records (these are limited to 200 copies on hot pink vinyl)! Hell of a deal!